Abort Christ

From the moment conception begins, a woman’s body begins to shape and shift, preparing for the growth that will occur. For months and months there is undeniable growth that occurs within, but only a few outward changes that shows signs of pregnancy. As a matter of fact, first time mothers often find themselves frustrated, they feel their body making changes, preparing for a swollen tummy… to give birth… yet from the outside looking in there are no signs of what they are carrying on the inside. It isn’t until the baby has grown so much that it can no longer be held within the woman’s frame that her body begins to expand. The outside becomes a reflection of what’s happening on the inside. Depending on how the baby is laying inside her womb, a woman can look more pregnant on one day and less pregnant on another, until the baby is large enough that it shows regardless of which way it is turned.

The moment you accept Christ into your life, your conception begins…No longer are you just living for you, you are living for what is inside of you. Just like a woman must be careful what she puts inside of her, we must be careful what we allow to feed into our lives, for we no longer live for self but, for the God who dwells within us. Are you living your life in a way that God shows on the outside?

The ability for a child to develop weighs heavily on the woman who carries the child, she must nurture and develop the fetus so that the child can eventually grow strong enough that it’s presence cannot be restricted to the inside, but also evident on the outside.

When I accepted Christ into my life, I wasn’t always the best Christian…I would go to church and feel life changing sermons and then halfway through the week you would never be able to tell from the outside that He lived within me, I’d find myself in church again that next week, silently saying the sinner’s prayer and then accepting Christ into my life again. In a way, I guess I kept aborting Christ…an abortion, defined as a cancellation of mission. Whether because the timing wasn’t right or I didn’t feel ready, I somewhere along the way cancelled my mission decided I no longer wanted Christ to live within me. Wasn’t ready for my life to change.

There was just one problem…I couldn’t hide from Him. His word penetrated my heart every Sunday, begging to live within me, for me to give life to His word, to carry out His mission.  Having tired myself out from running I finally decided that living for myself wasn’t enough. I wanted something bigger, greater to live within me. You can’t just accept Christ into your life, you have to live in a way that allows Him to develop so strongly he can be seen living within you even from the outside.

For most of us, the moment we accept Christ we instantly feel better on the inside, if only but for a moment, we feel like we have a larger purpose. Then reality sets in and we see that living for God isn’t always easy…. There will be morning sickness; days’ when being a Christian isn’t fun. Days when you want to do things but you know that you can’t do what you want and develop what’s growing inside of you.

Have you aborted Christ? Decided that the pregnancy was too hard so you’d rather live for you than try and wait for His blessings to be shown on the outside? If you got saved so you could be rich, famous, win an award, get a house, or buy a car you have gravely missed the mark. Accepting Christ is ceasing to live for yourself but rather to develop the Christ in you so greatly, anyone can see He lives in you.

Being pregnant is both joyful and uncomfortable; everyone’s pregnancy is different. Some show faster than others, some have more complications than others but with God’s grace we are all able to develop in a way that allows Him to not just live on the inside but show from the outside.

“I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me” Galatians 2:20

I no longer live for myself, but Christ lives within me. My decisions, what I ingest, how I carry myself, and the environment I surround myself with must all be altered because of the life that lives within me.  When I was pregnant, the smell of IHOPs disgusted me but I would often see other women walking in with no problem. What works for me and helps me develop my pregnancy may not work for you. That is the beauty of having different options for churches, musical artists, etc… Going to my church may not develop the Christ in you but it works for me. I can’t develop the Christ in you nor can you develop the Christ in me.

Maybe you are just in the beginning of your walk with Christ, and His work with you is only evident by what you feel on the inside. Others may not notice or believe that you are no longer living for yourself, but for Him who is growing inside of you…That’s okay…It will take time and consistent sustenance for His work in you to begin to show to others. Perhaps you are at a time when on some days you can see the manifestation of His glory and others you can not, keep developing…strengthening…do not be discouraged for soon it will be evident to all that He lives inside of you.

God I want to live my life for You. I want the signs of what You’re doing inside of me to show on the outside. I am willing and ready to give You whatever You need to develop. I will remove anything that hinders me from allowing You to show. There is no friend, no family member, and no spouse worth me cancelling my mission, aborting You from my life. I am laying my life on the line, so that my body may be used to bring life to Your world. Jesus, You laid Your life down for me…I will not cease to live until I have fulfilled my responsibility to do the same for You, I’m laying down my life…I won’t abort Christ


  1. Lord have mercy! You are TRULY anointed and appointed by God! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  2. WOW… the things you say girl… the THINGS you say.. on point as always.,

  3. Kaderick Jones says:

    Great work as always…”abort Christ” Wow! Great perspective!

  4. His Daughter's Heart says:

    Thank you Sarah!
    This was a phenomenal read!

  5. i love your blog you be telling the truth in your writings

  6. Loved the post. It is so true that what works for me in developing the Christ in me might not work for any other person, the point is you cannot copy someone else to be an original you, the ministry of the Holy Spirit enables us develop as individuals absolutely relying on Him.

  7. -_- GurrrrLLL! You DoneDone It A~Gain! and I Just Left The Potter’s House Tooo!… soooooooooooooooo … there’s so many things Sarah. Nooo… I Will Never Abandon Christ in My Life … i couldnt if i tried. Obviously…if it were so, i would be a fool to put up with so much persecutions – for what? i don’t even rEally know.-but I Keep doing it, so it must be Love. i marvel – but i’ve always been this way. – independent. but i never been independent and stripped!!! I Know God Did It – he was saving me – and bc my spirit knew what Holy Spirit Was doing – tho i didn’t even know who Holy Spirit Was – Spirit Knows Spirit – and I gave in. its been a while now, and YAHOVAH IS JIREH – He’s even sent Me Ravens – I’ve Seen What His Word Says In So many ways and unless you are without – for a measure – certain things he Just Cannot Prove To You. so I Know Him. More and More, I Want My Kingdom Back, but I won’t sell my Soul to get it – NOT BECAUSE I’M SO GREAT, STRONG, HOLY… right~ but bc I JUST CANT’ I WANT SUCCESS WEALTH WITHOUT SORROW! NO MORE SORROWS! ^_^ i probably would IF i could… but I just Cant. plus … when you abort Things – turns out to be more than onething. its a lifeovthings. Hidden Treasures you didnt see. so no… i wouldnt want to live in THIS WORLD NOR ANYOTHER WITHOUT GODTHERE AS THE SOURCE OV MY STRENGTH! When I’m ON HIGH HE’S THERE! IN THE PIT HE’S THERE! HE SAID LO! I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU!.Thanks Sarah … You Are Really Walking Amongst The Stars! SHINE ON! GOD BLESS YOU SOME MORE! by the way … everything you wrote tonight, i hope you are compiling these tweets into a book oV Wisdom. -_- You Speakin!

  8. Sarah I know I have said it before but it bears repeating. ‘ I am so proud of you!’ So proud to see you boldly blog your relationship with Christ. I found myself like one of the other readers refreshing my browser awaiting the blog. Well you did not disappoint. OUTSTANDING!! I will not abort Christ!! I thank God for you and all the next generation of leaders!!!! Love you #2 Fan

  9. Danellia "Dee" Coleman says:

    My sister Sarah, each time I read one of your blogs I alway find that there is something I can take from it that will help me in my Christian walk. From our first tweet I knew that you had an undeniable gif. A gift to draw people no matter what. Even those who supposedly hate your blogs (lol) are drawn because they continue to come back and see what you’ve written next. However, this could only be a direct result of a will to press forward in “pregnancy” and not aborting the Christ and purpose in you. Today, I stand with you and say NO MORE ABORTIONS!

  10. Wow! Sarah,This is a now word for this new generation. I am truly inspired to stay focus and keep my eyes on the prize of a higher calling in Christ Jesus. I can’t wait to let my daughter read this, bc often times this is the struggle of this new generation.The timming is perfect for her… bc she is in college @ UNT. Thanks for the inspiration…

  11. Woman Of God!!! I just want to say that it’s Evident through your
    anointed blogs, that CHRIST is “IN” you!!! You are Birthing more
    than a blog here, you are Birthing your Ministry!

  12. Very encouraging. Its important to know that the work starts from the inside so its okay if people don’t see the change yet, doesn’t mean it hasn’t begun. We should likewise give people time, stop criticising because we haven’t seen any outside improvements, its going on inside. Thanks for writing each and every time

  13. Good stuff. Thank u for sharing. Sindy from Chicago

  14. Profound piece! This has touched me, lately I’ve been having my bad days of pregnancy(Christianity), not having the energy to pray or read the word, being discouraged by people’s words, but I must say that after reading this peace I feel rejuvinated! There’s a reason why I had to view twitter and follow your fathers link to this site! Thank God for you, for through you HE has brought me back to my Christian senses again! Be blessed!

  15. This is amazing. I love the analogy in comparing what we receive from Christ to being pregnant. You are so transparent and that makes this piece extremely rich! Love this part: “Being pregnant is both joyful and uncomfortable; everyone’s pregnancy is different. Some show faster than others, some have more complications than others but with God’s grace we are all able to develop in a way that allows Him to not just live on the inside but show from the outside.”

  16. Sonya Goins says:

    Thanks again. Today I received some bad news, that someone close to me back home, had died yesterday from a motorcycle accident. It left me feeling sad and weary, so my first intinct was to do like I use to do and go somewhere and have drink to try and ease the sadness. I didn’t listen to my flesh or my mind. Now reading your blog has made me realize that I did the right thing. Thanks

  17. You just keep getting better and better my sister! Love it!

  18. Speechless!!! To God Be the Glory

  19. Amen!

  20. I sat here preparing for tomorrow and I must say that I ran across your blog , and I am grateful that I did. I was touched; not in the emotional realm of being touched but in the spirit of my being. That which I read allowed another stone to be laid in the underlying concept of understanding toward my faith; and I do not say this lightly. We as members of the body of the Anointed One seek to grasp that which He holds in the anointed ones making up this body of His; so as to define and give mental substance towards His will for us individually. May you continue to stretch forth in Him dear sister.

  21. Preacher Girl! I am so encouraged by your worship. I constantly say the same prayer. You are awaking a generation for the Kingdom of God. Continue to yield yourself to be used by Him – Abba Father.

  22. Awesome Lady Sarah, simply awesome.God bless your heart.

  23. What a beautiful analogy. Thanks for Writting this!

  24. Ulanda Hornsby says:

    I enjoy how you let God use you to minister to his people.Amen!!!

  25. Patrice Hall says:

    You are a phenomenal writer!! Every blog entry I say “now this is my favorite! 🙂 You articulate some the most interesting concepts with such clarity. Like I always say, DON’T EVER STOP WRITING!!!! Also could you make sure Atlanta is a part of your book tour 🙂 #3 Fan!!!

  26. Love!! Love!! Love this. You are such a gifted an talented young lady. I once felt the same way that you did until my spiritual father help guide me on the right path. I left that abortion clinic long ago and gave birth. I love how you used the comparison. Keep writing!!!

  27. Today I kept refreshing my emails, looking for another blog post from you. I got excited when this one showed up, and I nodded in agreement as I read it. May God continue to use you to write! Your writing has ministered to many and has helped to set people free!

    Keep writing!

  28. Again you speaking truth my love not everyone has it figured out and what works for one Christian definitely nay not work for another! We have to seek a greater personal relationship with God
    Another GEM Love you baby

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