Help Me…

The passing of Pastor Zachery Tims has caused much debate in the African American church community. The reaction to his alleged drug use and troubled past has caused some to condemn, others to feel compassion. A man, who was able to save thousands, but lost himself in the process. It is not my position to confirm, or deny the alleged drug use but rather examine the relationship a pastor has to God, his congregation, and to himself.

My father was preaching 12 years before I was even brought into the world. I have spent my whole life in church. I have seen stones cast at him, at us, at his work, for all of my life. Whether the stones were cast from across the street or from a CNN news desk, they were cast relentlessly. One of the most consistent issues that arise when our mistakes are made public, is his anointing being brought into question. Countless times have I heard that had he been focused on home and not his ministry we would not have made certain mistakes. These people whose lives are so virtuous they see fit to judge, make it seem as though they have never done anything wrong or that we are not allotted the same opportunities to fall as they are.

None of us who are serious about our walk with Christ set out to live in a way that consistently challenges the essence of what His life represents yet He sacrificed his life because He knew, no matter how hard we may try, we would all have a time when we fall short.

It is undeniable that our lifestyle brings a certain level of scrutiny that requires we be more responsible with our actions than most but are we not allowed to make mistakes at all? I realize to whom much is given much is required, and because God saw fit to bless us with this level of influence we must honor His gift by representing Him accordingly. Frustration arises when those surrounding us begin to believe that the cost of my calling is relinquishing my humanity. Because I have been given this or that, I am not allowed to receive the same grace I see you seek every Sunday?

You cannot alienate a person from receiving grace, tell them to live a life that doesn’t require repentance and then wonder why they hide their struggle. Higher and higher is the pedestal we place our leadership on. So high they’re afraid to admit they’re broken, too high to jump off, too afraid to lose it all.

You cannot force me to pretend that my life is as virtuous as the Savior I serve. Some would say that if they don’t want that level of scrutiny on their lives then why accept the call and share the gift. I have no rebuttal for this, I was scared to share my writing…scared that people would over analyze every detail, draw their own conclusions about me, and I would be forced to live in a box that people shoved me in.

So I decided from day one I would let it be know that I am not perfect, that my life continues to be a work in progress, I am not without flaws, not without mistakes but I see value in my struggle, I wake up each morning determined to draw closer to Him.

I can’t help but wonder at what lengths we are willing to push our leaders. Perhaps if we were able to create an environment that respected but not idolized them they would be more apt to admit that they are in the midst of a personal struggle. A struggle that if they were able to seek help for could save their lives. What a disappointment it would be to serve as a vessel that leads others to Christ and then not be able to experience His mercy for yourself.

How can we as Christians show respect for a call but ignore the human inclination to sin? How do we exercise grace and forgiveness for those who lead us to the mercy seat? No matter what the news reports allege, how the church condemns, or people speculate it cannot be denied that Pastor Tims led many on a path to Christ. If the speculations are true, the Shepherd led his flock while he himself was bleeding, unable or unwilling to ask for help. It could be argued that he felt his responsibility to his congregation outweighed his own need for help. Maybe he felt that his church needed him more than he needed himself. One man who saved thousands, unable to save himself.

God, I want to be apart of a generation that makes it known that walking with Christ is as difficult as it is rewarding. Your blessings are just as sweet as Your mercy. May nothing ever block me from Your Salvation, keep me from knowing personally the power of Your grace. May we raise a generation that allows a person the ability to make mistakes and seek Your forgiveness, as I have done over and over. All I want to do is seek Your love, spread Your word, and when temptation lurks God give me the strength to turn away, or courage to ask for help.



  1. Stephanie says:

    I found something that I think helps me to better understand what I have experienced while in this blog… because I have come away after reading some of the post talking to GOD and asking how can they say that….or does that view point really align with who you are FATHER… It is this, the difference between PATHOS and EROS, that is those who have a great knowledge and understanding of the scriptures in their entierty, and those who have been bless to have added to that,the spirit and emotion of its true intention. I also realize that there are a lot of factors on a personal level that affect which group a person would fall into.

  2. I’m impressed, I have to say. Really rarely do I encounter a weblog that’s each educative and entertaining, and let me inform you, you will have hit the nail on the head. Your concept is outstanding; the difficulty is one thing that not sufficient individuals are speaking intelligently about. I am very joyful that I stumbled throughout this in my seek for one thing referring to this.

  3. “Let them without sin cast the first stone”

  4. christdaughter says:

    Sarah, I have one more thing to say. When these Unphara-seeds (unfair people) come on your blog, ask them when was the last time they spoke to someone (stranger) about salvation? how often do they fast, pray read their bibles and most of all repent of their sins!

  5. christdaughter says:

    Dear Mrs. Henson, I am not here to condemn your blog or criticize a human being who recently died, I think everyone who is posting on here criticizing what Pastor Tims, or his mentors shoulda, coulda did are just merely useless because they are neither encouraging or uplifting anyone, he is dead now. I would have respected them more when Pastor Tims was still living these same critics would have made an attempt themselves to personally reach out to him via email, face to face to express their dissatisfaction,concerns etc. Instead, like vultures they wait for the death. I am a person who takes my salvation and relationship with God very serious and I am not a respecter of persons. I Know that we are in a life and death spiritual battle for our souls! I respect you for the way you stand your ground for what you believe in and how you answer some of the posts here on your blog, it shows maturity and intelligence, you are very precious. My heart grieves for the death of anyone so when i read some of the posts on here that talk about Pastor Tims sins it sickens me! When I lost my brother i was so devastated! before he passed away i made sure i prayed with him, he repented of his sins. I heard about Pastor Tims and saw him a few times on Tv but i didn’t know him personally yet i still feel devastated that a HUMAN BEING lost his life! Only God knows what happened. if people really, really care about the body of Christ, we should encourage, reprove, when they are living, don’t wait until they are dead! Precious child, I pray that God keep you under the shadow of his wings!

  6. This is very true!

  7. I LOVE THIS WRITE!!!! I cannot tell you how much I respect and honor what you have written here. Keep sharing and educating minds cause too many folks get lost in their religiosity instead of finding compassion and understanding through the same grace God brought them out of something with. May not be the same as yours or mine but all of us have been in some situation we would love to remain private. We all have some bones in the closet we don’t want anyone to see. I look forward to reading more of your blogs!!!

  8. @ jase
    “Why does the bible say you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free? Not you shall hide pretences and it shall set you free?”

    The following is the correct reading of the verse.
    John 8:32
    And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

    First of all, knowing the truth does not set you free, you are made free. There are many that know the truth, but are still in bondage because they do not apply the truth. The truth only MAKES you free when you correctly apply it. Knowing the truth, and correctly applying it, will not allow someone to live in sin on the down-low; that person who has sinned, is sinning, would not want to remain under cover – if they KNOW the truth and properly apply it. AND, those who know that that person is living on the down-low, under cover, will not allow it to remain concealed, especially if that person that is sinning, is impacting the lives of a large number of people.

    If Zachary Tims was leading an under cover life, more than just someone knew it, a few “someone’s” knew it; they always do.

  9. why do u guys pick and choose scriptures? i asked a question.. and u wont answer me. i guess u have no answer

  10. Spencer Minor says:

    Beautifully said…. I love this post..

  11. The Pulpit needs to hear a word just like pews. Not sure how but you need to get this word out to the masses.

  12. LivingWithTheKing says:

    Wow! These blogs are amazing and so needed.

  13. Amen from another PK!

  14. Well said… We keeping Judging the priests and we forget that even the priest had to cleanse themselves before standing in the gap for the people. Hence, reminding us that they are humans too with struggles just like us. Sometimes, i think because we view them as perfect we send them to early grave because they struggle to be who we have painted them to be… May God help us all

  15. Why does the bible say you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free? Not you shall hide pretences and it shall set you free?

  16. Michael Butler says:

    Wow, what a powerful post! Ms. Sara this is my first time reading your blog. Your topic is on time. I’ve shared it with several of my members in my church as well as my Pastor. I would love for you to call in on our radio show on KJLH 102.3 at 7:00pm PST. The name of our show is “Can I Get a Witness”. My church is Southern Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, CA. Where my Pastor is Xavier Thompson. Our topic on Sunday will be “Misconception of Ministry” your blog is write on time! My prayer is that u will be able to listen and call in

    God bless you my sister

  17. Stephanie says:

    Amen, Amen a thousand times…I responded to some post on Monday and Tuesday in the same spirit….If lay members find themselves in a constant battle to be the church that GOD has called us to be….then how much GREATER is the attack by the enemy on the MEN and WOMEN of GOD who have been called to LEAD,CARRY out the vision,minister to people members and non-member a like, ALL while being expected to have an answer for every question that is asked of them… People of GOD it is just to much for you to expect, and ask! Pastor Tims could in NO way have affected so many and done so much for God’s kingdom without being both called and anointed…We forget about GOD’s faithfulness to forgive when we ask, and he promised that when are weak he is strong,his grace is sufficient…It is my prayer that GOD in his sovereignty will defuse this situation, so as not to give the nay sayers and those people looking for a reason not to surrender their lives to GOD,excuses. We need to remember the “WORLD is watching to see how the body of christ is responding and reacting to one of their own, when the gospel that we preach is one of HOPE… Love,forgiveness and redemption!!!! I have programmed myself to give people what I would want and that is the benefit of doubt,until facts are presented, and even at that choose not to pass judgement but pray. For every character flaw in man there is ROOT CAUSE most of which come from shame,rejection or abuse (there is something besides the devil, that causes us to repeat ungodly behavior)habits and unless and until the church really embraces what WHOLE man ministry really means, we will continue to have christians who live fragmented lives, partly because no one knows how or has taken time time to DEAL with and HELP them past the word! But I must say that this can be successfully done in a spirit of true compassion and love not being critical or negating people. Ministry done right is HARD Work, In short CHURCH FOLK can KILL YOU!!!! Because it is ALL about THEM (I have a license I am a PK and have served in the office of an Elder). I wish that Pastors and Church leaders would learn how to RETREAT as necessary, but guess what if they put up a “timeout” signal that would be a problem too… the question would be what’s wrong with him/her? why do the need a vacation or time off they are suppose to be the LEADER.I applaud those who have sometimes at the threat of poor health in the form of a storke or a heart attack, or divorce come to understand that sometimes they need to take time to refuel…FATIGUE affects ALL of our senses,it can cause us to not see and hear things that we normally would …On Monday I immediately went to the NDCC website and ended up reading, the “Monthly Word” I am not sure that Pastor Zach wrote it, but the person that wrote though making the effort to be encouraging, was in a lot of PAIN!!!!

    My favorite sermon and I’m sure that I’ve heard this preached by someone else before,but his way helped me to internalize this like I never have before…It is this that our lives are like making a cake batter…we would probably not eat any of the many ingredients alone…but the combination,makes a batter that causes people to fight about just lickin the bowl and the beaters…

    RIP Dr. Zachary Timms…I am believing that you made the peace with GOD that you needed to make…by the time you took your last breath, even though you where not a PERFECT man on this side…

  18. Kaderick Jones says:

    Additionally, Sarah…don’t feel obligated to post everyone’s comments on YOUR blog. Just like you took the time to develop a platform to share your opinion, let them use or develop their own platform. That’s the beauty of opinions, they are our own and we don’t have to allow people to tear them down. Yes you can listen to others and respect their opinion, but you are not obligated to let them invade and debase yours. Understand people’s intents and the context of their statements…if it takes away from your intent for posting…delete delete delete! #POW

    • Interesting you say that… I really wonder about this… I felt this same way but I quarreled with the purpose of me deleting was it because I was angered or because I was keeping my space negativity free. I appreciate this comment, it really helps me.

  19. meaganelizabethcooley says:

    And I agree with pretty much every point you made.
    Check out NUGGETS sometime! 😀

  20. Sarah,

    I’ve watch you grow up since 1996! I appreciate your candor and standing up to what is right. Thank you for having the courage to articulate the heart of a Pastor/leader and their families. Your message has been misunderstood by some, but I declare that SOMEONE is going to read this and be delivered!! One of the enemy’s greatest weapons is isolation. When a leader is backed in a corner and is ashamed and feels like he/she cannot confide in another, human nature seeks relief! (Most often “familiar relief”. Not condoning any ungodly behavior, but I so understand where you are coming from. I shared your blog with my husband last night. Reed immediately began to pray for you. This is bigger than you think and like a blogger said, “God’s ‘gone get the gloraaaaayyyy out of THIS. My prayer is that the Body of Christ as a whole is revived, restored, and renewed in Jesus Name!!!

    Crystal Trammel Bates

  21. Kaderick Jones says:

    Sarah! I love you for your comments and well written treatise on this subject! To answer your question as to “why accept the call?” Calls are not accepted, they are given without a return address. God calls who He chooses and places all in the body as He sees fit. Even if we refuse ( as many have) the call in us will do what it does without our permission (Jeremiah, Jonah, Peter, Saul of Tarsus). Keep doing what you do, God is pleased by what you have shared. It even causes us who are called to understand the duality of our call which is to be both Shepherd & Sheep. Understanding the dynamics is still a challenge at this point, but the truth makes us free to explore both aspects and be okay with it. Thank you so much! God bless you exceedingly!

  22. My prayer is simply…..LORD HAVE MERCY on your children…shower us with wisdom, and knowledge….forgive us as people of God for taking our focus off of you…help us to understand that we cant put ANY ONE higher than you….give us a heart after you, as Pastor Tims No Doubt had, give us a passionate Love for you as NO DOUBT Pastor Tims had, help us to Love unconditionally as NO DOUBT Pastor Tim…s did…..God let your glory over take the people of God in this time, those whom Pastor Tims life touched, those who he covered….through prayer and a kind word or deed…..GOD YOU ALONE ARE GOD and will get your glory through this pain,the the heart ache….and through the tears…WE YET WORSHIP you and thank you for this mighty MAN OF GOD…..the body of Christ has taken yet ANOTHER hit but GOD…We move and Press on in JESUS name…be a fence of comfort and peace to the family and friends and body of Christ in JESUS name…….Amen…..

  23. kimberly allen says:

    Mrs. Sarahdhenson you will be rewarded for your courage and ability to articulate the heart of others. WE were born into the church and we have heard, seen and felt a lot. Your ability to make it plain age to age member to leaders must resound over and over until the sound of this message shouts,”LET LOVE RULE! Love you.

  24. Overall, it depends on whether he had a genuinely good heart towards others, did not supress others, and treat the anointing like it was his family’s.. like he was the special one.. if there are some people who were not given chances by him, who feel hard done by, who were made by him to feel inadequate, if they now start to read that he died of drugs and possibly had a woman or two in his hotel room (on their tithes), I think they will feel that God has rightly punished him

  25. Awesome!!!!!! My Jesus! Answer her prayer Father in the Name of Jesus! Sis-you are ALREADY making a difference in and for MANY generations and God IS GETTING the GLORY! Keep pressing Sarah! You’re bound to break through at any time! I feel a run coming! Glory to GOD!!

  26. I love it! Thank you lady for the words that you write. Please dont stop writing.

  27. Yes, and Amen! Thank you for allowing God to use you to speak a word to His people. You are truly a part of the remnant church being raised up to press in and press on for a time such as this. Keep on speaking His truth so that those with eyes to see and ears to hear may heed the Word of God and step up to His call.

  28. Thanks!

  29. its okay his mistakes r now in the public eye.. but before all this was known, what standards was he using against others? was he not judging, pretending to be so holy himself? only his flock can say whether he deserves sympathy or not.. it looks like God Himself forsook him in the end.. so why is everyone defending what God rejected?

    • TruthofGod says:

      Jase, I wouldn’t say that God forsook him as much as it was the natural course of willful disobedience and a lifestyle of sin. James 1:12-15

      “12Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.

      13Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:

      14But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.

      15Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.”

  30. Negro Theolog says:

    We need to rid ourselves of this notion that a pastor is our spiritual covering.This is nothing more than manipulation of the sheep.

  31. Negro Theolog says:

    TOG and Larma,
    You have to understand that the truth is the last thing the so called church is willing to deal with these days.I fact they can stomach almost anything except the truth.Titus 1:6-10 outlines the qualifications for leaders in the church and clearly Zachary Tims did not fulfill that.”Let’s not judge” they say but what they mean is let’s not discern.I know what it is to be delivered and I know what it is to struggle with my sin or sins but when it comes to pastors we accept almost any or everything. Nevermind the bible says “Thou shalt not” the church will cry “judge not” and the result is a dead church with dead theology.You see Isiah 56:8-12 condemns those who preach the gospel of greed and the word faith church does over the pure word of God.And lets be sure about something, Zachary Tims did not lead anyone to Christ the holy spirit convicts and regenerates those who have been drawn by the father to Christ not the so called preacher.This is one of the many myths of the church that causes people to commit idolatry by worshiping the so called man of god instead of the True liven God of the bible.We see the fruit of this as the sheep will fight tooth and nail for the pastor no matter the indiscretion and barely lift a finger to defend and uphold the word of God.

  32. Negro Theolog says:

    What happened to my post?

  33. @Truth of God: I totally agree with the Word, and as Sis. Sarah was saying, people seem to forget, leaders are also HUMAN…we have not taken off mortality yet.

    It is this same “forgetting leaders are human, and not perfect” that causes some leaders to keep their issues etc to themselves, because instead of using lovingkindness, compassion and patience in praying and counseling the leader….they only dish out a fresh dose of finger pointing and gossip until its all over tv, newspapers, facebook and twitter, totally blown out of proportion….and to make it worse….people KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT AND WONT LET IT DIE…..Thats not godly behavior either.

    If we feel we are so holy, and above reproach in every way, the word tells us to RESTORE SUCH A ONE IN THE BONDS OF MEEKNESS, LEST WE FALL IN A WORSE TRAP. All have sinned and come short….and not one of us can say we have lived TOTALLY SAVED since the day we came to Jesus. I keep saying, its a daily process…for baby saints and EVEN FOR LEADERS. If we would SUPPORT our leaders, instead of SCANDALIZE them, many would be more comfortable coming to their sheep when they have problems.

  34. People they don’t have to feel bad about where they come from when they come into the revelation of Gods glory. If we all lived by Biblical teachings we wouldn’t pass judgement on a leader that was bleeding.

  35. Thank you for sharing your heart, so many are feeling the same way yet are hesitant in expressing it. The body of Christ has to cover in all areas of life even the things that you do not see, the war is on and the enemy will in any and everyway try to destroy the Kingdom and the purpose of God’s Children.

  36. Wow! Awesome article. My heart is heavy. Thank God 4 grace!

  37. TruthofGod says:

    I think the expectation (and rightfully so) is to be ministers with the word of truth in thier mouths and uphold a life of integrity. If “said pastor” is not fit to uphold the biblical standard that it calls for, then he should not be in that position. Hence James 3:1 “1My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the GREATER CONDEMNATION.” This is not my words, but the words of an inspired Apostle, in the bible that you and I have. And for me, its pretty straight forward. This not to say that the Lord isn’t patient and long suffering, but lets just not dismiss God’s entire counsel of his Word, just to clear our conscience toward our favorite pastors. Lets be honest, sincere, and continue to strive for that mark in truth and in love….

    • AnnetteNsubuga says:

      I do not know about everybody else but on more than one occasions I have found myself in a position where I have had to rebuke a brethren about the same “sin” that I am struggling with. Does that make me a less Christian? Should I refrain from rebuking the brethren until such a time when I am “Sinless”?… if we agree that we are “the body of Christ” then we are all “ministers” in some way and we should all be judged against the same integrity “parameters” i.e. accord the same room for error for the whole body of Christ which we allow ourselves….. this is my understand of this blog.

  38. Greetings Sis. Sarah:
    Beautiful blog, very insightful and well stated.

    None of us set out to be a castaway on this journey of holiness, but mankind sets the bar so high for those of us in 5 Fold ministry, that we often have no source of comfort or strength we can turn to when we need it, because too many feel we are supposed to be PERFECT saints.

    We are each on a journey, a daily work in progress seeking to reach our final destination. On any journey there are stops, and detours, but we all need a support system we can turn to. None of us have ARRIVED, NOR ATTAINED YET…..

  39. TruthofGod says:

    So Tonya, i ask again, is there not a standard for us to live by? Or do we continually exploit God’s mercy under the cloak of “we all fall short”? Regarding ministers of the gospel, here are the qualifications:

    1 Timothy 3
    “2A bishop then must be BLAMELESS, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;

    3Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous;

    4One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity;

    5(For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)

    6Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil.

    7Moreover he must have a good report of them which are without; lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.”

    -After reading this and examining what has went on, how can you say with confidence that “he tapped into his purpose & fulfilled his calling.”? HOW SO?!… Perhaps i’m gravely missing the point of this whole Christian walk thing. *shugs*

  40. True2Myself says:

    I too am I child of a pastor. My dad always told us and the congregation “We’re human. We make mistakes”. I found it to be refreshing that my dad was not perfect. He would often tell of the mistakes he’s made in life (and still makes) and of the things he did before he came to Christ- some of the same things people in the congregation were struggling with themselves but it never ceased to amaze me how people still judged him and cast stones all the while knowing NO ONE is perfect or without sin. I was sad to hear about Rev. Timms. Not only being a preachers daughter but also believing in Gods word, I feel, allowed me to totally ignore the ignorant and negative comments and accusations and to be more compassionate and non judgmental. My prayers go out to his family and congregation and to all those that have been called to lead Gods people.

  41. Jacob was a cheater, Peter had a temper, David had an affair, had a womans husband killed and was an adulterer, Noah got drunk, Jonah ran from God, Paul was a murderer, Gideon was insecure, Miriam a gossiper, Martha a worrier, Thomas a doubter, Sara was impatient, Elijah was moody, Moses stuttered, Zaccheus was short, Abraham was old, and Lazarus was dead…. Now what’s your excuse? Can God use you or not? God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the CALLED. Now… how many of you still want GODS job of being “THE JUDGE?” Are you ready to be used by GOD?

    • TruthofGod says:

      What is the point of continually posting this? K. Jada (aka Tonya) keeps posting this everywhere. It seems to me that you are perfectly fine with these ministers doing thier dirt (preaching false doctrine, molesting young boys, committing adultery, using drugs, etc…) and preaching in the pulpit at the same time. This is why folks are coming against thier supporters so hard. Either we’re followers of Christ or we’re not.

  42. This article is SUPERB and needed to be written. As a preacher, I know all too well how the body looks at you and expects perfection from you while they get to have “shortcomings”…
    This article humbly presents the other side of the pulpit.

  43. Good insight, young lady. Yes, I was burned by a cult leader who I “sat under” for 20 years. I have since sued him for slander and defamation, and we are prepared to go to trial over the matter in the near future. I am passionate about the brothers and sisters who, like me, fall for the wiles of the enemy. A person who does not obey God is not my brother or sister, and I will not allow fear to deter me in treating false teachers as the heathen that they are. I’ve been called much worse than an Internet Pharisee…from the pulpit! Writing has been a healing source, and I encourage everyone to overcome by the word of their testimony and the blood of the Lamb. Msmith mentions “your call”. We are ALL called to preach the gospel. The word preach means “demonstrate”. The gospel is the power of God. Was tIms demonstrating the power of God when he slept with another woman? Or when he demonstrated a false gospel? Or when he (allegedly) lived a life of debauchery and excess? God will not be mocked! There are some vessels made to honor and some to dishonor. None of this is meant to change anyone’s mind, but when vessels made to dishonor get behind a pulpit and minister the Word without the Spirit…death and destruction abounds. This is Love, that we keep God’s words. That man loved no one but himself.

  44. Mrs. Henson,

    I’m glad that you’ve restored all posts, take the good, the bad, & the ugly, because regardless of all of our opinions in the end only GOD has the final judgement.

    Your blog is 100% on point. You shed light on the obvious, us dehumanizing people. I still think that Pastor Tims led most of his flock to pasture. I also think that God positioned him to bring a word & he did. Unfortunately, like you said he was a wounded shepherd. I admire when people who are hurting still try to lend a hand. What bothers me is how the world has conditioned us to believe that once we reach a level of noteriety we ant ask for help or reveal our scars. Pastor Tims in my opinion wasn’t a ‘false prophet’ he just had a Moses experience. Moses had a bad temper & even under the direct guidance from God he still had moments of weakness let his anger take over. Pastor Tims ‘allegedly’ had drug problems & in his moment of weakness & despair he resort to ‘ungodly’ actions that may have taken his life. I believe Pastor Tims saw the ‘Promise Land’ but died before he was able to enter because of his own choices. Does that make him a false prophet? I don’t think so. If someone can show me a Pastor or any family that has no flaws or there is no flaws in their immediate family, I will show you a person who is reading fairytale. Life is not a fairytale & like I said in my earlier post, ‘even leaders must be led’.

    My heart goes out to the famliy of Pastor Tims. I pray that the Lord protect them & heal them in every single way. I pray for the NDCC family as well.

    Mrs. Henson, this particular blog should be published. It should be read by the masses. The message is very poignant. I think anyone that has issues w/ what you are saying shoud read your blog ‘I’m not Christ,’ that’s another powerful message.

    God Bless You & Your Family!


    • TruthofGod says:

      Tasha, i don’t see how you can seriously compare Timms to Moses. Moses sin was that he disobeyed God by yelling at the Israelites instead of speaking to the rock and striking it twice. Timms’ sin was that he was caught in a year long affair with a stripper and rumored to be involved in consuming drugs. Also, he was an endorser and promoter of false WOF doctrine. Not trying to slander the name of the dead (May God rest his soul). But we must call a spade a spade. And the facts state that the brother didn’t qualify as a minister of the Gospel according to 1 Tim chapter 3.

      • TruthofGod, you seriously misinterpreted what I said. I never ‘compared.’ I said, ‘Just had a Moses experience’, I wasn’t comparing their sins. I was showing how one can be led by God & still come up short. Besides, a sin is a sin is a sin.
        I don’t know Pastor Tims background but I do believe he tapped into his purpose & fulfilled his calling. What happens now with the soul is between Pastor Tims & God. I’m not judging Pastor Tims or anyone for that matter. God knows all of us are sinners that’s why Jesus was sent. No one is ever going to be perfect. We have free will to follow our leaders or step up & be leaders. Instead of cutting down our leaders why don’t we help them by telling them the problems that we see & suggest ways of fixing the problem. Pastor Tims had his challenges & he will give account to the Lord, that’s not our job.

        I stand behind my opinion & I will say this blog is one of the best pieces that I’ve read to date on this issue.

        We all have flaws. There’s a lot of people that I feel are not good parents but obviously God still allow them to be fruitful & multiply. In my opinion that’s worst than anything Pastor Tims did, so maybe God isn’t equipped to be God. Seriouslly, we are not the judge, God got this under control. This is a giant playing field, enjoy it! When you hear a message take the meat & leave the bone.

        REST IN PEACE PASTOR TIMS & Thank You for winning souls for the Kingdom.

  45. Sarah,

    I think your blog was thought provoking and provided depth. Your words bring so much more to the picture because you experienced a different view than most of us. There are two sides to this story with Pastor Tims. On one hand – I believed he loved God with all his heart and might. I believe that in my heart. The other side is that he should not have been ministering. I firmly believe that the people in his inner circle enabled him. The sad part — all of this talk about how many people he led to the Lord or how many people will be discouraged about his life is not the point. There are four young children that do not have their earthly father. They need our prayers and support.

    I agree that people place their leaders on pedestals but the leaders – many times accept this position. It becomes and dysfunctional relationship. If you are not a strong Christian – scripture is manipulated to the point where people will do anything a leader says. Touch not my anointed…well we all know the rest.

    Yes, I believe and thank God for his Grace and Mercy. One thing we must not forget- Shepherds are judged differently. We live in this new church world of “everything goes”. As we can see – there are consequences – whether good or bad.

    One last thought – we have seen this over and over again; CEO’s of major corporations, politicians, step down because of an indiscretion. If the world calls these leaders secular leaders to step down – the church must do the same. There many Zachary Tims in our churches right now that needs to step down and get help! If they don’t it is not because of the people but their own pride.

  46. Well said! We all need to realize the shepherd that leads the flock is human and a chosen vessel by God, but he/she is not God. If we as Christians stumble and fall and receive grace and mercy from the Father, what gives us the right to judge the one that helped lead us to a forgiving Christ. Leaders give more of themselves than people realize but when they go through this life with tribulations, the church needs to lift them up in prayer. We are all my brothers keeper.

    • TruthofGod says:

      Janell, perhaps you (like many others are) ignoring the standard for followers of Christ, which is outlined in the Bible. And though we battle with the flesh, its not an excuse to exploit God’s Mercy..

      Romans 6
      “1What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?

      2God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?”

      • I don’t exploit God’s mercy but if your leader is bleeding where is the saints mercy? A leader deals with everyone else’s issues (spirits) and when they go through publicly or privately the church judges. It’s easy to pass judgement when its not our issue but if it were we have the nerve to want people to show us compassion. We don’t know what demons face our leaders but we need to keep them covered in prayer and thank God for Jesus lineage to show imperfect

    • “If we as Christians stumble and fall ” SERIOUSLY. Let’s stop playing around people, the Messiah is soon to come. Call it SIN. Nobody stumbles OR falls into SIN. They make a conscious choice to follow the desires of their FLESH. Call it what it is. Nobody is expecting ANYONE to be perfect and I am holding those in these positions of leadership to the same standard the scripture does. I SUGGEST YOU ALL SHOULD TOO. My brother’s keepers wouldn’t have kept the mouths of all his friends in ministry shut while they knew this man was tormented. He should have not been in this position. PERIOD.

      • TruthofGod says:

        @Larma, you’re right. I think alot of folks are making these excuses in an attempt to uphold thier favorite pastors (celebrities). Whats funny is that we don’t give this special consideration of “love” or “we all fall short” to the common street criminal when they commit a crime (stealing, rape, drug use, molestation…etc). But since they are supposed “Men/Women or God”, then its assumed that they automatically get a clean bill of Mercy. Seems to me like they’re doing what the Bible calls “respector of persons” (i.e. favoritism).

  47. Keaysha R. says:

    Beautiful, Sarah! You have the eloquence of both your fantabulous parents! I agree with you wholeheartedly, and it is an atrocity that our leaders have been forced to hide their struggles from the very ones they help! My heart simply aches at his passing. It confirmed the need for the Body’s accountability for our own! We really ARE our brother’s keeper.
    God bless you and your family!

  48. Thank you for such powerful words. I totally agree. People need to read this and know that Pastors are not perfect and do fall short. They need to have their eyes on God and stop making their pastor their god. They are so quick to judge and jump on the negative, join in with the media, always forgetting the positive impact these people have made on others. Sad, but that’s the “christan way”….

  49. Sarah, absolutely wonderful and well said.
    Whatever Pastor Tims’ cause of death was, I believe in my heart that he is now resting with the Lord. It matters not our opinions of him, any other pastor (mainstream or store front), sinner or saint…God Loves Us All.

    You should be very proud of this work!!!

  50. Bridgeyte says:

    This was a well written piece and written at a time that it need to be heard. Your words spoke volumes to me. Keep doing what you’re doing. I also had to go back and re-read it. I plan on reading all of your blogs. Good job young lady. Continue to be blessed

  51. Da Prophet says:

    The Body of Christ has become more sensitive to others comments about opposite beliefs than being sensitive to the Spirit of God! We are instructed not to believe every spirit, however when we don’t believe those spirits and others do and we express or say we don’t believe what a minister has or is saying even to the point where some may call them a false teacher, many believers go nutz, saying things like don’t speak against God’s anointed, don’t say that about my pastor. How about we all in the body mature a bit in our walk, we need dialogue people if we are ever going to unite the masses. We are fighting amongst ourselves and we are fighting satan, we need constructive non-hateful, loving dialogue. I love the body of Christ. I’m all for prayer, but the church has been praying for years and look at the condition she is in, something is not right when the statistics in the world are equal to those in the Body, Let’s talk, not argue. We have total misunderstandings in the Body, come let us reason…….Im ready in love……….Prophet………………(706) 836-0998

  52. Moina Tucker says:

    I am deeply sad in my heart and I must speak out to Larma……I know that this young lady may be speaking out on behalf of her father for a little compassion on our having faults but Larma can you offer a word of comfort to her as a human a young lady who has lost a loved one regardless of what the circumstances surrounding the death or lifestyle are. My grandma use to say when a dog is in the middle of the road it deserves the respect and curtesy as a living creature for you to blow your horn and allow them to get out of the road eventhough they were wrong for being in the road in the first place it does not mean we should run them over and kill them……in other words if she is wrong or right the bible clearly tells us “love and kindness have I drawn thee”……….we all have and will fall short of God’s glory but love covers a multitude of sin and even when God did want to destroy the earth it was the love of Noah that changed his mind! So I say to the young lady that lost her father be the pillar for your family and stand on the peace of God that surpasses all understanding allowing the comforter to bring comfort to you in a time of trouble and sorrow!! We dont cover up peoples mistakes but we love them through their mistakes and shortcomings…and to Larma a word of caution we never know how we will deal with our handle things until death, pain or sorrow has come knocking at our door!! Be blessed in all that you do and know that what the devil meant for bad God is still working out for our good and God is going to get the glory out of this!!!

  53. Thank you for your honesty and integrity. Pastor Zach’s death seems to be making many step back and evaluate how they care for their own pastors. I know my own heart is softened and I am concerned about the emotional, spiritual and physical well-being of those that lead the congregation at my church, Christ Church NJ. God Bless you for your insight and courage.

  54. Moina Tucker says:

    Dear you have certainly opened up the eyes and ears of us whom are quick to as in instant messaging terms SMH LOL…..But in a seriousness this is an example of how we as leaders are wounded and our pains are seeping through our garnments seeking refuge in a God we beleive in but cannot see or touch and are afraid to reach out to the people whom we see everyday and can touch yet are not sure as to how they would respond to “yes I am I called and chosen by God but I still have demons of my own to conquer” I have found while being in a leadership position that often times we have to suffer in silence only allowing God to be the one who knows the pain and frustrations that we endure while pushing through the emotions and day to day struggles that we as the human and natural man/woman encounter! The word tells us to take God’s yoke upon us and learn of him for even when the burden is heavy he will make it bearable (paraphrasing the scripture) but in all reality we know the word and stand on the word yet who do you turn to in the natural when there has been an S.O.S sent up while you feel as if you are on a deserted island all alone. My heart goes out to the tims family for it is not an easy thing to loose a loved one and not be able to mourn their death in peace because people are more concerned with how they died than the fact of what they accomplished while they lived. Yet I pray that we as leaders get help when needed and that the flock we lead are a help to us when we are in our pit moments understanding that it is only the God in us that allows us to be who we are! Be blessed and keep encouraging and reminding us that we are just a shell that have been blessed to allow the breath of God breathe into us creating what he calls us all “His Children”

  55. TruthInLove says:

    @sarahdhenson Hello, I enjoyed your post and it was very well written. And thank you for presenting a positive story here. @sarahdhenson, I have to apologize in advance because one of your posters (@Kevin) is not being honest about his intentions in his response to your blog, and this may help you understand why he (@Kevin) came at you like he did. I will say this because I have noticed a pattern with certain “critical church exposee’ bloggers” (@Kevin) going on people’s blogs, twitters, and facebooks causing “contention” and trouble, not in a spirit of love, but want to say who is not “Christian”. I happened to see what happened on your blog here with certain “detractors” (@Kevin) that have commented with a negative pre-meditated agenda that people on this blog may not be aware of. @Kevin, I know your agenda. You have an issue with TD Jakes and slyly come on her blog and voice your displeasure on her about YOUR issues. @Kevin, are you and your “blog” folks not concerned about what the bible says about “slander”, “gossip”, and “hearsay” your group, and other “Expose” bloggers create? What is “christian” about that? I’ll answer, nothing. What does she have to do with your issues with her father? Let’s keep it real. Tell people what your real agenda is @Kevin. You’re picking on his kid because you don’t like him (TD Jakes)? Throwing stones where you can huh? @Kevin, since you and your “people” like to talk so much about who is a “true christian” and who is not so much, why don’t you and your “people” follow actual biblical mandates for addressing offenses or sin. Do you even have the authority to do so, when you don’t attend church but drive around Eddie Long’s church in the parking lot on sundays looking at how many people are attending? @sarahdhenson Please don’t pay those (@Kevin) any mind. You may not be aware but (@Kevin) is apart of a so-called “movement” of ex-church people who don’t attend church anymore, who are HYPER-critical of the christian church on”exposee” blogs. @sarahdhenson, I just wanted to let you know the “SPIRIT” that some people are operating under and may continue to encounter on your blogs because they actually have an issue with Bishop Jakes and not you personally. Take care!

  56. Thank you for this insightful well written article!! It should move us to stay in Love…AS a 3rd Generation Pastor I know exactly what you are saying!!!

  57. Sarah,
    My dear sister! Keep being you. There are people who want to be right and will use their knowledge to build a case no matter what. And then there are people who simply don’t understand, cause they haven’t been where you’ve been. They won’t matter. Your goal is not to change the mind of your critic, but to be the voice of your cause. Please keep writing, and don’t let Internet Pharisee’s hinder your call. So proud of you!!!

  58. Beautifully written!

  59. Chruch has become big business! Leaders who are really after God’s heart run to him for help! David messed up and he sought God! If they don’t want to ask others for help because of fear and shame.The prayer closet that every Christian is summons to is there. The bible says that man shall pray without ceasing! Leaders should be in constant communication with God.Yes, God has given grace & mercy but what happens when that runs out. God gets tired of man. He has shown this when he first destroyed the Earth in Noah’s time. We are living in the last days and God has plenty of unfinished business which is the most important business,SAVING SOULS!

    I believe God is the same God who killed people throughout the scriptures. Not to say that’s what happen to Pastor Zachery Tims because that’s between him & God. God does say touch not my anoited and do my prophets no harm. Whether he fell short or not, we learn from the fact David refused to kill Saul because at one point in time he was God’s anoited king, before God rejected him. We can only hope all was well between Zac Tims and Christ.

    God is a God of reason and I believe he does things to get the attention of the world… his followers & those following Satan. He has once again accomplished that. The controversy over Zac Tim’s death has so many reasons hopefully the ones who hears from God will decode what the message means for them.He who has an ear let him hear what the spirit is saying to the churches. God word says that every hidden agenda will be exposed.

    Bottom line God is in control of everything and I believe He is feed up with christians making his name look bad. The bible does say the holy spirit keeps those that want ot be kept. Let God be true and every man be a liar. We must eat the whole scroll not just the things we agree with.

    Lastly Christians are viewed with a magnifying glass…everything little wrong this is held against them but you must remember Satan is out to make Christianity look bad. So we as followers should try even harder to be a living epistles. Satan hates our Lord Jesus Christ so think it not strange concerning the fiery darts of the enemy.

  60. Michael Ford II says:

    Great piece. I have had similar thoughts so many times. And we wonder why new Christians have a hard time staying encouraged. They see the facade of so many and feel like if they can’t be perfect, they might as well walk away from Christ. Again I say, great piece.

  61. Awesome piece and great cogent theological reflection on the need for people to see us pastors as human beings, and not exempt from the grace is given unto every peson.

  62. It is amazing to witness the lack of trust in God’s people who have been taught that God forgives. But God’s people don’t/won’t forgive their own. There are many who are in leadership over God’s people also don’t trust God either to bring them out of the flesh struggle that they may be caught up in. Maybe he could NOT let go of his lifestyle.

    To paraphrase a Scripture and doing it in my best Patti Labelle voice *”isn’t it a shame” to gain the whole world and lose you very OWN Soul*

  63. With tears in my eyes, this was beautiful! Thank you….

  64. You said: “Well we agreed on one thing..We could be on the road to reconciliation. I think that, as with everything, we will find people who support both of our stances. I will ask God to help me understand your message tonight more clearly, even if it doesn’t change my own. I want to be responsible with the platform or influence I may have, no matter how large or small it may be.”

    I have to say that I respect you. And sis, if I came too hard, my passion is sometimes in overdrive. But I do respect your opinions and will be praying for you as well. Goodnight.

  65. Okay, Sarah, you do get credit for reposting both sides, and I respect that. That shows some maturity, and will probably increase your blog hits again as well. I am not trying to nit pick here, but even your first sentence was divisive. What does color have anything to do with the subject we are talking about? This debate is much larger than the “African American” community. Sin is sin and it has no color. There is no such thing as black or white churches, or black and white sin. And, no, we are not being “mean”, Jeanette. We are the salt of the earth, and at times, salt stings.

    Sarah, I’m sure you face challenges daily because of who your dad is, but parrotting the views you grew up hearing is not the answer. It’s by considering other SCRIPTUAL views that you will mature and there is no greater challenge than to be like the Bereans and search the Word daily…and this includes hearing and reading things you may prefer to ignore or delete. Getting our ears tickled is what most church goers are seeking. It’s unfortunate, but that’s why most people chose to go to a “white” or “black” church. They are not interested in hearing anything that’s not in their comfort zone. It’s comforting to believe that man can do what he wants, live the way he wants to live, and then cry out for “grace and mercy” and “do not judge” everytime he gets in trouble. People who think that way make disciples unto themselves who are twofold the prostylites they themselves are. That’s why the commission is to go out to the world and preach the Gospel: The death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. This gospel results in repentance in those who have ears to hear, not just a cloak for their sins. Tims, like many in the pulpit today, USED the name of Jesus, but preached another gospel, which the Galatians were warned about by a true man of God. Paul asked that church: Who has bewitched you? It’s not always easy to discern the difference between the gospel and witchcraft. Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, but the gospel results in life everlasting. There was no gospel in Tims heart for him to minister to himself or others. The true gospel is the power of God unto our salvation, and I question how many were truly saved by the rebellion (witchcraft) in Tims’s heart.

    • Isabel,

      You are not going to change my mind but you are free to continue to post as much as you like. I realize that more than anything you are speaking from your heart and own personal experience with cults that preys on the mind of the weak. Your quest to free the minds of those who you feel are “oppressed” should continue and you win as many souls to Christ as you preach your Gospel. I will continue to write from my heart. I will agree to disagree with you, you may feel fit to follow in another course of action. I wish you nothing but the best.

  66. Sarah, what an awesome post! You are absolutely correct in everything that has been written. We as a society are so quick to place judgment on the man of God; and when they have fault; we are the first to bring ridicule. The blessings of the Lord is upon you in every blog that you have written; you are stepping into something that is going to enlighten and empower the body of Christ throughout the nations with your honest and bold outlook on life. You are a very intelligent, wise and beautiful young Lady. Continue to allow the Lord to use you to share and open the eyes of the social media Christians and non-Christians, with your unique style of blogging.

  67. Awesome post Sarah! You write beautifully and with such heart and grace. May God use you to help shape a generation of generals!

  68. R.I.p zach tims

  69. Very true and compassionate, we all need to keep this in mind grace and mercy thank u.

  70. Sherhonda Lewis says:

    Sarah, Sarah, Sarah…….so true and well said! God bless you!

  71. “Who are you to say that no one spoke to him not my father or his “spiritual parents”??”

    One thing is for sure, your father and most all other “mega church” leaders are quiet when anyone of their comrades are caught up in scandal. That in itself is scandalous. What we should have seen three years ago when he was caught in his adultery was come out on TV like they do when begging for money on TBN and said “this brother NO LONGER QUALIFIES for the position of Pastor. As his elder I am now publicly stating that I no longer support his ministry and will no longer uphold him as such. BUT NOOOOO they don’t do anything but want folks to submit to their “covering”. Its all a scam if you ask me.

    “Do you know many hits my blog got yesterday? 300. You know how many it got today? 2500… I had no idea that it would even reach people the way it did. Maybe you’re correct that I am not equipped to handle such “challenging”… It’s the very reason why I felt intimidation about starting it. I don’t know how to converse with people who speak adversely with as much passion as you do.

    Cowardly? Maybe. I’ll give you that.”

    Well I respect that you can admit certain things that for others that discern are obvious. I am not attacking you sister, I actually “get” your position cause I was once caught up in churchianity I can only imagine your position being the daughter of one of the biggest names preachers in the western church. I can respect that.

  72. Minister Thomas says:


  73. Min. Cerrita says:

    I acknowledge it, I receive it and I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me (Phillippians 4:13kjv).

    Climbing Upward In Jesus,
    Min. Cerrita

  74. Rhonda Fenner says:

    WOW!!!!! Well put, I am rethinking how I respond.

  75. Jeannette humphrey says:

    I know what it is like growing up with everyone watching what you do, my father was a preacher, and people can be very mean, they keep that watchful eye on the preacher and his children not allowing mistakes and failure, we all have struggles, if we would al be fair with ourself and tell it like it is we all have some hidden sin God sees and know all, your writing is beautiful, keep up the good work.

  76. Anyania Muse says:

    THIS WAS A WORD! Not a get up and shout, Run and Fallout, But a WORD for all of us. You just blessed someone who is in the middle of a storm and needing to hear these words. Speak truth to power! AMEN

  77. Jud 1:4 I say this because some ungodly people have wormed their way into your churches, saying that God’s marvelous grace allows us to live immoral lives. The condemnation of such people was recorded long ago, for they have denied our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.

    In other translations it reads:

    Jud 1:4 For certain men have crept in unnoticed, who long ago were marked out for this condemnation, ungodly men, who turn the grace of our God into lewdness and deny the only Lord God* and our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Notice it said “MEN CREPT IN UNNOTICED” ; we are NOT EXAMINING people before we let them “get in office” to the degree that the bible says we should.

    1Ti 3:10 Before they are appointed as deacons, let them be CLOSELY EXAMINED. If they pass the test, then let them serve as deacons

    In the wake of ANY tragedy should we not go back and look at ways to prevent these things from happening again? As far as Pastor Tims he might have been able to past this test when he first came into the role of pastor BUT where we often fail in churches is that we do not continue to monitor our leaders we cannot allow them to get to a point like it said in Jude 1:4 that we or they think it is “ok” to live an immoral lifestyle in leadership. We dont know if Pastor Tims was repentant and struggling in these areas or if he was actually in iniquity only God knows that.

    God’s LOVE is unconditional BUT leadership is NOT, MOSES was GREATER than anybody that is preaching today and YET Moses leadership tenure was conditional.

  78. “No one should be placed on a pedestal… Hence the reason for this blog.”

    Though you say that, it is clear that is not the purpose. The purpose is to get people not to focus on the behavior of men in the pulpit so when they get exposed. or shall I say, they expose themselves, they can use the excuse “I’m human too”. Well I say the scripture says DIFFERENTLY.

    What if we Followed this protocol for Bishops/Elders, and deacons?

    1Ti 3:1 This is a trustworthy saying: “If someone aspires to be an elder, he desires an honorable position.”

    1Ti 3:2 So an elder must be a man whose life is above reproach. He must be faithful to his wife. He must exercise self-control, live wisely, and have a good reputation. He must enjoy having guests in his home, and he must be able to teach.
    1Ti 3:3 He must not be a heavy drinker or be violent. He must be gentle, not quarrelsome, and not love money.

    1Ti 3:4 He must manage his own family well, having children who respect and obey him.

    1Ti 3:5 For if a man cannot manage his own household, how can he take care of God’s church?

    1Ti 3:6 An elder must not be a new believer, because he might become proud, and the devil would cause him to fall. [fn]

    1Ti 3:7 Also, people outside the church must speak well of him so that he will not be disgraced and fall into the devil’s trap.

    1Ti 3:8 In the same way, deacons must be well respected and have integrity. They must not be heavy drinkers or dishonest with money.

    1Ti 3:9 They must be committed to the mystery of the faith now revealed and must live with a clear conscience.

    1Ti 3:10 Before they are appointed as deacons, let them be closely examined. If they pass the test, then let them serve as deacons.

    1Ti 3:11 In the same way, their wives [fn] must be respected and must not slander others. They must exercise self-control and be faithful in everything they do.

    1Ti 3:12 A deacon must be faithful to his wife, and he must manage his children and household well.

    1Ti 3:13 Those who do well as deacons will be rewarded with respect from others and will have increased confidence in their faith in Christ Jesus.

    • You can’t tell me the intentions of my heart the goal of this piece. You disagree, I respect that. You want your comments posted? I can do that. We aren’t going to agree. So how can this end respectfully or is that not possible.

      • I am all about respect. I haven’t been anymore disrespectful than you. I just won’t allow you to project your pious behavior on me when I am able to discern your offense. Peace sister. But you were wrong for deleting other comments that spoke TRUTH. Shame on you.

      • This diatribe… matter how salacious it may have become did make me do one thing and that is restore the comments. People can see exactly what was said and how I replied…

  79. Marcia Coleman says:

    Just so I’m clear…anyone that brings BIBLICAL substance or doesn’t agree with you 100% will have their posts deleted? wow. ok. i now have a very CLEAR understanding. you may as well delete your responses to my ‘ghost’ posts now. my posts/comments were not negative. they pointed to the scriptures themselves. even you said we were on the same page (although were weren’t). self preservation. yep. that’s it. thought this was different. so disappointed. churchiantiy at its finest. carry on….

  80. “I won’t post anything negative from you or anyone else. If you’d like to continue your campaign to showing flaws, lies, naïveté or whatever else in this blog you’re free to do it somewhere else you just won’t see it here”

    You sure have a way with words in order to feel justified in deleting posts you feel challenge you. No one is showing flaws…he exposed his own. I haven’t mentioned HIS FLAWS or anyone flaws. FLAWS? I mentioned SINS AND DETESTABLE BEHAVIOR OF MEN that are in pulpits preaching and do not qualify. THEY EXPOSED THEMSELVES, I only spoke on what they themselves did. Are you kidding me? Is that how mega preachers and their children do, take up for SIN in the church and call them FLAWS? Are you serious? It’s a shame really. The only one naive is you trying to front what this pimp and other pimps did as “flaws” and cries for help. He wasn’t crying for help. He was a grown man and IF he knew he had a problem as a public servant or PASTOR then he OWED us an account of how he lived his life…PERIOD. And if he or you or anyone doesn’t like it, then they need to STEP DOWN. People need and are OWED answers. We can mourn with his family but I will not allow you or others shut the mouths of those who DESERVE answers. His influenced reached millions and now to call his OWN CHOICE TO DO DRUGS as a “flaw” is careless and NAIVE on YOUR part. PERIOD. If you don’t want public to respond to a PUBLIC blog then you should only send this email to your friends or not allow comments. You are soliciting them by allowing comments. And then you should just say you CENSOR FOLKS if you disagree with me. Keep it real and stop fronting. I am not naive, I am actually aware of the game the church runs. You don’t want to do it here becuase we CHALLENGE YOU. You are NOT right just because you feel it.

    out of respect for the dead and his children and his mother I am not being cavalier about his passing, BUT that doesn’t stop the truth about this matter. THIS IS A WAKE UP CALL. And because I acknowledge this does not mean I am disrespecting the dead. WAKE UP CHURCH.

    • Don’t you think God us powerful enough to deal with me, without your help? If you are looking for the answer your OWED I’m not sure why you came to this page. I don’t have an answer for you.

      And if you read fully what I said instead of skimming through enough to send another venom-filled reply you would see that I said naiveté in this blog, not in you. And no this isn’t how mega-preachers and their kids act because I have only one voice (wrong as you feel it is), I cannot speak for anyone but myself.

      Challenging an opinion or way of thinking is one thing hurling insults at my character is another. This will be the last time your name will be seen on this page.

      My suggestion is you start another site where you can dissect everything wrong with my site and my blog… And when you pray tonight, pray that God shows me the error of my ways and teaches me to understand Him like you do. Would that make you feel better?

      • Dear sister, God is sovereign and will deal with all in time. I am not dealing with you or trying to do so. I am dialoguing with you. Period. I am challenging your viewpoint, and you shouldn’t assume I skimmed either. You are just very defensive as you’ve deleted posts that challenged you. If you aren’t up for scrutiny of your own words you shouldn’t place them in public for all to see. Yes the body of christ and those who follow these “supa star” preachers OWE and are accountable to the body. We are ALL accountable to one another, and the fact you infer that you owe no one anything shows you don’t have a grasp of scripture.

        I am not spewing any venom, you only see it that way because I disagree with your stance. This isn’t about right or wrong, it is about disagreeing with your stance which is not founded on scripture. I won’t gloss over what should be discussed, and this is just a quiet attempt to shut the mouths of those who have QUESTIONS and are coming out and asking them. People want to just pretend this man was not marred…HE DID NOT QUALIFY TO BE IN HIS POSITION PERIOD…and no one, including your father or his “spiritual parents” sad anything, yet supported him. THAT is what I question. Why was he ever exalted and after his ADULTEROUS AFFAIR THAT PRECIPITATED THE DIVORCE FROM HIS WIFE AND KIDS was he still allowed on TV? I mean why do you expect me to care more for his children THAN HE DID!?

        You falsely accused me, as I’ve never HURLED insults at you. PERIOD. You can’t take the heat and you are just justifying your cowardly actions by deleting my posts. Why wouldn’t you leave them up, especially if you have behaved in a godly manner and responded as such and are right in your actions?? Interesting. Let my words speak for themselves.You are snide and quip and think it is not notice, your very last sentence shows your TRUE HEART and yet you try to act all pious and talk about praying. PLEASE STOP IT. I can see straight through you and you are so angry and offended and deleting my posts is a COP OUT. I am sure all the members of your mega church will come on soon and defend you once you summon them. 🙂 LOL

        yOU A

      • Who are you to say that no one spoke to him not my father or his “spiritual parents”??

        Do you know many hits my blog got yesterday? 300. You know how many it got today? 2500… I had no idea that it would even reach people the way it did. Maybe you’re correct that I am not equipped to handle such “challenging”… It’s the very reason why I felt intimidation about starting it. I don’t know how to converse with people who speak adversely with as much passion as you do.

        Cowardly? Maybe. I’ll give you that.


  82. Revelation 2:5 says:

    The truth of the matter; we are all guilty from the pulpit to the pew.

    Plaicing men and women on pedestals only to watch them fall down.
    Then we scorn them for falling, when in reality they should NEVER have been there in the first place.

  83. A consensus of opinion does not make your opinion right. It’s a shame that you only keep posts of those who are in agreement with you and challenge your position. Sure it’s your page, but you are trying to reach masses. This is the type of behaviors found in the church, that which you are a product of. Of course you have this position, it’s your life. Self preservation is what it is called.

  84. TruthofGod says:

    There’s no doubt that we all need to deal with our daily struggles, but there is a standard that needs to maintained and that standard for believers (even more so for ministers of the Gospel) are outlined in the scriptures. And no matter our personal opinion or how we feel, the Bible (which is God’s Word) has the final say on the matter. Its not an issue of hate or venom as some would suppose as it is an issue of accountability.

    • “trying to reach the masses”…

      Can you show me where my goal is outlined as trying to reach the masses?

      You want to know what’s really a shame? You just made an assumption and wasted your time trying to put me in my place. I’m not yours to worry about I’ll let God take care of me.

      • TruthofGod says:

        Is this in response to my comment? I don’t recall mentioning anything about “trying to reach the masses”. Grant me pardon if you intended to respond to someone else.

      • “Sure it’s your page, but you are trying to reach masses. ”

        I’m not trying to reach the masses, you know nothing about me or the goal of this page. If the allegations against Tims are true I agree he shouldn’t have been ministering. My goal (which may not matter at this point) was to attempt to shed light on why he possibly would have not felt able to utter the words, “Help Me” when that is clearly what he needed. I did not defend his alleged drug issue nor did I excuse it. I simply stated that it was obvious he needed help that eventually caused him his life.

        We aren’t going to agree. I respect your opinion. I will not let my page be turned into a circus or platform to tear anyone, not even myself down. If I am wrong in the sight of God, he will judge me as He sees fits.

        I won’t post anything negative from you or anyone else. If you’d like to continue your campaign to showing flaws, lies, naïveté or whatever else in this blog you’re free to do it somewhere else you just won’t see it here.

      • Sister nobody is trying to put you in your place. Yet I find it interesting that you are doing the same thing you accuse me of. I am new to this blog and clearly you have deleted comments, simply because someone disagreed with you. Guess you put them in their place huh? No you aren’t prepared to reach the masses because you can’t take criticism or someone challenging this “niceness” in this blog. I expect this to be deleted because this is how church folk act. Your nastiness is hiding under the surface and it is really not hidden by the “tone” of this blog. I’m not fooled and many others aren’t either. This is an attempt to just look over the matter that this man should not have been in the position he was in and was not qualified ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURE. Sure it is sad he died, and what is sadder is the state of the instutitional church and all these leaders who knew him personally to act like they didn’t know this man was in turmoil, and this includes your father. Funny how all these preaches come out with so much to say every week but soooo quiet when they NEED to be addressing matters such as this. Same way with Jamal Bryant’s impregnating people while married, Eddie Long molesting children, and Tim’s having a one year affair. Nobody gets outraged enough to sit them down, yet when “REGULAR” folks like us who aren’t on these levels you speak of (not found in scripture) and we not good enough like “y’all” speak out against it, then we focusing on sin and not realizing you all are regular people. Well to whom much is given much is required. Comes with the territory. Scrutiny should be welcomed IF you are doing what you should be. But your attitude and OFFENSE youare taking on is clear and I must say I am so not surprised. At all. Go ahead and delete. I understand if you cant’ take the fire, you are young and your message wasn’t based on scripture anyway.

    • AMEN TRUTHOFGOD. People would have us to be quite and not hold any of these people Ms. Henson says are on a different level accountable. Shame.

      • I just have to ask what your goal is in writing me? You know that we don’t agree. Would you like for me to see things differently? Are you publicly rebuking me so that God knows you did your part in restoring “holiness” ?Just help me understand your goal.

        I’m asking because I’d hate to make an assumption about you without first asking you.

  85. Brittany Eady says:

    Wow…..I love you! #thatisall! Well, Pastor Tims is not my pastor but He was a pastor, father, brother etc & it hurts my heart to read.negative comments about this Man of God who has laid his life down to answer the Call of God. I remember my pastor saying “Don’t put me on a Pedalstale cause when I fall you can’t crucify me!” Thank you…..

  86. Negro Theolog says:

    Brother Kevin,
    You have to understand that the truth is the last thing the so called church is willing to deal with these days.I fact they can stomach almost anything except the truth.Titus 1:6-10 outlines the qualifications for leaders in the church and clearly Zachary Tims did not fulfill that.”Let’s not judge” they say but what they mean is let’s not discern.I know what it is to be delivered and I know what it is to struggle with my sin or sins but when it comes to pastors we accept almost any or everything. Nevermind the bible says “Thou shalt not” the church will cry “judge not” and the result is a dead church with dead theology.You see Isiah 56:8-12 condemns those who preach the gospel of greed and the word faith church does over the pure word of God.And lets be sure about something, Zachary Tims did not lead anyone to Christ the holy spirit convicts and regenerates those who have been drawn by the father to Christ not the so called preacher.This is one of the many myths of the church that causes people to commit idolatry by worshiping the so called man of god instead of the True liven God of the bible.We see the fruit of this as the sheep will fight tooth and nail for the pastor no matter the indiscretion and barely lift a finger to defend and uphold the word of God.


      • LOL….Jeez that’s the only amen I may ever get from you. I may favorite it 🙂 peace to you…

      • TRUTH always receives a nod from me! At least you unblocked their comments. I am afraid that truth really is a double edged sword. THANKS FOR SHOWING THE TRUTH in these comments.

      • Well we agreed on one thing..We could be on the road to reconciliation. I think that, as with everything, we will find people who support both of our stances. I will ask God to help me understand your message tonight more clearly, even if it doesn’t change my own. I want to be responsible with the platform or influence I may have, no matter how large or small it may be.

  87. WOW is right!

    “Well said” and truthful are two different things. It’s not negative to expose the unfruitful works of darkness. It’s love. These false teachers are going to keep multiplying and the majority of the “sheeple” will not acknowledge them for what they really are: ravaging wolves in sheeps clothing. The gate is NARROW, folks. No matter how “negative” you think that is…it is the truth. Kevin Oliver, I am a big fan of pimppreachers. Keep tellin’ it like it is, and exposing these fraudulant pulpit pimps. If Tims had humbled himself and done what Jarrett did, Tims most likely would have lost his so called “ministry”, but possibly saved his soul. It’s called “working out our salvation, with fear and trembling”. Men who cheat on their wives and call themselves “men of gawd” are fooling everyone but themselves. Tims knew the darkness lurking inside. So did the enemy. Why can’t the majority see it too? Is it because most are carnal and judge after the flesh? Jesus is never impressed with numbers, flashy clothes and cars, and people who cry “grace” and “mercy” everytime things go down. It’s the mercy of God which leads us to repentance. Tims turned his back on mercy and the enemy stepped right up and claimed another pulpit pimp. It is what it is, and nothing else.

  88. It is sad how people reacts to things like this in a very negative way. The article written by sister jakes was well said.

    • Diane, there’s is nothing “negative” about the way anyone on here responded. And personally, I find it irritating with “church folks” attack and trivialize people who don’t agree with them, or who are attempting to bring forth sound, biblical reasoning on a matter.

      Ms. Henson’s prayer at the end summed up her thoughts on this blog nicely: “When temptation lurks God give me the strength to turn away, or courage to ask for help.”

      I don’t see ANYONE on here who disagreed with that. There was simply the additional recognition of the likelihood/fact that Tims may not have met his demise IF “SUPPOSEDLY” SPIRITUAL PEOPLE AROUND HIM HAD ACTED MORE RESPONSIBLY.

      I don’t see what’s so “negative” or upsetting about that to you, Ms. Henson, or anyone else.

  89. I am a “ex” pastor that got into sin. I didn’t call it a mistake then and I don’t call it a mistake now. Because I knew exactly what I was doing. We in the Body of Christ need to stop calling sin a “mistake.” The scripture says that it is required that stewards be found faithful. It says they are “required” to be faithful. I repented of my sins and God restored me but I also steped down from my leadership role. Ministry is not about us but it’s all about Him. Are we willing to lay down our life and follow Him? Are we willing to believe in the Word regadless what we think or feel. We must have a good report of them which are without; lest we fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.

    • Thank you! Well said. God bless you for keeping it real. The problem, in my opinion, is as the scriptures have pointed out,in the last days, men would love themselves MORE than they love God. Denying oneself is not popular in or out of the pulpit. Even many of the popular gospel songs are self focused instead of what the gospel is about – the saving power of Jesus the Christ.

      There’s more honor in sitting down than being sat down. More fallen leaders should follow your example. I’m not surprised that I’m the only one responding to your reply.
      God bless you, man of God!

  90. I could’t get home fast enough to read and re-read this blog. It truely blessed me. I have spent countless amounts of time telling people these same words. You have spoken them so clear and percise. I pray that people will hear your heart in this blog. We do so often time raise our spiritual leaders up on such a high pedestal that when the human side comes out we are in such a state of shock. We have our eyes on the wrong prize. I pray that our Bishop will allow himself to be human in the face of the people because it is healthy for him. I pray that he has a place to run to when he is weak and vulnerably just as we run to him. I pray that God would shield him from the hands of the enemy that is always waiting to attack. We need to be like Aaron and Hur and hold our bishop up so that he has the support he needs when his arms get tired. Keep writing Sarah, the world is listening. God Bless you and keep you covered under his blood.

  91. How am I going to catch up on the backlog now?

  92. Whooosh! I could hardly bear to see how long the comments were! Scrolled down fast so as not to be discouraged from saying my piece, or is it peace? In church we don’t confess our faults to one another. We only share testimonies. Same for TV. I believe more than half the story is missing. Thank you Sarah…

    • This comment cracked me up!! Thank you for scrolling. I love to hear what people think. Now catch up 😉

    • Stephanie says:

      CHURCH FOLK can KILL YOU!!!! Because it is ALL about THEM (I have a license I am a PK and have served in the office of an Elder). I wish that Pastors and Church leaders would learn how to RETREAT as necessary, but guess what if they put up a “timeout” signal that would be a problem too…I applaud those who have sometimes at the threat of poor health in the form of a storke or a heart attack, or divorce come to understand that sometimes they need to take time to refuel…FATIGUE affects ALL of our senses,it can cause us to not see and hear things that we normally would …

  93. Mrs. Muhammad says:

    This is such an AWESOME, MUCH NEED, and LIFE SAVING word. A lot of people do NOT understand the weight that is carried by the men/women of GOD and their families that have been placed in leadership. Many times you are placed in an arena, where you are the “trailblazer”. No one in your sphere has been exposed to that particular arena; therefore, you feel as if you have no point of reference. And that’s where the spirit of alienation begins. Just know that HEAVEN is rejoicing right now for this WORD, because, somebody that was suffering in silence has read this post and was given the courage to ask for help. This post has saved someone’s life. With them asking for help, they have NOT only saved their own lives, but the lives of people that love them. Thank you, for giving a voice to all of the people that feel like that they can’t ask for help. Sarah, continue to allow GOD to use you and to be sensitive to the heart of GOD. Luv Ya, Smooches!!!!

    SN – Just know that the “naysayers” have to come, because they help to perfect the gift that GOD has placed in you. Keep the posts coming; they are helping, healing, and encouraging the WORLD.

  94. Sarah I appreciate you thinking through the difficulties and complex issues that we face as believers. A deeper concern is clergy health/self-care? How do clergy, ministry leaders understand and process “self-care”? Are we really taking care of ourselves? Do we really see our bodies as the Temple of the Holy Spirit? And if, so what does this look like? And does the call of God really call me to something that makes me see my body, my mind, and my health differently? It is a proven fact that as much as we speak about holistic ministry, ministering to the whole person (body, mind, spirit) local ministries have fallen short of creating and maintaining a culture of holistic ministry. I think we need to focus on the deeper essence of life and recognize the fragility of the human body. What did Paul really mean when he wrote these words, “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body,” (1 Cor. 6:19-20)?

    God bless,


  95. Real Talk. Sincere Heart. Unshakable Truth. Challenging Reality. Brilliant. THIS SHOULD BE A CONFERENCE. Dialogue on how we handle each other. “The Get Up Conference”. Something like this would empower our generation to be the new breed of dealing with fallen people, leaders and world with grace-filled common sense.

  96. Butterfly Advisor says:

    Wow Sarah! Wow!!! This speaks on so many levels! I can’t even say much because you have written it all. Like I always tell you….keep em coming sis!

  97. Sarah,
    As a Christian, I’ve found in my own world I struggle to seek help or relinquish to any form of vulnerability. People will not accept me in my humanity. The constant need to be “spiritual” is extremely draining. The truth is someone needed to shed light on why preachers and people in high places are afraid to seek help. What awesome favor you have found with God He chose you! I went to visit my husband’s grandfather in the psych ward once. He was suffering from depression because his wife had recently died on top of the fact his past had become present. Many of his unknown children (5 or more) began to surface seeking answers and spilling the beans. This man was a preacher, superintendent etc. of major churches and needless to say his position was “high”. Only one person was allowed back at a time. I started not to go because I was upset with him for leading a secretive life. However, I went back when it was my turn and I said granddaddy do you need anything? He looked over at me and said, “Baby, I need to be saved”. In shock with tears streaming I prayed Romans 10:9 that very moment. I couldn’t believe he said that to me. All the dignitaries that passed through that room everyday…I contacted my Pastor in disbelief. He explained to me the reality is whom else could he say it to? Certainly not to any of the people that were idolizing him, his wealth, position etc. Your blog is needed! The word of God will not return void! Because of your Holy Boldness men, & women of all statues will be released to seek help!

    “God, I want to be apart of a generation that makes it known that walking with Christ is as difficult as it is rewarding”
    Don’t be afraid, Mary,” the angel told her, “for you have found favor with God! (Luke 1:30)

  98. As I was reading different articles about Pastor Tims on Twitter I came across “tweets” about your blog “I’m not Christ.” Your message was so deep I had to post it to my FB wall. I decided to come back on your blog today and this message about Pastor Tims hit me to the core and it is basically my point I was trying to make on FB. I now wonder how do you help someone that doesn’t ask for help or you don’t recognize needs help. I wonder what kind of strength it takes to help others when you too are broken. Dr. Tims death has reminded me that even Pastors have weak moments. I realize we tend to dehumanize pastors and other celebrities and that’s sad when it is taken to a dark place. I don’t know the final moments of Dr. Tims, but I do believe that the Lord has welcome him into the kingdom. I hope that we realize that Pastors, Leaders, Celebrities, or anyone that we Dehumanize are Human. Someone said on FB “I wonder how his family feel?” I couldn’t believe the question. I, without knowing Pastor Tims’ family am 100% certain they feel the same way you would when you have lost a loved one. Your blogs are well written and a much need eye-opener for the world. Great Job! “Even the leader must be led”. Tasha

  99. Wow! All I can say is that I agree with everything you wrote. At the same time I feel like I go to a church that is that open. Though I don’t believe that our pastor tells us all of his business, I think that he tells us far more than others would. I also believe that your church should be a second home with a real family that you can be open with. So I pray that all who are is leadership positions are able to seek any and all help they need. Not just pastors but political leaders as well. ;D

  100. Wow, Sarah!

    Your comment, “What a disappointment it would be to serve as a vessel that leads others to Christ and then not be able to experience His mercy for yourself”

    was very profound! It’s not like God would say, “Well, I’m gonna extend my mercy to you and not you – not you, nor you or any other Pastor for that matter.” Doesn’t that just sound preposterous?? Who more would he gladly extend mercy to than the shepherd who is leading, guiding and encouraging HIS children?

    My spirit is very grieved for many reasons that I will not mention, but I believe that God has awakened the Body of Christ at large from our slumber. There are many issues to address that can not be dealt with on this platform. But what if every Pastor called their church to revival, repentance and restoration?

    I will not write more because my heart is full of things I could say and my spirit is grieved at the reactions of some. My advice: let’s work out our OWN salvation with fear and trembling for when we stand before God, we cannot blame Pastors, leaders nor any other individual for our eternal plight.

    Thank so much for Sharing Sarah – Keep writing!!! :o)

    Elder Crystal (Trammel) Bates

  101. Out of the abundance of our hearts, our mouth speaks. This man had excess, adultery and death in his heart. The Gospel ministers peace, joy and a sound mind. There is very little discerment in the church today. When sin is perfected in a person’s life—that’s it. Lights out!

    James 1:15 Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.

    You can’t put a spin on this, no matter how many “judge not” sciptures you throw out there. Our duty as Christians is to try the spirits. One look at his site says it all.

  102. SaranneStylezz says:

    I’m sorry Sarah, but I don’t think Zachery Tims saved thousands–he was an adherent to the false gospel of the prosperity movement and secular humanism. It’s really unfortunate that this distorted message has been so proliferated throughout the institutional church system.

    I went to Tims’ website and there I saw a bunch of stuff on how to gain wealth, find your destiny, and tap into self to become fully actualized (which is odd for an allege man of God to be support–hello Jesus is our sole substance, not networking, connections, and personal ability, but anyways, back to my point…). There was nothing on his site AAAANYWHERE about how one could be saved. The only thing he has posted is his statement of faith, which is the same ole statement that all these mega church preachers and Christian celebrities have on their websites, yet they say they are winning souls to Christ and that’s why they do what they do. I find it odd that many if not ALL of these televangelists and mega church pastors NEVER have anything on their websites to point one who may happen to visit their site, to the Lord for SALVATION (not wealth). Instead, we find narcissistic supply being fulfilled all over the place–i.e. self glorification/ preservation. I go to these websites and it’s all about the “celebrity” and there is nothing directly pointing to the Lord. Even if scriptures are pasted, many times, they are used in such a way as to prop up the MAND OF GAWD the site is about–so sad. Their websites point to them solely and not the Lord.

    I am really sadden that Zachery Tims more than likely died in his sins and his blood is on A LOT OF PEOPLE’S HANDS–on his “mentors,” “congregants,” “entourage”–EVERYBODY who were in proximity to him and should have sternly rebuked and compassionately restored him, but didn’t they were babysitting their own selfish ambitions. This man’s soul is more than likely lost without hope forever…. another casualty of the CHURCH MAFIA!

    This had nothing to do about the devil attacking him because his life was in front of a grand scale of people and he had a huge platform. No no, this has everything to do with this man’s sins finding him out and when Satan saw that he did not need him anymore (he has thousands more where he came from…) he destroyed him.

    My heart goes out to his family may they experience the perfect comfort and restoration of the Lord through this tuff time.

    Respectfully yours,

    • I disagree I believe he led many to Christ. I respect your opinion and appreciate you taking time to comment even if we weren’t able to agree.

      • SaranneStylezz says:

        Hello Sarah,

        I just want to chime in on something you said in your exchange with Kevin Oliver. You said that Zachery Tims was reaching many because his pews were full (paraphrase). Just because a church is packed with people does NOT necessarily mean the pastor is reaching many with the gospel. believe it or not, postmodernism/ the new age agenda is by far the fastest growing religion to date. To reference something I said earlier, when I visited this man’s website, I did not see any referencing the Lord, but rather I saw a slue of “principles” that are of the post modernistic thought. Remember, broad and wide is the pathway to destruction and many that enter therein are destroyed. What the late Zachery Tims “preached” all those years simply made provision for his flesh and the flesh of his following. The true Gospel of Jesus Christ mortifies the flesh, which is why I perceive that many “preachers” have departed from preaching it. See, the true Jesus is a stumbling block to the wicked, but in the end. those who are not in Christ will be crush by the very one they deny in their hearts, but bless with their lips.

        No one is condemning Tims, that is for God to do and if he did not hold to the true Christ, he was already condemned because he did not believe on the true Son of God (not my words, but the word of God). Going by his fruit, Zachery did not seem to have been holding to the headship of Christ, but merely holding to the false Christ that makes provision to the flesh (which is why many follow him and pack many of these mega churches out to the rafters). This man was raised up in this faulty dogma that more than likely claimed his soul. “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” 1 Tim 6:10. This man was in so much trouble before he left away from here. Perhaps it is because of the provision “his gospel” made for his flesh rather than mortifying it that his soul would ultimately be saved.

        Now, on th enotion of who should judge and if it’s even the Christian thing to do, the Word tells us to judge righteously with Christ being the standard by which we discern and judge things (1 John 4:1). We must examine the fruit that one manifests and for Zachery, his fruit was rotten. Out of the mouth, the abundance of the mouth speaks and all Mr. Tims spoke was the false gospel. Perhaps if those around him who claimed to love him would have examined his fruit and did what the Word says to do in cases of gross inpropriety, he might still be here with us. His unrepentance hardened his heart and the same will happen with others who sin and preach the false gospel.

        Lastly, if you are curious as to who has the right to “check” someone who reaches the level of Mr. Tims or even your Father, T.D. Jakes, I encourage you to take solace in this, “For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge?–ESV 1 Cor 5:12. Therefore, no matter how high up any person in the church is, anyone who is Spirit-filled/ Spirit-led and sanctified in the Lord has THE AUTHORITY to rebuke them. Now I know man’s tradition has vehemently worked against this, which is why to this day, evil wicked men are lowed to continue “pastering,” after they have molested young boys and some have gotten young women in their congregations pregnant, but will still stand up in the pulpit proclaiming they are “still God’s man.” RIDICULOUS and “churched folk,” still condone their foolishness all in the name of “don’t judge.”

        I pray the Lord sends a great epiphany that those who are asleep in him shall be awakened from their slumber and the scales may fall of their eyes.

        God bless you beloved. May the Lord of Truth lead and guide you in all His ways and present you faultless unto himself.


    • Lady Rone says:

      I disagree. The bible says that David was a man after God’s own heart, but he still had issues. Time and again, God has to forgive us when we fall short. Whether we be in a position of leadership or not, we are all human. Before we feel the we are in a position to judge someone else, let us examine ourselves. How many times have we done things that we shouldn’t have? How would you feel if your issue had been exposed for the world to speculate upon? The difference in some of us and Pastor Tims is that he had reached a “level” in his ministry that we have not yet walked in. Thousands of people were saved under this man’s ministry and that is undeniable. Let us all learn to hear the message and not focus so much on the messenger as Mrs. Henson has pointed out. I believe wholeheartedly that we should live holy, but even a just man falls seven times… Let’s pray for the men and women of God that He has called, qualified, and chosen to lead his people. God Bless.

    • Stephanie says:

      So am I hearing this correctly…A mere man has the ability to attract thousands, and build ministries that affect and change people at their own will…Did you read where a fellow Pastor said that Dr. Tims style of ministry was very much needed and welcomed in the Orlando area, that he reached a population that OTHER churches NEVER had…

  103. Selah….

  104. Gloria Cooper says:

    Not once did I see the name above all names, Jesus Christ mentioned in her or many other’s posts…alluded to but not proclaimed…I have heard all over the place the name of god proclaimed from every religious persuasion there is (god is such a generic term) and even “the christ” proclaimed even among New Agers and even Wiccans!!! Wow, maybe that’s the real problem. Jesus Christ is God…he alone is perfect, he alone is the judge, This is what comes of people putting men in the place that Jesus Christ alone occupies. Don’t follow men, FOLLOW Jesus Christ

  105. Thank you for sharing this Sarah. Christian people nowa days should just let God be the jugde. It’s like some dont read their Bible! Pastors are human beings too. Dont jugde a man of God no matter what because you might be digging your own pithole by doing so. Pray for the man of God instead of spreading rumours about him/her. No one is perfect.

  106. Marcia Coleman says:

    This is a very well-written piece, of which I agree with many of your statements. However, I must also agree with Kevin O., had Tims been dealt with BIBLICALLY and not in this grossly misinterpreted, no casting stones or passing judgment atmosphere prevalent in today’s “churches”, then I am pretty sure that he would have had the opportunity to be healed and restored. He may have even had the opportunity to return to some form of ministry (becasue as you know, he hasn’t met the qualifications to pastor for quite some time). I grieve for his family and those that loved him. I pray that the Body of Christ will not only allow those that serve the opportunity to “be human”, but also take this time to discern what God is truly saying to His people today.

    • My question is who deals with someone who has reached that “level” you can’t make someone sit down. You cam advise them but if people are still listening and showing up how can you sit them down.

      My desire was not to defend but perhaps shed light on why these leaders don’t feel comfortable enough to voice their problems.

      • Marcia Coleman says:

        The Bible outlines how to deal with each other in the faith, including leaders, in Matt 18:15-20. I am unaware of the “level” you refer to, as I find no such levels in scripture. This platform that some have placed themselves on, and others that have been placed on, is not scriptural. Pastoring is a function, not an office.

        I’m relieved you are not defending, however, it would be spiritually irresponsible of us if we ignored the elephant in the room in order to maintain our christian look of “love” or as though we are casting judgment. I’m trying to figure out when did righteous judgment become wrong. Even in this tragedy, God can and will be glorified. We should take this as an opportunity to check the way we “do” church and “be” the church; the way Jesus did in love, compassion and accountability. Do we love man or God more? I appreciate responding and your response to me.

        “Do not entertain an accusation against an elder unless it is brought by two or three witnesses. Those who sin are to be rebuked publicly, so that the others may take warning. I charge you, in the sight of God and Christ Jesus and the elect angels, to keep these instructions without partiality, and to do nothing out of favoritism. (NIV) 1 Tim. 5:19-21

      • Your comment is no different than the underlying message of my blog. I appreciate your input.

        Thanks, Sarah Henson

        Sent from my iPhone

      • What “level”? Are you implying that all Christians are not on the same “level” before God? The scriptures say that we are all “kings and priests”. Jesus said that we are not to lord it over one another, but that he who would be greatest among us must be a servant. There is not such thing as reaching some “level” that elevates us above other Christians! That is idolatry, because it puts man in the place of God!

      • Hence the reason for the blog…

      • Sarah – you’ve written a great piece that brings a perspective which will allow others like myself to have closure to this tragedy. I was a member of NDCC and always knew I would be under Pastor Zac when I relocated to Orlando. I’ve since relocated a mth ago. His death has been one I’m struggling to accept. I don’t put Pastor Zac on a pedestal, however, as my leader I’m expecting a level personal spirituality from him as my covering.

        He has led many to Christ this is true. You mentioned people still show up and listen, however, must in the congregation are not aware of the alternate lifestyle that was being lived out by our Pastor. I’m glad you’ve shared a piece to honor his work for God, however, views such as the one Kevin Oliver made has some degree to truth to it. Yes, he led many to Christ and yes he had a passion for God and the people, however, their had to be a level of self for him to continue knowing within himself the stuggles he had vs. stepping down and correcting them. I love him no matter what. Kevin is not the only person who may have this thought. I’m sure there are Christians who feel the similar way but still have love for him.

        Those close to him should have been able to recognize he needed help and may have been able to save his life. We can’t MAKE him get help but I still believe someone had to have known he needed help. As many of us Christians do, we tend to sweep our issues ans smile through it in church. What results is that when that member yields to temptation and it’s revealed to all, it becomes a major disappointment to many and not necessarily because we see them as God. We must hold out leaders accountable. God can be loving and he can also be harsh. Out of out love for Zachery Tims, we will only want to talk about the good he’s done, however, there’s another issue that needs to be addressed so others can learn from it too. What’s disappointing to me is that no one will directly address the rumors. Once again, let’s pretend it didn’t happen and talk about the good only. Well it did happen. Is that what the did when he was alive….let’s pretend his issues don’t exist and let’s pray and have faith? No one has come to defend in the media, except to say the obvious, he’s touched many lives. Well that will leave people to draw their own conclusions. If he were struggling to the degree, he needed to be sat down in the similar way he way with the last scandal. His mistakes are not one time mishaps but repeated offenses.

        Also, people are diversed with diversed views. You did take Kevin’s views personally when it wasn’t personally directed at you. You thanked those who agreed with your blog but got offended to an opposing view. Think about what’s happening in the christian churhes today. Think about all the leaders that have been falling into temptation. Something is wrong in the church. We need to deal with issues and stop pretending it’s not there. I love my kids, but I must also deal with the behaviors will cause them to be hurt. We are not doing that in the church. Accept it or not…it is the truth.

  107. Well said

  108. I was moved by this post! You are a gift to the Kingdom! Continue to share your heart and allow GOD to speak through you. It’s time out for the “chatter” in the Body of Christ around speculations and time to really humble ourselves, pray and seek the face of GOD for all of our leaders as they are on the attack. When their private mistakes are made public, let’s pray. This post here should be reprinted for mass distribution!

  109. This all sounds nice and sweet. And much of it I agree with. However, a key issue continues to be ignored. And that is the fact that ZACHERY TIMS had NO BUSINESS attempting to PASTOR or SERVE IN LEADERSHIP in the first place.

    Scripture is clear that an elder must be sober-minded, disciplined, and of overall mature and strong character. Not that such a one be “perfect”, but one who has demonstrated OVER TIME and by many as a person who can be trusted with important responsibilities.

    Now as this relates to Zachery Tims, he did not simply make “a mistake” [I hate it when so-called Christians say that…]. Rather, he demonstrated OVER TIME that he was not capable of handling the responsibilities of such an office [in fact, the man might not have even been born again]. But apparently, none of this mattered to those around him — and that is likely part of the reason why he’s now DEAD. “Church Folks”, and other weak and irresponsible people around him, continued to cover for his ineffectiveness and instead PROP HIM UP in order to KEEP THE MONEY FLOWING [yes… I said it].

    “Church Folks” need to understand that this “he just made a mistake” and “nobody’s perfect” foolishness is DESTROYING SOULS. If Zachery Tims had been dealt with BIBLICALLY — that is, with firmness AND compassion — he would have had more time and better opportunity to confront his sins/faults, get help, and possibly be restored.

    But we’ll never know that now. Because HE’S DEAD.

    • Who should have dealt with him? His message was obviously still reaching people otherwise his pews would have been empty. The intent of this blog was not to condemn him or praise his behavior, simply to examine the pedestal we place on leadership.

      Only God has the authority to deal with people on that level. It can be argued that, that’s how he saw fit to deal with him. I’m still thankful that it’s God and not you passing out judgment.

      Don’t question my religion, don’t call me a so-called Christian. If you don’t like what I’ve said and you disagree don’t read it. Why, if you challenge my way of thinking did you subscribe to it? So that you can voice your disapproval over and over again? My faith is in God, not man.

      • Two other problems with so-called Christians — Ms. Henson — is:

        1) They take things to personally; and
        2) They too often think things are all about them.

        In my earlier comment, I was NOT talking about your personally, and I was NOT questioning whether or not you were a Christian. The term “so-called” — in case you did not know — is a mere figure of speech.

        As for who should have dealt with him, I believe I was abundantly clear about that. In reference to correcting and restoring a brother, bible speaks of “one who is spiritual”. So it should have been ANYONE around him. Mentors, fellow ministers, family, friends, and those in his congregation.

        Once again, you have completely MISSED the KEY ISSUE. It is not about condemning Tims. Rather, it is condemning THOSE supposedly spiritual “Church Folk”AROUND HIM who by their — cowardice, weakness, and greed — contributed in large part to his crashing, burning, and ultimate demise.

        That concludes my comments on this matter. This will not be turned into some meaningless argument. Instead of being so quick to snap back, I encourage you to earnestly consider what I have said.

        Kevin M. Oliver aka ‘NTYN”
        Contributor – Church Folk Revolution Radio and

      • Your commenting on my blog about my thoughts and opinions I will take it personally….

        Thanks, Sarah Henson

        Sent from my iPhone

      • I couldnt agree with you more Sarah! Brilliant piece and this pimp preacher please ignore.

        And again i will say why….

        Who are we to judge another mans servant? Maybe he wasnt sent to you Sir, but to those he was sent to he was a blessing. If he lost his personal battle in the process, it is not for us to throw stones and sneer-the world is active enough doing that. When you hear of a leaders indiscretion the first thing you should do is check yourself for with the same judgement you judge others you also will be judged.

        All sin is sin before our Holy GOD! Concentrate on cleaning out your house and your heart. Job was righteous but his sons were not, Eli was blameless but his sons killed him, Mr. PimpPreacher focus on praying for your family since you are already sinless and spotless and blemish free and therefore heaven ready and let us work-in-progress-humble-and-fearful people continue to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.

        King David even though he knew Saul had been rejected and dethroned did not take the spear and kill saul. He said i will not kill the Lords anointed, David faced his own battles and did not make Sauls indiscretion his business-He made it GODS business. Jehovah is GOD all by himself and does not need our help to kill his anointed, This man was anointed to do what GOD called him to do and there is living proof of the lives that were positively changed though that. Even with his wounds, even though he was rejected King Saul was still anointed. David left the judgement to GOD and did not take it upon himself.

        There was a crazy guy called Shimei who stoned David when he had to run away from his throne because of his son Absaloms treason, when his guys wanted to attack Shimei David told them to ignore him as you dont know who sent them. At the end of the day Shimei had to lick his wounds, put his tail between his legs and submit to Davids kingship.

        Do not lose sleep over those who throw stones at you, it doesnt matter. If anyone has a different view there is a dignified and more excellent way to present it. Noone has a right to come to your page and start spitting venom.

        Spit the venom in your closet of prayer at the enemy, and pray the heart and mind of Christ- pray, pray, pray! And until you have prayed enough for those that are still alive then please keep your venom where it belongs. There are way too many souls still unsaved that it is no use spitting venom about someone that has finished his race.

        I just want to live a life that pleases GOD and honours HIM, i want people to see Christ through me, I want to be known as someone who has been with Christ and i know that GOD takes no pleasure in any soul that perishes. This i-told-you-so-spirit is a strange spirit. Raise a prayer watch for the body of Christ, pray that souls be saved, that lives be transformed, indeed that the whole earth be filled with the true knowledge of the glory of the LORD!

        Beacuse the death of a sinner grieves the heart of GOD, let it grieve our hearts too

        Pray Pimpreacher, Pray! For our GOD still hears and answers prayers.

        Sarah i really do love that you step out and preach for your blog is your pulpit, do not take it lightly at all.
        Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU!

      • Thank you! I couldn’t believe he told me don’t take or personal. Its my work and my page. So glad the majority hears my heart.

      • Minister Eubanks, Sr. says:

        Great work Sara! Stop going back and forth with these clowns! They share no compassion. God can chose anybody to confound the wise!

    • Amen, Brother Oliver.

    • I TOTALLY agree. The BIBLE is clear on how we are to deal with those in leadership who are living in sin.

    • If Zachery Tims had been dealt with BIBLICALLY — that is, with firmness AND compassion — he would have had more time and better opportunity to confront his sins/faults, get help, and possibly be restored.

      I agree !

  110. Amen!


  112. This has been the most compassionate posting I have read since Dr. Tims passed away. My heart has been hurting because of some of the painful comments I have read, mostly based on speculation. Even if they are true, we may never know the depth of struggle he had to face daily. I am thankful that God does not see any of us in the way that we see others. This walk is tough enough, I believe, without the added pressure to be perfect. I am not in the public view as he was (or your family is), but I too have felt afraid to step out and do anything in public in the church because of fear of being ridiculed, maligned or bad-mouthed – because I am still human and I have made (and will make) mistakes sometimes.

    Thank you for this post and for your openness on this topic.

    • Thank you for reading my piece and seeing my heart. I encourage you to display your gifts. We serve only one God, the God who gave you that gift. To hide that gift in fear of what people may say is a disappointment to Him. Let’s do it together… I shared mine. Broken… Scared… Nervous… I’m sharing mine, you can share yours.

      • Stephanie says:

        Amen, Amen a thousand times…I responded to some post on Monday and Tuesday in the same spirit….If lay members find themselves in a constant battle to be the church that GOD has called us to be….then how much GREATER is the attack by the enemy on the MEN and WOMEN of GOD who have been called to LEAD,CARRY out the vision,minister to people members and non-member a like, ALL while being expected to have an answer for every question that is asked of them… People of GOD it is just to much for you to expect, and ask! Pastor Tims could in NO way have affected so many and done so much for God’s kingdom without being both called and anointed…We forget about GOD’s faithfulness to forgive when we ask, and he promised that when are weak he is strong,his grace is sufficient…I believe in miracles and during my prayer today as GOD to cover him in the results of the pending test results…so as not to give the nay sayers and those people looking for a reason not to surrender their lives to GOD, no excuses. It funny how people can believe everything they read and hear,except the bible…

      • Hi Sarah,
        Yes, I agree. I am doing it right now. In fact, just today I lead our choir in the sermonic selection for both services – for the first time! I am thankful it is over, but I am more thankful that God has placed so many gifts within one vessel. I don’t want to disappoint Him at all. I want to use all that He has given to me to bring glory to Him.

        Thank you for your comments.

  113. tashagrich says:

    I don’t know a person that I have heard speak on this topic that said it better. We as a body of believers need to stop A) placing man on a mantle that was meant for Christ ALONE B) stop casting stones (as you say) to those that are doing the same that we are doing, simply trying to Honor God.

    When we are called, we are not called based on a level of perfection but on what is in our hearts and for what God has equipped us. God has equipped some of us to be Ushers, Sunday School Teachers or Worship Leaders. Would we hold an Usher to the same level of scrutiny as the Pastor? I doubt it yet we should. ALL were answering a call. Only the Pastor (and their family) is put on display.

    • That’s exactly what I wanted my reader to see…. We can’t make these preachers Christ… It’s too high of a bar to set!! Let them share their gift but we mustn’t idolize them. Thank you for seeing my heart.

  114. LeadersTogether says:

    Anyone in a position of leadership WILL have one common experience. There have been days when we needed help but were too afraid to ask for it for one of 2 reasons.
    1. We were afraid that if those we are leading saw us that low it would affect them.
    2. If it didn’t affect them it would seriously change the way they view you in one way or another and for most it was a negative way.

    I always ask the people that I have leadership over to not look UP at me but to look Straight AT Me. I’m just a vessel.
    I do hope people will stop tarnishing this man’s character. At the end of the day only he knows his relationship with God. We all fall at some point but what matters is that we got up. And sometimes we fall in public but we manage to get up in private. Leave the man alone and go set your own affairs in order.
    Love each other with the love of Christ.
    Beautifully written my dear
    God Bless You All

    • Leave the man alone and go set your own affairs in order.

      Exactly my wish…. Who feels comfortable enough to malign this man? Not me… I will not mock or judge another person’s issue or struggle. Make them feel unable to seek help.

  115. Ty Nelson says:

    The truth you shared I pray penetrates the body of Christ! I always think of the body of Christ like a physical body and leaders&believers “behind the scenes” let’s say the organs of the body when damaged get the opportunity to heal in private. But the leaders who are visibly present like the Arms, legs and hands are attacked in the open. Anytime one of them is damaged they can not heal privately.
    And for leaders that have that kind of presence in the Body of Christ. Those of us in the body should do all we can to support our leaders so that when attacks come they can heal faster.

    • I love this analogy. It speaks so much truth! The outer body’s ability to heal begins first on the inside. We on the inside must be healthy enough to provide healing for the outside. I could really go in depth with this analogy. Lots to think on… Thank you

  116. Cheryl Boswell says:

    Well said! Who will cast the first stone? I silently, prayerfully walk away. Great is His mercy towards us ALL before, during and after the call and, if necessary, after our fall! So PROUD of you young lady! You are a breath of fresh air. Keep doing YOU! It will take you far. Hope you are coming home for GLL graduation.

  117. Sarah, whenever your life is put on display in whatever venue…be it succsessful in any area in life people, because its human nature will naturally inquire and question, who is this person? In the church I have found that christians gossip just as hard as what my penacostal background would call worldly people. On last Sunday night a friend called and told me of the passing of Pastor Timms. I was shocked and saddened by this. I was informed some other details about his life/marriage which I had never heard of before. I pondered who are the church/non-church people keeping up with all the Christian News/gossip. I attend the Potter’s House and I’ve never met your Father/Pastor personally or had a conversation regarding my life or life issues. One day some years ago God showed me Bishop Jakes was just a Man after all the preaching and teaching, and to make sure of who I was serving. I serve God and answer to God and to respect the Shepherd I am under. As too your family I pray for covering for Bishop Jakes and his Family as I would hope someone with a heart would pray for Me and my Family. I questioned my friend how awful it must be to have your business put out into the open public/streets?….I am a private citizen and what I choose to share about my life I always do so believing it may help someone. On the other hand if I am privy to private information about Christians/Leaders/Friends I think before I speak because If I put myself in their places I would want my Life handled with care. You too are a private citizen..standing in a public place, however I pray others will take care of how they handle You and your family and put themselves in your place or our Christian Leaders places..We were all born in iniquity and by Gods Grace we are Saved if we accept Jesus as our saviour. Didn’t John Legend sing “we are just ordinary people”…People know and sometimes know not what they do, however I believe You know the scripture “God is not Mocked…..”, I pray the best for your Family and that Bishop and First Lady march forward to Victory …God Bless,

    LaTonya Jones
    You can follow me on twitter @BellaBrownLady… if you like.

    • I love that you handle people’s lives with care. It was my goal in writing this piece. That we could bring Pas Tims off the mantle and respect his life, his work, and his humanity.

  118. Sarah you did it again. You bring all your readers face to face with life’s realities. I agree with you for a generation that will live out loud.

  119. Oh lord, dear young lady you read my thoughts…I am moved to tears.

    God bless you

  120. Nondumiso says:

    Oh lord, dear young lady you read my thoughts…I am moved to tears.

    God bless you

  121. very well said, I believe the problem us christians have is that we seem to look at our leaders as if they are god himself. We forget there is only one god and when the man or woman we look at as perfect falls, we can;t handle it. We go to church every Sunday and get empowered and blessed by the words the pastor gives and when he or she falls, we just simply don;t understand. We must remember they too are human and seek the same things we do in our walk with christ. God Bless. I loved reading this.

  122. Oh My Jesus, you are so on it! For the word says, that when the others claimed to have caught the woman in error (sin) Jesus began to write in the sand and replied,”Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” Sometimes it is forgotten that leaders are human and because they are called does not mean that they are flawless but striving toward perfection. When the body of believers forget that the leaders are followers of God and not God himself, they will suffer disappointment. So often I see where leaders preach the word of God on Sundays, then some leave church and never study (2Tim 2:15) what God has given their leaders to strengthen them. Later when they are faced with trials; they hold the leaders accountable for going to God for them instead of building a personal relationship with God as well. In this type of situation where the body is strictly depending on the leaders for prayers, leaders end up in a place unfortunately where they feel they have to cover their own struggles to cover others. It is not until this contaminated thought (that has robbed the church) diminishes; that leaders can be free to say,”I’m going through.” Truth be told, woman of God, the enemy knows in order to get the body he must first get the head. Where the head turns the body follows, so it is crucial that not only the head cover the body but the body cover the head as well by seeking the voice of God. Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. (Rom. 12:4,5). So in closing, I say that when one part of the body suffers or is in pain, the whole body suffers. When someone gets a headache, it is not abnormal that the whole body is laid to rest until the pain subsides. Better yet, when asprin is taken (for the headache) it affects the whole body even the blood stream. The asprin has to travel throughout the body to get to the root of the problem. It is truly time to break the cycle! Great Post!

  123. All I can say right now is that I love this….and I am definitely apart of that generation that wants people to see an authentic walk with Christ…

  124. pvarsenec says:

    Wow, wow, wow my sister. This was brilliant! It was superb! It was like eating a gourmet meal. Very delicious and satisfying. So happy you are not afraid to write because I love how you write. I totally related and identified with what you wrote. I may not be in the limelight but in my own life I was a victim of such scrutiny that I also didn’t want to write, sing etc, for fear of what others may say or think about me. It was as if I didn’t want to arouse another’s jealousy. So I just started downplaying everything not to have to be subject to being under a microscope thus being judged. Church folk seem to say or do the most hurtful things. Why? I have no idea. I wish I knew. But I once heard your father say, that the church is like a hospital. So I started to see things from another perpective. Bottom-line, leaders are only human and are susceptible of falling and making mistakes like anyone else. You are so right when you said we must stop idolizing. They are anointed to carry out a specific work but they are still frail humanity saved by grace at the end of the day. You don’t have to post this, I just felt stirred up by your post and felt passionate about the subject. Thank you for allowing me to share and please keep writing. Hugs!

  125. 1anointedDiva says:

    Love it!! It’s not about the minister but the message! Too many judging,not enough loving! I got a lot from this! No matter the platform people are on they are human! And through Jesus we have the strength to fight against the flesh! Heard one preacher say don’t remind me about something God has forgotten about!!! Blessings Sarah! Continue to let Him use you!

  126. When our leaders suffer, so do we. We corner them (our leaders) in such a way that keeps them from seeking the help that only love can bring. This is beautifully written. We need to do better.

    • Don’t we?? It’s easy to say he should’ve asked for help but did we make that possible? Could he have done that without losing his livelihood? His ministry? I don’t think so…

      • Little_nuggets8 says:

        As Christians, we should be more inclined to walk in forgiveness just because we are Christians. When, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ paid the debt of Sin for everyone! Hint this includes our pastor as well as flock. We must realize, and take to heart what the holy word says, “And we know that in all things God works for the Good of those who love him have been called according to his purpose.”(NIV Romans 8 vs. 28) I am not concerned or baffled that Pastor Tims is not here physically because I listened to his sermons and I know in my heart this is a man of God. He ran his race, like a champion. However, it saddens me that we as Christians elevate our Pastor’s because of their anointing and then never take the time to truly intercede and seek the face of God for Holy protection for Our Pastors. Some may say, yes, we do. I pose a question to all, Can you say that you pray, or talk to Our Heavenly Father about what concerns his heart about his children on the earth as well as how to intercede? We are one body in Christ we need each other so very much. Our Father loves and delights in Unity among his Children as well as exercising and developing our faith in him.

        We must all be mindful of the times we are operating in this journey called life. Not everyone, who proclaims to be a “Christian”, is a “Christian” These are the times, when we must look with discernment at the fruit that one produces out of their life. As well as remembering, we are Spiritual on a human journey. Therefore, we can never attain perfection on this earth. We, all have access to the righteousness of Jesus Christ; however, we must receive by faith in our heart while working out and developing our faith, and most importantly walking and demonstrating the Agape Love of God.


      • Yes the passing of Pastor Tims is very sad and yes his passing has left many people wondering what happened to a young promising man of God. How man stones have cast throughout the ages of time? People will cast stones, but we have to be strong and not easily broken.
        God is the only true and just judge and He knows this filthy flesh is weak. And we may fail along this journey. The word of God lets us know we have a High Priest that was tempted in all points like we are, yet He was without sin. (Hebrews 4:15 & 16). For this reason we can go to the throne of grace and find help in the time of distress and temptation.
        Yes, Jesus became sin for us, He suffered beyond understanding. And because of His sacrifice, we can live an abundant and righteous life for Him. He has given us the free will to serve Him or not.
        A persons’ call in the kingdom of God will require that person to deny himself and follow Jesus. Humanity is temporary, so is God asking to much when He wants us to keep our flesh under subjection?
        Gods’ grace and mercy are renewed daily. Yes, again we are faced with struggles and at times, they are hard to overcome alone. This is why Jesus said in Matthew 11:28 come unto me you that are heavy laded and I will give you rest. And He said in 1Peter 5:7 cast all your cares upon me for I care for you. And in Isa. 26 lets us know God is our everlasting strength.

      • Our spiritual leaders of the Bible enquired of the Lord in the time of trouble.
        Are the leaders of today not able to do the same? Moses, King David, and Abraham sought the Lord and He came to their rescue.
        Exodus 3:7&8 lets us know when Gods’ people cried unto Him by reason of their taskmasters, God came and brought them out of bondage to a good place.
        Who or whatever the taskmaster is, a leader or layperson can cry unto the Lord in their time of need and God is a present help.
        Any leader knows when the load is too heavy and they know when it is time to call for help. Jesus our comforter is ready and willing to heed to the cry of His servant.
        i am sharing my response to your writing. Can you stop people from analizing? People will perceive and receive according to their wisdom or lack of. People can only put you in a box if you allow them to. Be Blessed!!!!

    • Felix D-Kat Pollard says:

      I’m almost in tears. Just to think Of how many pastors, leaders, etc… Are crying out on the inside but because we can no longer have a heart i the public view without a person being weak, or perhaps anything else under the sun. I’m the grandson of a pastor and the husband of a pastor and I tell my wife lets talk through issues, problems, new ideas, etc… Because at the end of the day we all have to go before The Father for ourselves. and we can’t allow small things to become huge problems. God Bless you my sister for speaking on this.


    • truechristian says:

      I was an associate pastor at a church where the pastor told the people one day before I was going to preach, “I don’t know if I would tell all that the preacher tells.” But that is what God told me to do. Everytime I preach to preach my testimony. I realized that I was going through a lot to help others but I found confidence in the fact that he trusted me to handle it. I heard Dr. Todd Hall say ,”the new sermon is transparency.” I don’t hide thein my past but yet let people know to keep their eyes on God because I can peomise you I will do something ro disappoint you. So don’t keep your eyes on me.


  1. […] Well done! The passing of Pastor Zachery Tims has caused much debate in the African American church community. The reaction to his alleged drug use and troubled past has caused some to condemn, others to feel compassion. A man, who was able to save thousands, but lost himself in the process. It is not my position to confirm, or deny the alleged drug use but rather examine the relationship a pastor has to God, his congregation, and to himself. My father was … Read More […]

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