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Hey you…Little girl standing there with pigtails, your cute little dress and frilly pretty socks. When did you decide to build those walls? To never let anyone in. Who taught you too soon, that love leads to pain so never give in? To only let someone close enough to see a glimpse, but never ever open the door and let them in? When did you first find out that your body held power that no man could deny? So you decided to let it all out or perhaps just hide? What happened to your sweet little pigtails and charming smile? Who let the dark creep in and blow out your innocence? When was the first cut and why was it the deepest?

Who wiped that smile off your face? Showed you that love = anger, now all you crave is the comfort of a strange hand, grimacing voice, and softly whispered compliments laced with insults…Little girl, when will you see what we all see? You have set your price too low. When will you let that glow return? Let a smile reach your eyes? When will you open your eyes to see you are a queen?

Hey little man, standing there playing with your favorite toy car, watching Saturday morning cartoons. Who taught you your tears equal weakness? That the best you could ever strive to be is the next big dope boy, rapper, or athlete. Who told you to give up on you before you, even became you? When did you stop treasuring women as jewels and begin treating them like property? When will you open your eyes to see you are a king?

Somewhere along the road, we gave up…Stopped thinking it was possible to have the life we dreamed of, so we wouldn’t allow ourselves to dream. When was your trust trespassed, your heart abused? Was it your mom? Dad?….1st love? Son? Who made you shut down your heart from loving without fear? You see we don’t just make a decision that we won’t let anyone in, no most of the time we put up roadblocks to prevent anyone from even attempting to get in.

Man after man…woman after woman.. too short, too tall, too fat, too small, too smart, too dumb….too close to seeing that little girl in pigtails, with a pretty little dress, and frilly socks.

Too independent, too confident, too flirtatious, too talkative, too silly, too mean..too close to me letting my guard down and seeing that little boy playing with those little cars and watching that favorite cartoon.

Maybe you can live not letting anyone in, maybe you can even fool someone into thinking that they have all of you but somewhere down behind that pain, below those secrets, and underneath that anger is that little girl, or little boy, wanting to be held, craving to be seen. Your love doesn’t make you weak…Taking a risk that you may get hurt is the price of loving fully. Pouring all of you (not just the pieces you select) into someone can be difficult. But why keep teaching us that the cost of love is much too high? I know it hurt, I know you gave it your all, I know you trusted him and he hurt you, you loved her and she left you…but you can’t carry that into the next relationship. Continuing to be upset when someone wasn’t willing to climb a wall that you purposely made higher and higher.

Pain has masqueraded far too long under the name of love. In today’s society we cannot comprehend a love that isn’t juxtaposed with pain… Only you can decide whether or not your love has an after taste of secrets, the aroma of fear. Only you can decide that you aren’t looking back and this time, you’re going to give it your all.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can never love again….Don’t allow yourself to believe that because of what he/she/us/them did you are damaged goods. We are all damaged in some way, all of us fragile….We’ve all had broken pieces, sleepless nights, and tears that never stopped falling. Your heart is beautiful, it’s a gift to be treasured, not hidden under the blankets of fear. On the quest for your heart, meet someone halfway.

Be careful what you teach your little girl or your little boy, standing there with innocence in their eyes and hope in their heart. Don’t teach them to hide their true selves in a fortress that no one can ever get in. Pain is inevitable…at some point we will all greet it face to face…but if you’re strong enough to try again, love is the best of cures for the most common hurt. Be vulnerable enough to let the right someone, love that pain away…To redefine love for you. Insist that the first person to show you the power of love be God…then you…Let that love seep into the cracks of that wall, slide under that barricade of pain, flow through that filter of anger, until it encircles that little person inside of you and guides them back out.



  1. Elia J. Gonzalez says:

    I’m poured out, and speechless.
    These are healing words to my heart!

  2. I just read this to my best friend and while reading it I just start crying because that girl is ME!!!! Your writing is AMAZING!!! From this day forward u have another FAN 🙂 N I will tell EVERYONE I know about your writings cause it can really help so many people I know. THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!!!

    • I appreciate you taking the time to take a look at my work and allowing it to touch your heart. I am so proud of what God is doing in my life. This is probably one of the best pieces I have written.

  3. Lovely

  4. first time on your blog. read this post and it felt like the words were just for me.its a beautifully written piece.

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  6. AnnetteNsubuga says:

    This is sooooooo beautiful. To think that a girl raised by high profile parents like yours is so grounded, so real, so aware of herself, so NORMAL (no pun intended) leaves me lost for words….

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Wow you write from such a deep place!!! God bless you and I know that you’re heading to penning a book real soon please do let me know, i’ll be a buyer. God bless!

  8. Wow. Your writing is truly pulling at my heart. From a writer to a writer….your heart manifested on this blog. Thank you!

  9. Nice Post…

    Flint, MI

  10. This is so lovely!!! No words!
    Though I’ve always been a shy, home alone boy I think the influence of people who take advantage of one’s untrained heart to reject evil influence for friendships’ sake, can take from the beauty of innocence. The only way to keep children and young people from getting swept away can be found here – Proverbs 1-7, which is my all time favorite since I was 12, when I first heard God speaking to me as a Father through this. I loved him so much for the fact that though nobody else, but He cares for me! I felt privileged, cherished and protected!
    I think only repentance and the power of God’s Spirit can restore complete innocence and through your writing people’s hearts are touched by God’s love which leads them to repentance!
    You are such a blessing! God loves you!

  11. The power of words is beyond reality. What is even more precious is witnessing the effect that words spoken from a young,pure,innocent heart to a old worn weather beaten soul and then watching the weather /seasons change from a harsh snow bound winter to a gentle summer breeze.Lady you are the sum total of your mom,dad,brother,sister and last but not least the TRINITY♥♥♥ WHAT A POWERFUL COMBO!!!!AWESOME,SIMPLY AWESOME.THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS PRECIOUS GIFT.I FEEL BETTER ABOUT THIS WORLD ALREADY.

    • This comment touched me for several reasons. I was afraid people would criticize my age and discredit my work…. Your comment proves that the power of truth has no age limit. Thank you for helping me!

  12. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  13. Sarah this is wonderful, do you care if I share this with the women and men in prisons I minister to?

  14. Someone pass me the tissue box! Sarah I love this! I am at my desk in tears reading this… Thank you for being you!!

  15. Someone pass me the tissue box! Sarah I love this! I am at my desk in tears reading this… Thank you for being you!!

  16. Wilma Phillips says:

    Sarah,you are so gifted. Such a beautiful blog. You are natural writer.

  17. Bridgett Wahington says:

    Wow! I love this! You are a gifted writer. Keep them coming beautiful.

  18. Every time I read your blogs I feel stronger! They speak directly to me. Thanks!!!

    • Every time I write these blogs I feel a little insecure. I wonder if my words will reach someone, if it even made sense. To know that something I wrote strengthened you, humbles me!

  19. You have amazing writing skills. When are the books coming out? I would love to read your literary work. Keep using your gifts and talents to bring deliverance, freedom and a voice to those who can’t verbalize their feelings. GREAT JOB!!

  20. Sarah, everytime I read your posts I feel like you wrote it just for me. You have an amazing talent as a writer, and I look forward to reading more.

  21. You are TRULY a gift from God! I’m literally on the verge of tears. Thank you for this!, I look forward to reading more from you!


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