HAPPINESS: state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy

As I sat in the karaoke room surrounded by some of the people I love most in the world, mic in hand, voice cracking, while singing one of my favorite songs I realized how happy I was. I did not have one care in the world except which song would come on next and what dance moves I could mix with the lyrics. There I was smiling from ear to ear. It’s not often that life provided me with opportunities where my biggest concern was what song would play next. I had too many other things to think about. How were the kids? How would I finish the mounting pile of laundry? When was the last time I checked in with my parents? When was the last time I connected with my honey? No, my life doesn’t really offer me many opportunities to think about what song I could rock out to next.

I love my life and everything about it but I am guilty of being so consumed with making sure everything/everyone is okay that I don’t take many breaks for myself. I made a promise to myself in that very moment that I would be responsible for my own happiness, my own peace, and my own soul. For me that means trying things I’ve always wanted to try: sewing class, pastry class, kickboxing, the list goes on and on… I would try things and when something brought me peace, quiet, a pleasant distraction, I would write it on a list. When life get’s too busy, too crowded with issues that will inevitably be solved just to be replaced with another problem, I will turn to that list and do something for me. Something that will bring the smile to my eyes and the peace to my soul.

It seems silly that something as small as a microphone and a 90s pop song could bring me that much happiness, but it did. What makes you happy? When was the last time you laughed so much it made your tummy hurt? Created a memory so funny that it’s still hilarious days later? What are you waiting for? Take control of your life, of your happiness. As easy as it is to sit and worry and focus on the negatives in your life, it doesn’t make life easier. If you’re going to exhaust all of your energy doing something, why not let it be making yourself happy? We can sit around and worry ourselves to death, literally. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to let the days of my life pass to be consumed with problems without happy breaks in between. Make yourself a promise to be happy. Promise yourself that depression isn’t an emotion that you plan on getting to know well.

And when you connect to someone, make sure that you give yourself to a person who will be just as committed and dedicated to your happiness as you are. You are responsible for protecting your heart, protecting your smile and bringing people in your life who will respect your priority to yourself. Be sure that when you bring someone in your life that you are just as loyal to their happiness as you are to your own. Don’t make your partner’s life harder than it has to be, once you figure yourself out, find out what brings the joy to your lover’s eyes. That way when life begins to rage its war and you see the light dim in their eyes you know exactly how to bring it out. Their is nothing more lovely, than someone who can pull you up when you feel the weight of life drowning you. Be your lover, friend, sister, cousin, brother, mother, sister’s life jacket, don’t let them drown in sorrow. I love that when I am feeling down, I can pick up the phone and call a certain person and instantly laugh.


The danger in letting one person be your everything, is when they leave (whether intentionally or not) your heart may be deprived for far too long of the gift of happiness.

Never give the sole key to your happiness away, always keep a copy…that way no one can ever walk away with what makes you, you…




  1. Lovely! Really lovely!

  2. AnnetteNsubuga says:

    your blogs are simply amazing, from the heart and spot on…..

  3. The happiest moments in my life were those caused by a God approved decision and every single one after that. So I figured it takes grace and true, divine wisdom – only available through the revelation and under the lead and power of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word – to make as many of those perfect decisions in life that please God as possible.
    Twitter: @alexAt_CT

  4. Mrs. Bruce says:

    Another “wow”! Very true….shoot I need to check my own happiness meter. Love it!!

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