Dear America…

Dear America,

Troy Davis is dead but he has awakened this generation. We have recognized that outside of our favorite rappers, TV shows, shoes, and clothes there are injustices surrounding us. Injustices that will without a doubt affect us unless we take matters into our own hands. Tonight we used every means of communication we have to urge anyone willing to listen to join the voice of thousands, make that millions, unified as one.

No one saw us coming, thought that we would stay in our bubble as we watched a man who looks like our father beg for his life. No, not us, our words reached passed a ruling given decades ago, through the cold gates around a prison, passed correction officers…our voice drifted by cells of men both innocent and guilty, and found its way to death row…eye to eye with Troy Davis.

They were used to our mumbling…listening to us spar with one another….. they weren’t prepared for us to unite….To all speak at once, “Too Much Doubt.” So they tried to appease us…… stayed his execution while we waited to hear from the supreme court…..still they took away his life. Maybe they were trying to send us a message, that at the end of the day we can unite all we want but we can never effect change….. They should’ve just went on and took away his life when scheduled but they messed up and let us know that they heard us. True he lost his life, but you know what else is true? THEY HEARD US! We caused so much noise they couldn’t ignore us. Troy Davis died at 11:08… he was scheduled to die four hours earlier.

I cannot help but be reminded that this is how our grandparents’ must have felt. Linked arm in arm, fighting against the powers that be….. Watching their friends be hung, cousins thrown in jail, brothers beaten, and sisters raped…yet they marched on. They did not allow the misuse of power to dissuade them. They pressed forward, faced with fire hoses that would certainly knock them down, they didn’t run they linked arms and stood closer together.

Change is possible…it’s within reach… but we need more than that…. We need a revolution, one that sweeps our nation so hard it can never look back. Our ancestors didn’t just make a change they created a revolt….. Could you imagine a hostess telling someone that they needed to enter through the “colored” entrance in these days? No!

Today was not about Troy Davis…It wasn’t about a man being innocent or guilty. Today was about us realizing the power our voices possess when they are united. Behind bars for most of our lives, a man we have never met…or seen in person…. touched our hearts in the deepest capacity… Our generation is not lost, today we found ourselves strong, united, fearless, and determined. What a grave injustice it would be if we allowed this disappointment to steal our ability to yell at the top of our lungs when an injustice has been done. Our voices may be small now but Dr. King said it best, “Never underestimate a people because it’s small now. America was smaller than Ghana when it was born.”

We must be steadfast….we must be consistent…above all we must be committed to building something with one another.. We must turn our bows and arrows from one another and direct them into the path of injustice being done for political gain. Our time is now! Our road is long and our course is tough but the Promise Land is attainable.

Let the anger of what happened today, fuel us to learn about the other Troy Davis’ that yet live…those who need our voice earlier.. stronger.. and more informed. We cannot let our journey be halted by the loss of a fellow soldier.

Dear America, this generation has just cleared its throat.. We’ll be back…



  1. Chanel Wells says:

    This was an awesome piece!!! I

  2. God bless you Woman of God! That was well said… May you continue to allow God to write to the world through your yielded hand. I am certain that the best is yet to come…!

  3. Love it ma’am! As usual!

  4. It is sad its a shame but what it is its hard when you can’t when I feel sorry when I heard his words out to the family I cried

  5. You’ve just taken one huge step forward, not only for your generation, but for mankind! Step on! God bless you!

  6. Ok, I’m just gonna say it like it is… I’m pissed off! There… I said it. I can’t believe they executed him. It just makes me sick to my stomach. I am very angry! You know, I can’t for the life of me understand the death penalty. People tell me it’s in the Bible, but we live in a corrupt society with a flawed penal system. They don’t handle things responsibility as in this case, they killed an innocent man! It just makes me sick, I’m sorry, but I am really fed up with our justice system.

  7. Patrice Hall says:

    Beautiful! You are the voice of this generation! KEEP WRITING! #3 Fan!

  8. Amen.

  9. Geravia Stover says:

    Well said….

  10. Dear Sarah I’m not American.. I’m south African but when I read about this yesterday, a man that I’ve never met, I went on my knees and I cried to GOD. I fought in my spirit and as black person I was enraged by this unfairness and injustice, that an innocent man lived his life in jail and fought through for a crime he did not commit…I am also reminded of the trauma that our great grand parents went through, but they soldiered on so that we may be a different generation. FREE
    “We must be steadfast….we must be consistent…above all we must be committed to building something with one another”.

  11. We will INDEED be back, its far from over! I am ANGRY! but I will use my intelligence to help in the fight for justice.. There’s a reason I’m a Criminal Justice Major.. I’m past ready to do my part! leeego

  12. Lawrence Bernard says:


  13. Well said Sarah!!!

  14. Laverne branch says:

    I am in agreement with you. To long we have only thought about ourselves and no one else, let’s not rock the boat. It is time for black America to take a stand..we cannot go back from where we came..We have never been accepted and will never be. While they are watching us, other races are passing us by because we are sitting passively by thinking that we have arrived..The time is now!

  15. Alright now, sis!

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