Do It Now…

All I can remember is that I never got to tell you bye. I remember seeing you yesterday and asking you to check on something with my car, the very next morning with glassy eyes my mother told me you were gone, and all that I could think of is that I never got to say goodbye. Did you even know what you meant to me? Did you know what our talks did for me?

I wish you could see me now, see how strong I am because of you. See how many people love you. Wish you could sit and enjoy one of my meals. Wish I could just hug you one more time… Like sand slipping through an hourglass I feel like all the memories I have of you are slipping away. I want to remember every moment of everyday, want to treasure them and hang on to them like a kid with their favorite stuffed animal. I miss everything about you.

I miss the way you lived, the way you laughed. The hardest part of all of this is not knowing if you knew how you touched my life. Your voice was one of the most calming in a sea of trouble.

All I want to do is wake up from this nightmare and find myself back in the familiarity of yesterday, before you were gone, before I knew how much this absence would hurt.

Did you tell them? Tell that person you love them? That your life has been forever changed by their presence? I can’t remember our last words, can’t remember the last time we hugged…I can’t remember if you knew who you were in my life.

Let today be a reminder that there is no room to hold grudges. There is no place for bitterness in your heart. Now, is the time to let it go and move forward. Now is the time to live the life you’ve always wanted to live. Life is fleeting, death comes for the good and the bad alike.

Just say it, say whatever it is you need to say. Say you hurt me, you let me down, but I love you….Tell them your love for them is so overwhelming you can’t bear to watch them hurt themselves so you will love them from a distance…say it now. Tomorrow may be too late. All you are promised is this very moment, this is your opportunity to open your mouth and let your heart speak.

Try to live your dream, give your life to Christ, contact your dad, forgive your mom, do whatever it is you haven’t done that you think you have time to do…. Do it now….



  1. Sarah,
    I want to thank you for your wisdom. I read this post yesterday however, I could not respond to it until I heeded to the warning. Today I made contact with someone that I had not spoken with in 3 months, and I purposely began reaching out to people I needed to “tell something”. I’m an avid reader of quality books and I’m a lover of words! I understand the power words can convey. I want you to know your words are considered seed and as a result your harvest is in demand. I personally do a self-examination, seek God, repent, scream ouch, cry & grow after reading your work. You shall reap what you sow!

  2. Some recent events in my life brought about this very matter. And all I could think about is man…….I should forgive, ask for forgiveness, say i’m sorry, and tell those people I love them. My friend was 19 and he had a heart attack last week and died. I never got to say goodbye and tell him how much he impacted my life.It still hurts and affects me. My life isn’t promised either for a “tomorrow”. Life without God is dangerous. So I’m working to get closer to Him, so I can see my friend again. So I can see my family again.
    On a different note, I have so many that I should forgive but can’t and so many I should ask forgiveness of but won’t.

    • I am so very sorry for your loss… Death is hard to deal with even when it is expected it us even harder when it comes as a surprise. May God’s peace follow you!

  3. Jeannette humphrey says:

    This is so touching and so very true, love reading your blogs,keep up the good wor cant wait to read your book,

  4. Wow, such a eye opener for us as human beings. There is no better time to express the love of Christ Jesus than in the fleeting moments of NOW. Powerful instructions and loving guidance for the soul from the heart of one who knows love. Thank you lady.

  5. This blog is so true. 3 wkd ago a very good friend of mine died a very tragic death. One thing that we always did was say I love you when we ended a visit or phone call without fail. And I’m so glad we did. No one could have told me that he would go out boating with friends on A hot Saturday, jump in the water to cool off and body never surface. It took two days to find his body.
    As shocked, devastated, hurt, sad, and mad as I was. The one thing that gave me peace was knowing that he loved me and for sure him knowing that I loved him. Because I got to tell him on a regular bases.
    Tomorrow is not promised so everyday in the lives of our loved, family and friends. We need to let them know how important they are.
    Thanks for this blog it really hit home.

  6. Wow! Six months ago one of my brothers died in an accident…there were some much we were to talk (gaff) about tomorrow, ‘yeah, went I come tomorrow,’ but he left before tomorrow…This is quite a reminder to live for now.
    Thanks! Thank!

  7. This really hits home because I just loss my dad on june25 this year and I was at work right down the hall from him and I didn’t make it to the last visitation. God knows what’s best.

  8. pvarsenec says:

    Thank you so much for this poignant reminder. I was just thinking about that today… the issue of forgiveness and how life is short. God bless you Sarah.

  9. So true Sarah. I felt that sting once and it almost killed me but I learned from that mistake and now I try not to miss an opportunity to express my feelings for someone.

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