Plan View

Can you imagine being in the middle of having your dream home built and the contractor calls and tells you they are not going to finish building? I know you were really excited about moving into your house. I know you have all of these plans on where you would do what and how you would celebrate all these big moments but, the contractor definitely isn’t going to finish. Yes I know, they just laid the foundation and the walls were set to go up but they simply cannot finish, and they feel it’s best they keep the money you’ve invested.

You’d call every number for every lawyer in a 20 mile radius, the better business bureau, newspaper, and anyone else willing to listen. You know why? Because when you start something you’re supposed to finish it! If you aren’t going to finish it, don’t sign up to do it.

How about going to get your hair cut, you get one side done, they ask for their money and then they go to start on another client. Can you wrap your mind around that? They started the process of transforming you and half way through just quit!

What would make you think God would bring you into this world, fill your lungs with air, give your heart the most beautiful rhythm, and then leave you? Why would He begin a good work in you and then leave you stranded, fending for yourself?

The New Living Translation of Phillipans 1:6 says, “And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.”

Work is defined ( as exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something. God didn’t place you here just for you to feel pain, witness betrayal, or experience struggle. God is working on you. You are here to accomplish something. Every trial you experience is apart of the work He is doing inside of you. If you’re still here, He’s still working on you. You have not reached your peak! I know it seems like you were on the brink of having it all. Life was smooth sailing and then turbulence hit but you must realize it is apart of His work.

God is the master architect! He sees the finished product when all we see are blocks of wood, bricks, cement, nails and screws. You may feel the pain of the building process right now, but you will soon feel the beauty of completion. It seems like it’s just one storm after another, bad things back to back, it’s not…God is hammering on you, adding stability and support, stripping foolishness, pride, and ignorance away…. you can’t hang on to those people and be the person he has created you to be. It may hurt now, but it’s necessary.

In construction when they are looking at the drawing of a structure with the view from overhead, looking down, they call it the Plan View. Sometimes when you’re in the process of building you can lose sight of the overall goal, so you have to revert to the plan view, to see how everything is going to work together. You are so focused on one incident, one aspect of your life causing you stress, that you have forgotten that God created a plan view with you in mind. When God is hammering out the issues of your life don’t be so focused on the hammering, that you forget the plan view.

When a builder is preparing to build he takes into account all things that could ruin his structure, they level the ground so they know which areas will need more support than the others, they watch the weather so they know when to build what, they strategically build around outside elements. God knew that you would face a storm so he built a roof. He didn’t stop the rain but he protected you from it. He knew the walls would be heavy, so he made the foundation strong enough to withstand the weight, in other words, He didn’t place more on you than you could bear. You think what you’re going through is too heavy because you’re focused on the weight, not what it’s doing to your foundation. That issue that’s weighing on you, isn’t doing anything but pushing your foundation even further in the ground, in the end you’ll be stronger.

The wood, the nails, the plaster, nor the paint need to understand the plan view, they only have to be available to be used. You may not understand why that person left you, why you lost that job, why that business never launched, all you need to remember is that God has a Plan View.

God’s work is never finished. You may have accomplished something great, but if you’re still here there is even more for you to accomplish. The builder doesn’t just build one room and walk away; there is more to be built even if one phase is complete. Don’t be fooled into thinking your greatest days have passed, that you missed your opportunity. The fact that your eyes are open and your chest is steadily rising up and down is evidence that His work in you is not finished.

God help me to remember Your plan view. Let me not be so wrapped up in the hammering of my heart, that I forget your word promised , “all things work together for good to those who love God.” God help me to remember that work often requires exertion, and exertion may take away my strength, but it will never take away from Yours. You are the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, you began this work in me and it’s not over until you say it’s over.



  1. thank you so much… your writings, to say the least, have been nothing short of a blessing. i’ve been going backwards-reading from the most recent and working my way to your earlier posts…

    i’ve been feeling like i’m in limbo… PLAN VIEW has really met me in a dark place of emotions…after several attempts to finish my undergraduate training and the recent loss of my first pregnancy…I’M STUCK! yes, i’ve been taught, “winners never quit/quitters never win” but now i can look at this from another point-of-view…these are my new mantras: Philippians 4:6-7, Matthew 6:33, Romans 8:28!

    Thank You

  2. Sarah- Just came across your blog today through a link from a popular ministry website. This particular post blessed me as I am in a place of difficult pressure and faced with making a major decision. It’s amazing how the Lord directs our paths to get an “on time” Word to us. I have been walking with the Lord for a long time, am in ministry with my husband and am twice your age. After praying fervently last night, I thank God that this morning, He used you to give me a little insight into what He’s doing in my life. You are not only a gifted writer but gifted speaker as well. I look forward to hearing more from you. Keep going! Blessings…

  3. –> “You think what you’re going through is too heavy because you’re focused on the weight, not what it’s doing to your foundation. That issue that’s weighing on you, isn’t doing anything but pushing your foundation even further in the ground, in the end you’ll be stronger.”

    Exceptional piece here, Ms. Henson. Very uplifting and spirit-stirring. I thank God for directing my attention to your website and this entry. (I actually discovered your website via several “malicious acts of tweet-abuse” betwix you and several other parties that shall remain unnamed….. *coughs… a helpless @preashea and @dririshea… ^_^ only messing with you all lol)

    …but Amen! Praise God for such words of truth and comfort. God is a God of completion, and it is His nature to “complete”. He’s been finishing since Genesis; why would He stop now? I love it. The entire concept is not only relatable to the lives of many Living Believers, but a very practical exegesis of the word itself. Praise God for you, sis, and I pray you will continue to pour forth what the LORD has purified your lips to share with others. I pray you will continue to allow Him to mold & shape you because the finished products (“your writing”) are LIFE to man’s bones!

    God bless! and thank YOU for being obedient and sharing God’s heart with His people. Appreciated!! ♥

  4. lovemesomemore says:

    so, did i miss why they can’t finish building?

  5. So you’re really just going to write out my life like this?!?! lol No but honestly, you just spoke right to me. I appreciate you letting God use you to bless me. I pray God give you a special blessing on my behalf sis!


  6. Beautiful piece..May the good Lord increase you in wisdom and continue †̥☺ help you unveil his plans and thoughts †̥☺ His people.

  7. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

  8. Sonya Goins says:

    I am so glad that God is using YOu for his good. You truly don’t know how much you touch my heart. When I see an email from you, a giant smile comes upon my face, because I know that I am going to read some inspiring words of wisdom. Thanks Mrs. Henson… Thanks for reminding me of the Plan View…. 🙂

  9. This just changed my life! Thank you for this word!

  10. Such an on time word for me, God bless you Sarah and may you continue to allow God to use you for His glory for He definitely has a plan view for you and it’s bright!

  11. Natalie Mott says:

    Once again…right on time and thank you for sharing!

  12. Remarkable!!! My background is Ops Mgmnt both luxury custom home building and commercial. The only word that comes to my mind is “remarkable”. Gr8 blog twitter friend! I’m not sure if I have a favorite part, BC honestly it was good all the way through. No false flattery; sincerely a good word.

  13. Outstanding work! Brought tears to my eyes. May God continue to bless us with your writing. You have a beautiful mind:)

  14. Your blogs are really ministry tools. They address many issues that ppl r facing on a daily basis. God bless u! U have a very strong anointing on ur life.

  15. Patrice Hall says:

    Sarah you are posting to your blogs quicker than I can respond!! :-). I was still chewing on ” learning to swim”… But this piece is phenomenal!!!! The word of the day ” Plan View” 🙂 and btw I absolutely loved the piece on marriage… I’ve been married 8 years and the one little word “exchange” has renewed my mind about what we really bring to the table when we get married!!! I have been telling EVERY married couple I know ” embrace the exchange”!!! Sarah, I absolutely love your work…keep writing!! Waiting on your book!

    • LOL!! I really do think One is probably the best thing I have written. I wrote it and then had to apologize before I published it because I want my words to align with my life. I am forever grateful for the ability to touch others through the power of words.

  16. Sarah,

    Believe it or not, your blogs are
    a form of ministry. I am blessed as are may others to be able to read what you write. I am standing in faith believing and knowing God will open those doors that need to be open so you may publish. Believing for those people to help you will be placed in your path and that there will be no struggle along the way. Please step out on faith and begin writing your book. Many of us are waiting.

  17. Great Inspiration! Thank U!

  18. Girrrl… where have you been all my life? To think, if I would have been reading your work in my teens and twenties… it would have saved me so much heartache. Sis, I am going to say something, and well, I know I’m nobody in the big scheme of things. As you already have greatness speaking into your life on the regular. And I don’t claim to be at their level nor would even want to consider myself or compare to them… but from my heart, I truly believe that you are about to take off. Are you ready? Your gift, your life and your ministry is so needed for such a time as this. God has exclusively called you to do what you are doing to touch so many people’s lives. I’m one of those people sis. Yes, little ole me… an ordinary 44 year old woman in NYC. I’m so grateful and blessed to have come across your blog. And to have the opportunity to converse with you via Twitter. Thank you for being so gracious and loving towards me. You have no idea how much you have helped me through your writing. You truly have a heart of gold. I know there will come a time, where you will be too busy to keep in touch. I just wanted to take the time before things take off to say thank you for everything. Perhaps one day you will come to NYC and I will be honored to meet you a person and give you a big hug. Until then sis, I’m one of your biggest supporters, so please keep writing, you are awesome! I totally am thankful that you wrote that it’s not over. I have to admit that I get down on myself a lot, thinking the Lord gave up on me. That I screwed up too many times and He just forgot about me. I mean, I can’t blame Him really. But reading your blog today, gave me hope that He isn’t finished with me yet. That it doesn’t matter if I’m 44, working full time to support my family, and have limited time for even myself. You know, I’ve been given so many prophecies through the years, the same one over and over, from different people that didn’t know each other. And since I never saw it come to fruition, I thought God just forgot about me. Thanks for writing this blog my dear sister, you literally had me in tears this morning. Thank you Lord, thank you Sarah.

  19. Love it.

  20. SARAH;
    My family and I coined this statement a few years ago when someone accomplished something great we would say “VERY GOOD”! I saw the movie “The Help” yesterday and I thought of you as Skeeter. The reason is because she would put in print what others could not or would not say, yet it needed to be said. Your blogs are touching the very fabric, thoughts and heart of people. Keep using your gift to bless others. Remember i have my money ready to invest. Your #2 Fan….only because your immediate family is #1

    • I love that movie as well and I do consider myself as Skeeter…I am ready to be bold about what God has called me to do. I appreciate every encouraging word you have poured in to me.

  21. This is a life transforming piece, God bless the author.

  22. Thank you Sarah…I needed that encouragement today, more than ever. This year has been one thing after the next, but I am more confident then ever that the good work the Lord started in me will be completed…thank you.

  23. Stephaniek98 says:

    Love it! I actually extracted a portion, put it on my facebook and quoted -Sarah Henderson. :)…that’s just confirming where God is taking you, right now that may not know Sarah Henderson….but soon the world will know!

  24. Louise Brenda Awuor says:

    Thanks this word has really lifted me up today, Interesting because I was scrolling through my twitter and the mouse got stuck, I knew then God must have a word for me from someone, I follow your Dad and he retweeted this, this is absolutely amazing, there is not one paragraph thats not powerful . God Bless you

  25. Very well said and an inspiring read. It helps to have perspective. That plan view was pretty awesome!

  26. Liz Turner says:

    So beautiful! Thank you.

  27. Wow! Yet another great piece. You write as if you have a glimpse in my life.

    I am physically building my home and I’m experiencing the same issues you’ve noted. At times I feel like throwing the towel in, but I rebuke the feeling and affirm ‘Phil. 1:6’ to me/to the process.

    Thanks for sharing such a reassuring word with me. It builds my confidence that God is thinking about me.

    Continue to use your talent to give God true worship girl.

  28. Dike Martins says:

    I love this piece…shows us that the process is very important in reaching our purpose in life..thanks Sarah…this is a message everyone should read…Bless you

  29. Oluwafunmilayo says:

    The Spirit of God is indeed ONE!!! Great piece.

  30. Excellent, very much needed at this time.

  31. Dis is a masterpiece Sarah.D Bible says He has refined us but not with Silver,but He has chosen us in the furnace of affliction!This same God with our plan view, knows d best materials 2 use 2 get a glorious finish of us.Even if it means allowing us 2 go thru those trials,etc, just 2 get 2 His original purpose 4 us,just allow Him.At the end,d Vision shall surely speak 4 itself.

  32. Faith Nassali says:

    Very good encouragement. Keep it Lady!

  33. Something I Just Had To Read .. It Is Like You Are Writing My Life Story ..God Bless You . . ♥

  34. geraldine martins says:

    This is a very reassuring post. My confidence had been knocked off,due to certain challenges and set backs.

    Thank you so very much Sarah. This is one to meditate on.

    God’s blessings always

  35. patrick edwards says:

    Hi sarah,
    Sometimes God go different ways to assure you he is the all purpose God. This really blessed my life and given me more confidence about God answering prayers. Thanks again and Jesus favours you.

  36. Interesting piece, I need to hear it over and over again!!

  37. Hi Sarah, this spoke to my heart,i thank God that my life and everything i have been through is a testimony of His wisdom,His Mercies and His everlasting love for me.God Bless you

  38. Seun Olaniyi says:

    Great piece…God will continue to bless you in Jesus name. amen

  39. Thank you, I need to hear this.

  40. OMGoodness Sarah. this is the same conclusion I have come through. This is waht I posted on Facebook:
    I would not give anything for my journey. I wouldn’t miss the pain and heartache, the trials and tribulations, and yes the mistakes I’ve made. I rejoice in the triumphs and the laughter, in the successes and the right choices I’ve made. Everything that I have lived through has brought closer to God’s purpose in my life. It has given me a witness and a testimony that will help others with the telling. Thank you Lord for walking with me through this narrow path that leads to you.

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