Just the beginning…

RT @iamMeEmpressC DC could no longer hold you sweetie you outgrew the place.  It was never meant to be a permanent place just a place 2 develop.

There have not been many opportunities in my adult life where I have experienced a change that should be devastating, at minimum disappointing and I feel peace. I know for some it may sound crazy that at a time like this, I am happy and at peace. We experienced some of the best and most trying times while we were in Virginia, but when I read the above tweet it shook me to the core. We developed so much during our time in Virginia.

We experienced so many life changes, so many happy moments, and so many trials. We lost each other over and over until God brought us to our knees and made us realize that there was no way we could survive this world without him. We thought that the little bit of Jesus we had would carry us in a world where Christianity is a trend and morals are hard to find, we found ourselves lost in the shuffle. When we first moved to VA we came separately.  I got there and he was already familiar with the area, had a team designated roommate and a group of friends. I’d be lying if  I said I  felt  like I fit in this big world.

Over the course of two years, we had our ups and downs but each “down” taught us the same thing we couldn’t make our life work without God. We came to Virginia separate, we are leaving as one, more committed to one another than I thought possible. Today was not a sad day for me, it was one of hope. The above tweet meant more too me than anyone may even realize.

Virginia developed us into the couple we are today. It taught us how volatile marriage can be and how rewarding it is when your marriage serves God. We had plenty of opportunities to throw in the towel; to give up on another but somehow, someway all roads led us back to each other.

We both developed in different areas. I learned how to love my husband and balance him out. He learned how to make me feel like I was the loudest fan in a stadium of tens of thousands. I learned how to encourage him, motivate him without alienating him, voice concerns without chastising him.

I always tell people one of the difficult aspects of marriage is learning who your partner is in different stages of life. I had to quickly learn who Robert Henson the NFL player is, while he learned who Sarah Henson the stay at home mom was. We had to find our rhythm sometimes he led, sometimes I led but it wasn’t until God led that we learned how beautiful marriage is when He is in the midst.

I want to thank all of our friends and family in the DMV, we made a lot of special, and unexpected acquaintances, people who really showed us kindness because of who we were, not why we were there. I am excited for what is next. Excited to take what we developed in Virginia, and start fresh. There are some true gems in the Washington Redskin organization, most of whom don’t put on cleats on Sunday, but rather work behind the scenes taking care of the players and their families. Making them feel like they have found another home. I will forever appreciate them, for showing us kindness, loving on our babies, and helping make our transition smooth.

The Redskins fans are without a doubt some of the most loyal in the NFL. They showed us an overwhelming amount of love during this time. I wish I could have met them all personally to express my gratitude.

And my dear husband, I am so proud of the man you have become. I am grateful to be apart of this journey with you. To offer my support and love, I am ready to go wherever you lead. I will always be your loudest cheerleader, biggest fan, on and off the field. You are such an amazing person, with a beautiful heart. It is a pleasure to be on this journey with you. Loving on you, supporting you. I will ALWAYS, ALWAYS have your back. I did not marry a NFL player, I married Robert Henson, my best friend, the best secret keeper, foot rubber, cuddle buddy, prayer warrior, hug giving person I know…

There is no doubt in my mind, no sadness in my heart, this is just the beginning for us.



  1. WOW!!! This just blessed my life!!! Thank you for being so transparent and open.

  2. 🙂 Even though my marriage has failed, I am happy to see other marriages work out their issues and learn to become one, because Im sure you know, that its a pretty difficult road, but once you got it, then you got it. I pray that nothing or no one comes in between what God brought together to be so beautiful. 🙂 You’re always in my prayers.

  3. Sharon Miller says:


  4. Sarah,
    I’m inspired! You freely share your heart! This piece speaks from the depths of you! I did not know Bishop and Lady Jakes were your parents (Whoa)! Lady Jakes book “The Princess Within” is my favorite book. I give this book to young women I mentor. The nations need you! A woman so transparent that others can relate which in turn makes Jesus touchable! Singing…your latter will be greater than your past 
and you will be blessed 
more than you could ask.

  5. “…Sometimes he led, sometimes I led, but it wasn’t until God led that we learned how beautiful marriage is when He is in the midst.”

    You hit it on the nail with this one.

    I know from my own marriage that God must be in the center in order for it to truly reflect Him & function in the way that He created it to be.

    Thank you for another great post & I believe that the best is yet to come for you and your family! Often times it’s not until a season changes that we clearly see the season for what it was and are able to see God’s hand working everything out for your good.

  6. Now that is beautiful! I love how you are showing us young women that marriage (the way it used to be) is still possible. After being married for 11 years, God is showing me as well about the different stages of our lives. God bless you and your family..

  7. Awwww such an amazing story… God 1st, God Bless!

  8. Beautiful post.

  9. (((((((((((((hugs and kudos to you both))))))))))))))))) You go mama with your baaaaad self!

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