Work That Faith

Faith without works is dead… We all know this scripture very well. How many people even know where the scripture is located in the Bible? But the moment adversity hits we are quick to repeat it to someone.  Why is it we can rattle off that scripture but we aren’t able to apply it to our own life?

When was the last time you exercised your faith. I mean really put your faith to the test and dared to stretch your faith beyond what you felt is tangible? Faith that causes the unattainable to be within your grasp. I don’t mean the kind of faith that trusts when you sit down, the chair will hold you, or that when you pick up the phone the call will connect. I’m talking about the kind of faith that will save your marriage, the kind of faith that makes you start that business, get that degree, and pursue that dream. The kind of faith that drowns the whisper of what others may say or think. Faith that doesn’t mind hearing a no.

Stretching your faith doesn’t mean that what you’re reaching for you will always obtain but it does mean that you are willing to look the impossible in the face and throw your best at it.  I don’t mind hearing a no, I don’t mind getting my heart broken, and I don’t mind losing this time because the possibility of winning is better than the sorrow of never trying.

You have to come to a point in your life where you are willing to step out on faith, regardless of the outcome. If you dare to use your faith to chase your dream and you don’t achieve that dream, it’s not a no, it’s a shift. Have faith that doesn’t mind taking a shift. It may not be what you want but what God has for you is better than any dream you can dream. God didn’t let that business succeed because it wasn’t about the business it was about the faith! Do you have faith even when He says no? Do you have the faith to pick up the pieces and try again?

Consider Job, who lost it all but his faith. Who experienced heartbreak, drought, death but still kept the faith. He wasn’t afraid to be stretched and didn’t God bless him in return?

Someone reading this blog experienced a no, experienced a pain that paralyzed their ability to believe again. I am writing this blog for you today. Forget those things that happened, restore your faith in He who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that you may ask or think. Dare to WORK THAT FAITH. Don’t give up, believe that your life has already been scripted. You haven’t experienced anything that was a surprise to your creator. Every trial and struggle you have been through has prepared you for this moment. Your time is now, step out on that faith, dare to dream the “impossible” dream! Take a chance and trust that wherever your path leads you it’s already been pre-destined by a God who knows better than you.

Remember that faith isn’t about success, its about showing God that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to stretch yourself. That you are willing to do what it takes to get a blessing you don’t have room enough to receive. I am willing to step out on my faith, I don’t know where that will lead me but I know that wherever I land it’s for the best.

Open your mouth and make your request known to God. Let your dream and your actions align so that He can see if He blesses you, it won’t go to waste. God if you dare to bless me I will dare to work my faith.



  1. Elia J. Gonzalez says:

    I love your blogs Sarah. The end. 🙂

  2. Those who worked their faith read Hebrews 11.

  3. Great message! In the Bible like Noah, Job, Joshua, Moses n couple more had to work their faith. The faith in not just only trusting in God but obeying, for our faith is demonstrated by our obedience. Doubts/excuses can block our faith, from seeing our dreams n Gods will. Learning not to sau that I’m not that person for he job but knowing God is the right person Philipians 4:13. God bless, encouraged by blog post alot.

  4. Thanks for such a profound explanation of “faith”. As w/others I felt I knew what God had in store for me but to my surprise I didn’t. I’m trying to stay focused on being flexiable and believeing God. Thanks again

  5. I echo the above comment – very refreshing. Has me thinking about some things. Will definitely share this. You’ve gained a new follower from Baltimore!

  6. jasmine leno says:

    This was refreshing. I will dare to work my faith!

  7. Keashia says:

    Wow….ALL of this was so on point for me especially when u said “God didn’t let that business succeed because it wasn’t about the business it was about the faith!” That’s my story. My family will have been here 2yrs next month & my husband & I thought we were moving to Dallas for our business but as we put it “We got punked” it wasn’t about the business it was about our faith. Our faith has on a whole different level & although its hard sometimes but we know God’s got us. Thank u again for allowing God to use u to speak to others in your blog. It’s truly a blessing.

  8. Stacia R. Williams says:

    This word truly sparked a fire down on the inside of me! Amen!

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