Learn How to Swim..

It’s time for you to learn how to swim. Put on your bathing suit, jump into the water, start kicking your legs, and moving your arms. I don’t care if you have on a life jacket, that’s just a precaution; it’s time for you to learn how to swim. You have to learn to swim, in this pond I have you in, or you’ll never be able to move into the ocean. So pay attention, listen up, and focus so you can move on. You don’t want to stay in this pond forever, so learn this lesson and learn it good, so you can move on.

I first learned to swim 16 years ago, when all my classmates thought it was cool to say dirty words under their breath, I decided it wasn’t for me, not realizing it was just a test. I thought swimming was like riding a bike, once you knew how, you KNEW how. Then God took me from that pond and dropped me in a lake, where kids were passing blunts to ease the stress of the day, I thought about it for a while, feeling myself beginning to float, but I pushed back again and learned I needed to kick harder, move stronger if I didn’t want to drown. That lake turned into a river, where the temptation was even greater, I don’t think I passed that test too well, so maybe He knew I wasn’t ready. Back in the lake with problems that weren’t too small and weren’t too great, I stayed there until I learned how to swim through those troubles.

You see, we’ve all had these opportunities along the way, moments when we decided to swim against the current, others when we floated along the way. All those moments were necessary; they made us who we are. I needed to learn how to swim, needed to experience floating, even recognize the fear in almost drowning. Once you get to living, and I mean really living, you’ll see sometimes it’s easier to just float through life than to push against the current. But choosing to float is a conscious decision to not make the best use of the strength or gifts God gave you. You’re too strong to float on the current, when you have the ability to swim against it.

We all get weary, too overwhelmed with the troubles of life, so we choose to stop fighting for a minute, let life have it’s way…. You’ve been floating too long, love, it’s time to fight back. Time to send the current a message that you won’t just drift into whatever direction the world is going in. It’s time for you to learn how to swim! It’s time to fight back. You can’t let life’s troubles win. It’s time to put your bathing suit on, kick your legs, and move your arms let life know there’s still some fight in you.

All the unnecessary conflict you’ve experienced over the years, wasn’t just chance, or random obstacles of life, those were moments God was testing to see if you would sink or swim. Stop asking God to put you in an ocean, when you haven’t mastered the pond…You may feel like you have mastered the area of life you are in now, and maybe you have, but did you take time to help someone else in that same stage of life who is struggling? You may desire to be in the ocean, but the ocean may be too big for you, God may have called you to help others struggling in the pond. We have to put aside our own ambitions and desires and first ask God what he has for us.

The beauty of all of this, is the moment you place your life in His hand, he gives you a life jacket, made to withstand the deepest waters. Don’t give up on God, don’t take your life jacket off, and decide you’re better off without Him. He may not have you where YOU think you should be but He does have you, where you NEED to be. Without His protection in your life you’ll always have to work harder than necessary to receive what He blesses others with faithfully.

God, I don’t know Your plans for my life. I don’t know if my journey begins in a pond and ends in an ocean, or vacillates between the two.. I’ve felt the fear of almost drowning, I see now I am nothing without you. God be my life jacket, help me to fight against the current, when others are floating with the world. I am ready to build my strength and reach my breakthrough. God I’m telling You now, I’m ready to learn how to swim.



  1. EXCELLENT! Great perspective on life. I literally don’t know how to swim (like, I can’t even float!). But this post was soooo good, I’m gonna get someone to teach me now! Thanx for the pep talk! 😉

  2. Chantay Lewis says:


    God has given you a great gift. Keep letting God use you…..You are a blessing to the body of Christ.

  3. I’m learning to swim … I don’t know how I came across your blog, I am glad that I did. I was blessed by this blog. God bless you.

  4. Thank you

  5. I am so loving your blog Sarah. I lost my husband to lung cancer last year….so I am coming up for air and learning how to swim. I have no clue as to what God has for me…but I do know that I am in his hands and he is my life jacket. 🙂 Thanks again!

  6. Great thoughts, Sarah. I love the illustration of the “pond to the ocean” and being willing to set aside personal ambitions to be used wherever God chooses.

  7. Amen! Thanks for such great words!

  8. Sonya Goins says:

    WOW!!!! there is no words that I can say but THANK YOU!!! I was just feeling like that for awhile. God is need your help to fight against the current. In Jesus Name. AMen. Thanks again

  9. This reminds of the time that my dad took all of us fishing and made me and my girl friend sit on the bank and watch. We got mad and decided we would make ourselves a fishing rod and do our own fishing,and we did and some kinda way we got pulled or drug into the water and swore we were drowning. You could hear us from Canada to Timbuktu, we got rescued but they never stopped laughing at us. Eventually we learned that you can not drown very easy in shallow water. We (I) love your writing Lady Sara you have excellent concepts and illustrations.Awesome!!! “Father just in case I never learn to swim please keep my umbilical cord (the Holy Spirit) intact to serve as my lifeline”

  10. love love love this blog Sarah! I’m ready to swim too! God bless you!!!

  11. Great again Sarah.. I’m an avid swimmer & was a life guard in my young day. The way you brought this illustration to life lessons is once again IMPACTFUL!! My money is ready. Your #2 FAN!!

  12. The more and more I read your blogs the more blessed I get. Your writing is helping me to heal. Thank God for using you as a vessel.

  13. Ahhhh Sarah, I needed my fix as I was having withdrawals. So nice to wake up this beautiful Saturday and read your blog. I can’t tell you enough how much I love your writing. I’m not God, but I think your ready to swim in various oceans throughout the world. I see it in my mind’s eye. You know that song, “I give myself away…” God is using you mightily my sweet sister. I look forward to witness it all unfold. Hey, don’t forget us little people when it does LOL!! Remember I got first dibs in NYC… Brooklyn in the House! Word. Lol! I know you be thinking this white girl be craaazy, and it’s true. But seriously now, I see a book and a tour. You don’t have to post my comment, this is just for you. It is amazing the timing of God right? I mean, did you ever believe your writing would get such a reaction and minister to so many people. God has blessed you with an awesome gift and a beautiful heart. I am so thankful to have come across your blog that day. I look forward to your blogs, they are deep, inspiring and totally speak to me. Keep going sis, don’t ever give up. Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready… 🙂

  14. Karry Brown says:

    God I thank you for my near drowning experience…just when I thought life was consuming me, YOU taught me how to swim again. Thanks Sarah for the reminder no matter where I am in life (pool, lake or ocean)…this too shall pass!!!

  15. I’m ready to learn how to swim. I’ve floated/i’m floating now, i’ve experienced drowning time after time. I won’t stop fighting again. I won’t give up on God, I won’t take my life jacket off, and decide i’m better off without Him. He may not have me where I think I should be but He does have me, where I NEED to be. I AM NOTHING without GOD. I’m reay to learn how to swim. Thanks once again for blessing me.

  16. Stephaniek98 says:

    Incredible writing Sarah! Good bless.

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