I’m Not Christ

There we were standing in a small Mexican airport while we waited for our bags to come out. I overheard a conversation between an English woman trying to speak to an airport official about her lost bag. Having taken several years of Spanish, I went over and offered assistance to the woman looking for her bag. While we loaded our own bags and headed to the hotel I realized something astonishing…. Even though I understand Spanish, can speak it, and perhaps help someone with it, it doesn’t make me Hispanic.

Why would a well-educated individual think that just because they know a language makes them that specific nationality? Yet over and over again I see people insist that because you speak Italian you are actually Italian. As a matter of fact, YOU do it all the time!! No need to look around, I’m talking about you.

A preacher stands on the pulpit every Sunday, opens their Bible and offers you translation. Each Sunday you go, you feel yourself getting better and better, you feel stronger and wiser, and then it hits….. You turn on the TV and there is your pastor, being arrested on some type of drug charge and the words fall out of your mouth, “And to think, he was a preacher…” You think that just because he could translate the Word, and help you solve a problem you were having, he IS the Word. Is this not anymore foolish than believing the ability to communicate in Spanish, makes me Hispanic? Why is it that we have the habit of placing the messenger on the pedestal, not the message?

No one has a free pass to go out and do whatever they want without facing consequences, but just because God called me to help you doesn’t mean I don’t have my own struggles…. my own issues… There is no level of Christianity where your relationship with Christ is no longer a work in progress. There is always more of Him to fill you and more of that for you to with share others. But just because I speak Christianity doesn’t make me Christ. The time must come when we separate the vessel from the anointing and allow people the ability to live their lives and have their own struggles.

It is inevitable that the moment anyone who is well known hits an obstacle in life, that we look back on their past and point out any and every thing that contradicts their stumble. If we were limited to only speaking on things we have mastered there would be a deafening silence…. I can share with you what I have learned, what I have observed, and what I have been taught but I have mastered nothing. I cannot be convinced that anyone has mastered anything. You may have figured out how to communicate with YOUR child at this stage in their life, but as sure as the day turns to evening, that child will grow and you will have to learn how to communicate with your adult child.

I know that many people have seen my beautiful scars and in the moments I start to feel shame I remember that just because you’ve seen mine, doesn’t make yours disappear. I may not ever see your wounds but, I know that if you have air in your lungs and a pulse in your wrist they exist. I don’t want to be your savior, don’t want to sell myself as your Christ, I just want to share with you something that may help make your journey a little easier.

The fact that I was able to help one woman, find her bag, in a foreign country, thousands of miles away from her home, doesn’t insure that my bag would come out and my trip would be problem free. I may not be struggling with a lost bag, a broken home, a drug issue, a sexual addiction, or a sordid past but I do have a struggle, so does our President, so does your neighbor, so does the person who seems to have it all. No one is exempt from struggle; my ability to help you with something doesn’t eliminate my own issue.

All I’m saying is if you put me in your glass house, put my life under your microscope, you won’t have to look very hard to find something wrong with me. I speak Christianity, but I’m not Christ.



  1. Excellent post! I think you covered the issue of “issues” very well. We all are struggling with something. And yes, I can help somebody else with his/hers, but that doesn’t eliminate my own. You said a lot here, and very well. Be blessed, my sister.


  3. Sarah i am a big fan of your blogs and they have really blessed me but this one though poignant leaves a little sweet but very sour taste in my mouth….. and i will say why…

    Christianity is not a language we ‘speak’ like spanish, it is not a religion, it is not somehting you are taught in high school, it is a lifestyle and we must strive to be like the ONE we are privileged to call LORD. The world does not know Christ, it is through us that HE is revealed to men.

    Think how many people your father has led to the LORD that he not just speaks of but lives because people want to go where you have gone. A preacher, pastor, bishop, apostle, prophet is not a lecturer or a speaker he is someone that has had a personal encounter with the ONE he represents and is therefore able to lead others effectively.

    This article may mislead immature christians into thinking that all it takes is to ‘speak’ christianity, but this almost makes nonsense of the hard choices that many men and women of GOD have had to make for the sake of the gospel which they have chosen to live. I am an avid listener of your fathers messages and teachings and the reason that he can connect with many broken and battered people is because he has lived through brokenness and has experienced the power of Christ to utterly change lives.

    I agree with you that we should not expect any man to be our saviour but we should expect more from many of our leaders than we are getting right now. Too many people are being misled by good christian ‘speakers’ who lack character and substance,

    The reason why Bishop Jakes is as influential and as effective as GOD has enabled him to be is because he like many other great men and women of GOD have chosen to not just speak Christ but live a Christ like life.

    So yes speaking the language alone does not make you hispanic, Being hispanic means being born hispanic (born again), imbibing the culture, amongst many others.

    Let us all strive for holiness without which none shall see the LORD!

    I love your blogs and thank you for being a great blessing.


    • I appreciate your comment and different perspective on my blog. I only have one issue with your comment, this: A preacher, pastor, bishop, apostle, prophet is not a lecturer or a speaker he is someone that has had a personal encounter with the ONE he represents and is therefore able to lead others effectively.

      Haven’t we all had a personal encounter with God? Are we all therefore called to be leaders? You must admit that there is something that makes a pastor/preacher different from us is there ability to use his encounter to help others seek their own encounter…If this is true than their ability is much like that of an interpreter, guiding someone who may not understand fully the gift of His love, to their own encounter.

      I feel that your issue derives from the metaphor I used. If you are focused on the metaphor, you missed the heart of my blog which is to say that everyone, even a pastor/preacher has an issue to overcome.

      • Thank you Sarah for your response.

        My issue is not solely about the metaphor but the message this metaphor might be subtly conveying.

        Yes we all have issues and are all a work in progress but a leader is given much more and therefore much more is required of him.

        We have all had a personal encounter with GOD and no matter how insignificant we may feel we are, we have all been given a sphere of influence, a mission field, a platform even if it is in our workplace, our dinner table or on the bus…. And with all that GOD has given to us we must account for it. He knows our issues and is willing to help us through them and most times use us despite them or because of them.

        The difference in the dealing with our issues is exemplified in the lives of King Saul and King David. One justified himself and trivialised his issues and the other fessed up to them, truly repented (never committed the same sin twice and drew closer to GOD with every repentance). Now that is a man with issues like you and i. We are all accountable (or at least should be accountable to each other) James 5:16 says confess your faults to each other and pray for each other, it is then that you will be healed and not by denying it or sweeping it under the carpet.

        I am just saying Sarah, that we need more accountability within the body of Christ, that we seek to be like the ONE we follow instead of trying so hard to follow the world. That by GOD we do not just speak christianity, quote scriptures, sing praise songs or wear the tshirt but that we live for Christ, that the world sees Christ through our actions, that they know us by our love and as#Isa 45:14 says They will follow you as prisoners in chains. They will fall to their knees in front of you and say, God is with you, and he is the only God. There is no other.'”

        I am really saying Sarah that when HE comes, HE is coming for a church, a people, a body without blemish, spot or wrinkle and that should make us shake off any and every sin that easily besets us because HE is coming soon like a thief in the night. And too many people who are being spoonfed with their issues are not going to hear the trumpet sound.

        Every time i hear of the fall or indiscretions of a man/woman of GOD, it makes me shake and fear for my self for i realise that if this person can fall so can i. Let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he falls. I NEEEED, to be apprehended and reprimanded when i find myself falling because it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living GOD!

        We are all held to the same standards-the word of GOD, For unto whom much is given, of ‘him’ shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of ‘him’ they will ask the more.

        Again thank you for your response to my comment. GOD BLESS YOU SARAH FOR BEING A BLESSING!

      • I’m okay agreeing to disagree. God knows my heart… He knows from where this piece was written. I hope to speak with you again about another piece. Love when people challenge my thinking.

        All the best to you…

  4. Olayinka O Alebiosu says:

    God prepares men for his eventual calling. Please lets separate those that are truly ”called by God” from those ”anointed by men”. A true calling is not without its provisions and true cover for the assignment given by GOD. Those anointed by men may hide under this write-up…not those called of God….for He prepares them for his ministry…and they walk blameless after His calling. (p.s: How many examples of biblical prophet are we told have hidden sins in their lives)

    • He may prepare them for their ministry but he also gives them their own struggle. For some this helps them to further develop their ministry, for others it may become their kryptonite… I am not one to judge for many who have been called by God have fallen by the temptation of the flesh.

  5. GREAT REVIEW! I pretty much agree with all you said in your article, especially at the middle of your article. Thank you, this info is very valuable as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your great blog:) Isabella S.

  6. Bless you Sis. Your thought process is simplistically profound! I SO enjoyed this!! Thank God for GENUINE in the Kingdom.

  7. Well said! says:

    Well said!:-)

  8. Minister M says:

    ……WoW!!! Whatta word! Keep it coming!!! We are loving he wisdom.

  9. Amen..:o)

  10. Impact…is the best word that describes the effect had on me. It was also amazing to see the generational gift in your life to impact your generation. Flow in it, you got it, the world needs it!!

  11. I am INSPIRED and you really inspire me, I really wish we could meet one day. I am a young woman from Zimbabwe currently studying in the US please,I would love to meet with you so that together we can impact this world for Christ I am really inspired.

    • Gees! Rutendo, you sound kinda desperate to network with “fame”. Just do your own work for christ and if you happen to cross paths, that would be good.

  12. Well said and much needed for all to hear.

  13. Josephine Belizaire says:

    Well said!

  14. Belinda Middleton says:


    What a word!

  15. Cynthia P. says:

    You spoke with so much truth. I am looking forward to more.

  16. Bettye Morris says:

    Well said my sister, The TRUTH!!

  17. Nicole Callands says:

    This is profound Sarah!!! I bless God for your candidness and unique and profound ability to relay lessons about life!!!! I am excited about reading more from your life memoirs!!!

  18. Wonderful piece that challenges the reader to take a moment for introspection. Keep doing what God is using you to do, Inspire A Generation. God Bless!!

  19. Beautiful. Exquisite. Bold. Audacious. Thank you.

  20. This revelation was truly powerful and has enlighten me!

  21. Wow what an excellent perspective… Transparency always speaks truth.. well said.
    May God continue to pour through you..

  22. I enjoyed this tremendously! I speak Christianity but I’m not Christ. Thanks Sarah

  23. Very powerful and true!

  24. LatoyaTolbert says:

    This is beautiful. Nothing extra needed! Thanks for being a wonderful example of transparency! I absolutely LOVE IT!

  25. Sarah Henson, awesome writer check out her blogs……she goes deep into the heart and soul her writings will cause you to think, evaluate, become who you really are and evaluate again she is definitely one to keep your eye on, oh how i love her transparency Thanks Sarah

  26. Another awesome awesome piece

  27. WOW very well said….I say DITTO and AMEN

  28. Well said my sister, I’m glad u wrote that people needed to hear that, I needed to hear that! Thank you, ur blessed!

  29. Alrighty then!!! Awesome points to ponder (as usual) Thank you lady.

  30. Frank Divine says:

    This is just amazing…Just awesome!!!!

  31. Snap….Snap…Snap… Hott! I really like this. Straight truth! YOUR NEXT IS NOW!

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