Trying to Be Salt…

I remember when Luther got out of rehab. We had a big family cookout! Aunt Wendy even made her famous sweet potato bread, it’s just as yummy as it sounds, way better than cornbread! We was all excited because we knew how bad things had been, knew that we could have been gathering at some jailhouse waiting for our turn to visit instead. Grandpa Joe had this way of always spouting out unnecessary wisdom when all we wanted to do was celebrate. This instance was no different; I was trying to avoid eye contact hoping I wouldn’t be the one who got to hear his latest proverb. Soon as I turned around from getting my cup of Kool-Aid he was standing there. He looked over at Luther, then at me and said “Watch that boy, he trying to be salt.” I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at his random sayings.

The evening was winding down, all the women were cleaning up, while the men sat and watched the game. I scanned the dwindling crowd looking for Luther. I saw him sitting on the stoop, talking to one of his friends, and by friend I mean, one of the guys he used to smoke with… Okay so it wasn’t the best company but after everything he went through, there was no way he’d get caught up like that again.

I hadn’t even gotten used to the sound of his laughter, or that smirk on his face before I got the call to identify his body. Luther had overdosed in an alley a block away from our house. One week after we celebrated him coming home from rehab. We sat in the service, each of us realizing our worst fear for his life had come true. Once we got back to the house we sat around, sharing our favorite stories about him, laughing and crying, then laughing some more. I went upstairs to change my clothes. When I walked past Grandpa Joe, he touched my arm, with water in his eyes, he whispered in my ear, “He should’ve never looked back.”

Don’t ask God to deliver you from your sin of choice, ask Him to set you free so that you will no longer suffer, just so that you can go right back to that same sin, with the intent to balance it better. When you recognize that something has the potential to enslave you, you have a responsibility to steer clear from it and never look back. Whether your master is drugs, sex, porn, gambling, an abusive spouse, or alcohol, you can’t ask for deliverance just to go back. Don’t make God regret honoring your prayer for liberation, by shackling yourself to another weight.

Jesus vouched for the woman in the Bible, who was set to be stoned after being caught in the act of adultery. He allowed no harm to come to her even though she was wrong. Before they departed however, He left her with a warning, “Go, and sin no more.” God doesn’t just protect the righteous; He protects the fallen as well. His directives to us are to move forward with our life. He told the adulterer go and sin no more: just because He protected you from the stones doesn’t mean he was blind to the sin. Our God is gracious and wise but He will not be mocked. Don’t be foolish enough that you believe you can get away with tricking God.

When God delivered Lot and his wife the Lord told him, “Escape for thy life; look not behind thee.” I have delivered you from the hands of destruction; given you the opportunity to start life anew and you continue to look back? Continuing to ponder on the possibilities of what your life could have been, reminiscing on how you could’ve kept on living like that if it wasn’t for this or that…not embracing the reality of where you are. Don’t waste God’s redemption, trying to be salt…

You can say I’ll never go back to being the person I was, I’ve changed but change isn’t just a mindset, its an action. He didn’t say “speak” and sin no more, he said “Go”… MOVE forward from this. He warned Lot, his wife and the adulteress, to not go back to living the way you once lived. Lot’s wife wasn’t even strong enough to look at what she had been delivered from. If you can’t handle drinking, you can’t go sit at the bar. If you like to gamble, don’t plan a trip to Vegas. The Bible didn’t say she went back; she merely looked, glanced into a lifestyle she had been delivered from and was instantly transformed to salt. You don’t have to drink the liquor or roll the dice to be back in the same place you were delivered from, all you need do is look.

I don’t know how many times God has delivered you from the same thing. Liberated you from near ruin and you dared to look back, but you don’t know when the next look will be your last. You cannot balance both worlds, can’t walk forward while looking back. God is merciful but His ways are just. Let the past God liberated you from, allow you to see the beauty of His grace, but let it also serve as a warning that you have a responsibility to carry yourself according to His will and purpose for your life.

God I thank you for rescuing me from the murkiness of my past, delivering me from the destruction I brought upon myself. Thank you for keeping me safe, not allowing death to arrest the possibility of my future. I may not know what lies ahead of me but I know with certainty that as long as I follow the path You’ve laid for me my days will be long. I will not look back on where I came from, not even glance. I will not make You regret relieving me from the bondage of yesterday, I’m not trying to be salt.



  1. Awesome and powerful..much needed word!!!
    Keep letting God use you for his kingdom. Be Blessed.

  2. sandra freeman says:

    Sarah, I actually logged onto your blog through Lady B’s tweet….omg!!!! this is a wonderful writing!!! may god continue to bless you and use you mightily!!!!!

  3. This is really a blessing as other posts i have read. I will add your blog to my blog list – hope you don’t mind. God bless you.

  4. Gifts and callings are without Repentance… And he gave some, apostles, and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.

    Sister Sarah you are a Gift to the Body of Christ. Continue to allow God to use you to bring healing and deliverance to the captives. I enjoy your Tributes because they are as unto God…. Be Encouraged!

  5. Lisa (Le Le) says:

    Amen My Sista!!!

    Thank You and God Bless You for this Word
    I’m moving forward in the Name of Jesus! I dont
    want to look back!

    Love and Blessings to You


  6. Just wanted to say Thanks!

  7. “You don’t have to drink the liquor or roll the dice to go back to the place where you were delivered from, all you have to do is look back.” (((Mic is dropped. Sarah walks off stage)))

    Ok, in all seriousness, this is a word that we all can benefit from. We all have been set free from a relationship or situation in our lives that was weighing us down. May we not only lay aside the weights and press forward into all that God has for us, but may we relentlessly RUN our race and refuse to even look back at that place that we were delivered from.

    Thank you, Sarah, for bringing yet ANOTHER timely, powerful, rhema word. Keep ’em coming!

  8. Sarah, I actually logged onto your blog through Lady B’s tweet, I like to read others blogs to encourage myself to keep writing. You are writing in such excellence. The story was very encouraging to not look back and it also helped me to have a clearer understanding in my own writing – so thank you so much, Dolores McDuffie – a DWOite! Awesome and amen! Amen and amen again! 🙂

  9. Sarah:

    I am going to have to rate this blog as A . It’s my favorite. The way you brought the reader in with the opening is MASTERFUL. I know I have prophesied you needed a book deal now I prophesy you need Ministers Liscense. This is a message the world needs. Without documented scriptures you were Biblically sound througout this piece. So many scriptures came to mind as I read the blog. Keep Preaching, keep Ministering, keep Writing and Keep Living Out Loud!! Not only am I your #2 Fan I am praying that God continue to Inspire your heart & mind.

  10. Sarah, this is great, I share what you write with the girls in prison and they are getting blessed by you

  11. And Let the ENTIRE Church say: AMEN!!! I have said this to you before, you are a BRILLIANT writer!! You have Encouraged Me THIS day, not to even “glance” at what HE has rescued me from! There is POWER in your writing. MANY will be Made Free & Delivered through your writing! You were BORN for this, despite the fact that you eat “Veggie Bacon” ((*Insider*)) LOL. Thanks for sharing the GIFT that CHRIST has given YOU with all of US!

  12. Sweet Sarah… oh my goodness… girrrrl… Wow! God knew what He was doing when He made you. I am speechless… this was way beyond awesome, it was spectacular. I love everything you write. I look forward to each and everything you write, from your blog, your tweets, your status updates on Facebook, your kind words, your sweet heart… I thank the Lord for crossing paths with you, because you are truly a blessing in my life. This just goes to show you that age is a number… because you are in your twenties and I’m going to be forty-five next month and you speak and minister to me in ways that people my age don’t. What a gift God blessed with. Thank you Sarah.

  13. Stacia Williams says:

    Absolutely wonderful… This is a word that I will keep close to my heart. Thanks lady!

  14. Amen!

  15. Sarah, I needed this. It was meant for me to read your blog today. God want us to continuously move forward…no looking back. Sometimes in life we become discourage because of circumstances, but God sends people like you to encourage us that we can move past our circumstances. Thank you for allowing God to use you to inspire people like me!!!

  16. Natalie Mott says:

    Sarah, today I make the decision to not look back.God has covered me time and time and time again, but today I know that He has sent this word through you to tell me “go and sin no more!” Tears!

  17. Thank you for this inspirational piece. Your timing could not have been better. I thank God for the word he has put in you! Peace and Blessings to you today!

  18. Sarah Henson, you were born for such a time as this. I couldn’t finish it in one go cos tears had started welling up immediately. This is the best follow up there can ever be to Guided Me Home. It helps us remember that God expects a lot from us after our salvation / deliverance. Heb 11:15 clearly says “And truly, if they had been mindful of that country from whence they came out, they might have had opportunity to have returned”. May we totally committed to our salvation that we wld refuse to be mindful of where we are coming from, or what we have dropped on the way.

    2 Cor 5:20 – Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God. God help us be ambassadors for me in everything we do. Amen

  19. SARAH! I have only read a few of your posts and each one has brought my heart and spirit closer and closer to God! You are such a mighty woman of God! I have battled with blogging for God…not because I don’t want to…just because of the time and the TRUTH that has to come out. But reading what GOD has laid on your heart has inspired me to open mine to what God has in store for me. I love you my sister in Christ and keep allowing God to minister healing, grace, love, and wisdom to others through you.

  20. ” I will not look back on where I came from, not even glance. I will not make you regret relieving me from the bondage of yesterday, I’m not trying to be salt.”

    your writings compel me to move forward with such an earnest desire to see what God has in store, thanks for letting me know that salt can be labeled salt but it serves no purpose in the past once youve been commanded to move forward, i pray that God will continue to bless your writings of wisdom

  21. Sarah, you never cease to amaze me. This was another great piece, and it has truely blessed me, and has encouraged me to re-examine my walk, and take a look at myself. Am I trying to be salt? I don’t think so, but let me take a look at me.

  22. Sarah, for a woman like me to do such great work i will say girlie you make God proud real time

  23. Do not look back, lest you turn into salt! Help me my Lord. Thank you so much for such a lovely message! May the Lord continue to bless you so that you may bless us like you do.

  24. I do not believe this! How is it possible that the very first time I receive this, it is about me???? I do not believe this. I am facing a very big problem right now. I am praying for strength to face forward as the temptation to look back is too high. My lord does not seem to be answering me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need you LORD! I do and I know you know that I do for you created me as weak as I am, so I need your strength! I need you Lord!

  25. Sarah, I woke up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep. Not knowing I’d ending neimg blessed like this. For years I have struggled with masturbation and pornography. God sets me free, I go back… Feel guilty and literally beg for forgiveness… God sets me free again and guess what… I GO BACK!! It has become a cycle that o must break. As I read your blog with tear filles eyes and a broken heart and spirit from all the issues I’m dealing with, God used you to show me that I MUST GO and not look back…. Thank you so much Sarah for allowing God to use you.


    • Windy Williams says:

      B, I’ve been there where you are and I’m a living witness that each day that you decide to go & sin no more and move forward, God will give you the strength to not look back. He will also mend your broken heart and fill it with the joy of deliverance. I encourage you to trust God for the strength you need to move forward and the memories of your past will become so distant, you won’t remember them any longer.
      Lady Sarah, when you posted last night that you were logging off FB to write, my anticipation level rose to another dimension, because I knew it would be a life-changing word! Thank you for keeping things real and backing it up with the Word of God which is the truth, life-giving, sin-destroying, transforming, renewing, liberating, and joy-giving. When this flesh tries to raise up and try to look back to satisfy its cravings, I have to do like Paul and beat it and make it a slave because my soul says Yes, Lord, Yes! I’m pressing on the upward way, new heights I’m gaining everyday!
      Thank you Precious One & may God continue to pour into you so that you can continue to pour out so that others can be encouraged, enlightened, delivered and set free.

      • Windy,

        Thanks so much for you words of encouragement and wisdom. I know that with Christ and a determination to overcome this, I will be victorious!

        Bless you,

  26. Moving forward is God’s plan.

  27. preachergurl says:


  28. Thank you for this piece Sarah, once again it has ministered to my heart and caused me to examine my walk!!!

    Keep writing!!

  29. I’m extremely proud of you for being a woman of God and being a good Christian example for our children…… I’m blessed to have such a strong talented woman in my life!! Another great post by the woman I love, amazing job honey

  30. dont turn your second chance into Salt … OH MY GOD!!!! this is deeep.

  31. “You can’t walk forward while looking backward.” These words alone speak volumes. Yet another awesome and powerful insight into our neglect of His mercy and goodness.

  32. AMAZING! ohhh how i laughed at the Sweetpotatoecornbread! ^_^ and how you rolled your eyes at Grandpa Joe!!!! LOL! and thennnn … THE WORD! Of Course I Cried GurL!!! lol I’M CRYIN RIGHT NOW!! ug!! n y’know HOLYBIBLE says it’ll be the younger, the teachers, in the last days … and you are younger than me … and yet … GOD SPEAKS CLEARLY thru YOU. i was blown away when you exposed the SALT.
    The entire article i did not understand bc i was thinking ONLY SaltOfTheEARTH. Sooooooooooo, when you exposed the KIND of salt – I WAZ/AM DONE!!!!!! ahsaid OHHHH NOOOO!!! yup! sigh …

    and i’m sorry about Luther … frightening … especially looking back on what Grandp Joe said at the PicNic!!!! wow . . .

    well, the way you ENLARGED the subtle SIN NO MORE and donLOOKback – You Wanna Be Salt? WOWWWW!!!! NO I DONT! annnnnnnnnd … here’s the part that i would draw a buncha symbols … but i cant really get to them from here (it seems – but ill figure it out – LOL) — how bout that! so, ah, maybe God wants me to write my drawings – i don have to share them – but at least write them so i can tell myself the truth about the things i wont talk to me about.-or him.
    an i cant be takin alll day to open my heart, or He gon find somebody else to help. This is It! and Sunday at the Potters House!!! YOU KNOW ITS OVER NOW!!! THE AWAKENING! I LIFT MY HANDS i really mean it . . .Father …

    Sarah … you are a vessel being used to help a lotta people – i’m a hard case, but i cant deny Whatever the Gift God Has Given You That Affects Me To Be HOnest With Me and Deal With Real Things in a ReaL Way and not the worlds i Create – WhereIn I FeeL Most Safe. but its a lie …

    I’M goin to bed now Sarah … you done got me all jacked uP!! LOLOL!!! Thank YOu . . . smh … lol

    they playin Stay on the radio … ima tell Tyrese and then i’m gonna lay down, i may write a letter to God … ahm not sure … but He Will Get a Letter , if not 2nite … real sooon … i’ll write him a letter …

    c ya tomorrow … YOU ARE A GIFTED WRITER and MAYBE EVEN A HEALER WRITER. WAITING FOR YOUR MOMS BOOK – should be here by week’s end – I THANK YOU ALL – Your’e A Great Family and Great People and I’m Grateful For the Association. GOD BLESS YOU’LL SOME MORE! peace . . .

  33. Wow, Sarah you’ve really been ministering Grace to others and this is what we all need. But for the grace of God i am what I am today not because of anything good i’ve done but Because God’s infinite mercy rewrote my life. The life that i was heading for was dark and grim Until Jesus rescued me and put me on the right road and street called Straight now my view is Beaulah land. I have not been as courageous as you to really be as transparent as you to share where God has brought me from but everyone has a story/testimony. Thanks for sharing yours. We are overcomers by the Blood of Jesus CHrist and the words of our testimony. Please continue to share your precious gift our writing it’s ministering to so may souls including mines. God bless you!

  34. Girl, this is Awesome!! Keep up the good work!!

  35. Patrice Hall says:

    No Looking Back!! Loved it Sarah!! #4 fan 🙂

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