I’ll Never Cheat On You Again..

Remember the first time you fell in love? That moment when your heart was suspended in disbelief… You hung on to every word of every sentence that fell from your love’s mouth; anxiously waiting for the next time you would see them?? I remember it well… I remember staring in the eyes of my sweetheart and seeing every dream, I’d ever dreamed, come to life. When we first held hands I remember how my fingers laced perfectly with his, the lines of our hands met and electricity pulsed through my veins. Do you remember that first time you fell in love? When your love bordered on infatuation and you could see that person in everything you do? Every song was a reminder of their smile…Turning on the TV and seeing their favorite commercial…. Remember the anticipation you had for the moment you would feel their embrace again… to feel the power of their love surrounding you…. Smiling for no reason, laughing from your belly….sweet love?

Remember your first heartbreak?? The first time you realized that your emotions could cause you physical pain? There wasn’t a sad song anywhere that could fully capture the pain in your heart but you listened to them anyway…The questions that came… How could someone I love so much walk away from me? Cease to acknowledge I was in the world.. Remember turning your phone off or on silent so you wouldn’t wonder whether or not they called? I remember well when loved moved out and pain moved in.. I remember the pain in my chest when my heart’s joy turned their back on me, never looking back again. More than anything I remembered how the hope for what we could have had remained, even after the person walked away…. I had so much hope wrapped up in one person…. so much promise for my future laid in the heart of someone who walked away.

I am in love again… I see my lover in everything. His love is haunting all that I do. I see Him in my son’s laugh and my daughters cry. I see Him in our pillow talk in the early hours of the morning.. I’m in love again and this love is evident in all that I do.. when the wind blows and the trees sway, when the thunder rolls and the rhythm of the rain sends Him a praise…I see my lover in everything.. I trust His love, like I’ve never trusted love before. I know that this relationship will be different that all that came before.. He is the most faithful lover of my soul.. We don’t sit and have those discussions about my past because He already knows. He believes in me like no one ever has before.. His love refreshes me, makes me believe that all things are possible.

I’ve cheated on Him so many times I’ve lost count.. I’ve turned my back on Him to seek the love of others, to find wealth, chase success…I’ve cheated on Him when he was so faithful to me…. He has rescued me from things I could have avoided if I just stood by Him. I’m in love again but this time I’m the cheater.. I don’t deserve His love but He gives it any way. I can’t escape His touch…. I see it in everything.

God I’ve turned my back on You too many times. Chased the love of another when Yours’ was always waiting to embrace me fully. I haven’t always shown You how much I love You. My actions and words haven’t always reflected the gift that is Your love. I am thankful that You have been faithful to me when I have failed time after time to be faithful to You. I won’t be satisfied until You see that Your love is not in vain. Everything I do will reflect Your heart for me, the blood You shed on Calvary…Thank You for loving me, even when it killed you.. I will love You so much it kills me…. kills my flesh and I’m reborn again in You. I’ll never cheat on You again..



  1. Taiye Akinwale-Oyegbile says:

    This a lovely piece. Thanks for being a blessing to our world.
    This is the first time am reading any of your blogs and it has blessed me. I know deeper and more than before that He, God loves me no matter what.
    By the way, my name is Taiye Akinwale-Oyegbile, I live in Lagos, Nigeria West Africa.
    Love you.

  2. I avoided reading this, when it was posted as a link on Twitter. I knew it would hit a nail. Oh, how many times I have cheated! Still He takes me back. What love!


  4. Awesome!!

  5. Wow!!

  6. Ashley Smith says:

    I so love this…Sarah you speak to me in almost all of your articles. God knows I need to be reading this and applying it to my life. Thank you for allowing Him to use you…

  7. Amazing, Anointed, Awesome, Appreciated and Applauded…..This is my favorite I know I have lots of favorites however this blog speaks the heart and voice of every person…

    Sarah thanks for yielding your gifts and talents so the WORLD can be refreshed…..Your #2 Fan….

  8. This is a perfect write-up…when the lover of my soul comes in you have peace,not like the world gives and takes every pain again.

  9. Pam Grayson says:


  10. ChauntaeS says:

    Thank you Sarah.

  11. Awesome…”God, I want You to determine who is worthy of receiving my love.” Thanks for sharing!

  12. Sibanda Privilege says:

    awesome piece He is forever faithful though we are not

  13. Sonya Goins says:

    WoW! Thanks for that prayer and that testimony. That is so much how I feel right now after reading that. Thanks. That is also my testimony to God. Forgive me God!

  14. As I read this I know that I am not alone. Every day I try my best to love my God as I should, but I fail him as well time and time again. There are days when I feel like something is missing, but I know that all I need is to accept the love my God has for me and I will be complete.

    You are an amazing writer and so many of your writings have hit home for me. May you continue to be blessed and bless others through your work.

  15. Awesome piece. May the Lord continue to increase you.

  16. It can only be God, His love has never failed. He has been faithful all my life. I must say you hit home and we have all cheated God in so many ways. We know what the word says and we fail to do what is right on His eyes. We turn to conform to the things of this world forgeting that we are not of the world… Haleluya thank you Sarah

  17. Sydney Brooks says:

    Excellent, We all want to be able to Love the Lord like that. He loves us that way and even more. How many times Have I prayed to the Lord and ask Him to help me to Love him like that. I do know it is an on going process because we have that flesh thang to kill on a daily basis. If we keep striving one day before we know it it will happen and we will be rejoicing like never before.
    Stay Bless and grounded as you are. 🙂

  18. I’m in love again, only this time around with my MASTER, whose steadfast LOVE never ceases, who carries me when I can no longer carry myself, who accepts me with all my flaws, who wants nothing but to raise me up to more than I can be.



  19. I’m in love again, only this time around with my MASTER, whose steadfast LOVE never ceases, who carries me when I can no longer carry myself, who accepts me with all my flaws, who wants nothing but to raise me up to more that I can be.



  20. This was an absolute confirmation to a sermon I brought on Sunday. Thanks for being so gifted with words I will share this. Here the link to the portion of my sermon that most reminds me of your blog. http://wizecounsel.com/nfbb-everything-new/

  21. WHOA!! Healing in Your Words! I have to print it out, and Tape it on my wall!

    Sarah, You’ve been writing your blogs with the right motive, & because of that You will connect with those who couldn’t find the words………Like me.

    You Are A Spirit-Led Vessel That I Pray Will Flow Into Dry Places and Produce Life.

    Thanks for Being Obedient……It made the difference.

  22. Alana Watkins says:

    Ahhh…Song of Solomon meet Song of Sarah :-). That was like poetry. You made me want to go worship, praise and write Him my own love letter (I think I will). Thank you!!!

  23. I LOVE THIS….. I prayed the prayer from the last paragraph… You are God sent!

  24. I will never cheat on u again, i will never walk in any form of idolatry or false gods again. i wrote about this recently in my blog called false gods n idols. Lord we grieve u so many times i thx u for your new mercy each day towards me… I love u Jesus

  25. Amen! His love surpass all understanding. Thank u Lord.

  26. Katlego Ndlovu says:

    Amazing!!! U really hit home, now i knw

  27. I can only say that you have written what has been echoing in my heart. I have placed so many people and things in place of God’s love. He has never left me, even when I was cheating on Him. Never leaving my side, whispering in my ear when a situation was wrong for me. Sometimes I listened other times I didn’t. He never left me though.
    It hurts to actually realize that you have cheated on God. When you really get it. He said I will never leave you nor forsake you, He meant it. I want to be so in love with Him, because He is so worthy of that.

  28. BEAUTIFUL and just what my soul needed to hear.

  29. wow this is beautiful, completely desdcribed my past

  30. Absolutely beautiful…
    Painted the story of my life 5months ago but Thank God its in the past.
    I have fully embraced God’s love, even people say i’m obessed with God. I just tell ’em ”Excuse me, but i love the Lord”.
    They dunno what God means to me. When my world crashed, He was all i had, now i have come to realise He is all i need.

    Beautiful piece of writing up there.

  31. Awesome, beautiful and well said!

  32. WOW!

  33. Brittany Eady says:

    I’m literally weeping & crying. This was me just 2 weeks ago. I have lived for people – never really for the one I initially fell in love with. I have ran to arms of MEN, who only used me & women, mentors, coaches etc for love that only God can give me. God is faithful. Singing, I’m running back to You, I see You’re standing there for me….THANK YOU!!

  34. Simply beautiful…
    Loved it!
    You are truly being used by God to be a person who helps heal a broken world.

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