Finding You

For the longest time it seemed like things were on a roll. Blessing after blessing, door after door opening, and now there’s nothing. Everyone around me could see the work that was happening in my life, there was excitement and anticipation surrounding me, now there is nothing. It seemed like my walk with Christ was really paying off, now it seems like God is silent. I tried to quiet all the distractions around me, anything that may have been speaking over His small, still voice…I close my eyes at night…begging…pleading…. God please say something. Give me some direction, a sign that you are still with me. I heard nothing.

The crazy thing about when God says nothing is that temptation speaks loud and clear. I hadn’t heard the voice of temptation in my life for months. I have been steadfast in my faith, unmovable…breakthrough after breakthrough…. I could see my faith working for me. Now I had more faith than possible, but I couldn’t see where it was working. I didn’t really feel alone, just abandoned. It was as if my life was in the midst of a whirlwind of blessings, then all of a sudden I was standing still in the middle of an unfamiliar land. I thought maybe it was a test, so I dove into my Word. I flipped through page after page, trying to find a sign, some direction, seeking His voice… I closed my Bible feeling the same silence I heard when I opened it. I was so afraid that I was losing Him, that we were once so connected now I couldn’t feel Him like I once did. I just wanted to be connected again, to feel the strength of His protection again….

My life went on for this like weeks; I was sitting in the park one day watching a father teach his reluctant daughter how to ride her bike. I watched on as he tried to reason with her to just sit on the seat… He tried to tell her that she didn’t have to move the pedals all she had to do was sit down… They went around and around but he finally convinced her to sit down. Once she got comfortable on the seat, she told him she was ready for the next level…. I saw her place her feet on the pedal but she was too afraid to put her legs in motion so her dad pushed her instead. They went all through the park, his hand carefully guiding her through. I noticed on their, second lap, that her legs were moving rapidly, her dad’s hands were just resting on the back of the bicycle. It wasn’t too long after she showed signs that she had gotten the whole bike riding thing down that he released his hand off of the bike…. She was about halfway around the park before she noticed that he was no longer behind her as he once was…

I went and stood close by the father as he observed his daughter…I cleared my throat to get his attention, and then I asked “ Weren’t you afraid of letting go? What if she had fallen?” He looked at me, smiled, and said, “She can’t see from where she’s sitting but I had training wheels put on the bike before we came here. I knew she’d be smart enough to learn how to ride a bicycle but I never leave my kids without an insurance plan. Even when she doesn’t see me, I’m still there.”

I took a few steps back and turned away; amazed that God would use this man to send me a message. All this time I felt God had left me but he really hadn’t. I just couldn’t see Him in my life the way I once did. I was used to having Him in my life a certain way. I had shown God that I was strong enough to go to the next level, I just never realized that His role changes with each new level of life. He was once the father, guiding me carefully through my fear now he’s my training wheels, adding stability in my life…In a few months he may be the helmet, protecting me from a fall… I thought God had abandoned me…left me halfway through my journey…but he just transitioned to being what I needed for my next level of life.

God is too big to fit into a box. We cannot limit Him to being one thing in our life. I was looking for God in the places I used to find Him. It is now time for me to seek Him in new places because I’m on a new level. He can be your healer when you are sick, He is shelter in your time of need, and He is a provider when your money is gone…. He can be all of those things because He is God. God’s role in our life changes based on our needs…. Just like the young girl who thought she needed her father’s hand to guide her bike, I thought that I needed God to stay right where He was in my life…In reality, I needed to learn where I can find Him on my new level. New level, new devil…new mercies and grace from a consistent God who knows our place…

God is the master architect, and just as His word promised in Philippians 1:6, “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:” God doesn’t just work on one area of our life, once He completes one project in us, He moves on to the next. He may have healed your broken heart, now it’s time that He restores your faith in love. Give God permission to be God in your life, to move from one area to the next. He knows what you need even when you don’t know you need it.

God, I’m thankful for the new role You have in my life. I’m thankful that You have built me up in a once broken area, and now You are moving to the next space in need of Your masterful touch. Forgive me God, for limiting Your divine touch to one area of my life. I need Your hand in every area of my life. Help me to be wise enough to search for Your glory in new areas of my life. Thank You for being too big to fit in a box, too big for me to understand. I don’t want a God that I completely understand; I want a God who is constantly challenging me to think bigger and higher. God I miss the comfort of You being where I once could always find You but I know that I need you like I need my next breath, there is nowhere You can go, that I won’t follow. I know that You have not left me, just given me the task of finding You.



  1. Marco van der Linden says:

    Sarah, Thanks for the ecouraging words. Indeed sometimes you feel like God is not near you and that you are standing all alone. This time i will just check the training weels and thank God for trusting me to be ready for the next level.

  2. Beautiful! I LOVE how God gives us lessons from the every day things in life! Be Blessed and keep on listening!

  3. Minister Thomas says:


  4. This is beautiful. Thank God for your writings and for you

  5. WOW do you actually go (went) through all these things you write about? I’m impressed. No i meant not impressed because I don’t put men on pedestal but I’m loving the way the spirit of God works in you.That can only be the holy spirit signature no man.And i must confess you’re talented and intelligent.I see a great writer in you. my name is Nanou i’m an african lady living in Paris, France.31 years old.I’m french speaking excuse my english, i’m trying to be as much accurate as i can in a language that i don’t speak well.its been like 4 years since i answered the call of God in my life and everything you said here is what i also go through. How can you be so right? Sometimes we think that the person in the other corner of earth living a different kind of life than ours, more blessed (according to what we see) would never feel what we feel, doesn’t even know the kinda emotions you’re talking about. You’re so real Sarah, you don’t speak like a know it all but you relate so well with the common man out there. I used to watch your daddy sermons, great man of God, but now that i’m discovering what is in you,the way you speak i can only say “your daddy has nothing to do with that even tho He has inspired you in some way But this is GOD. So don’t deprive the world of such great anointing.I’m not speaking about America but the world.You don’t have to do it like Daddy, preaching and all that but actually you can build something different, influence your generation, bring Jesus close to the hearts;your talents are the clues to what you can do. Maybe one day we will meet and do something together for the glory of our Father in heaven.I’m also a writer, blogger but in french.God bless you Sarah and I mean it.Much love

  6. Roy Grant says:

    Extremely Beautiful. Blessed to have been able to read this. God Bless you and continue to transition into the various levels of your life.

  7. Life in the Overflow Magazine says:

    Woman of God you have blessed me YET AGAIN!
    Many Blessing

  8. Patricia Evans says:

    That was really encouraging on finding God, God bless

  9. Minister M says:

    Jehovah Shammah!
    …….He’s always there. Bless His High name!

  10. God Bless you!

  11. Insightful and encouraging! Thank you and God bless!

  12. Encouraging words for every part of our walk with God!! He is always working in our lives and for that he is truly worthy of praise!

  13. Thank you for allowing God to use you. This was/is exactly what I needed. I get it now. Thanking God for my next level. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  14. I seriously dont know which one is my favourite anymore. I thot it was Seed Coat but after this ill move seed coat to Nr 2 lol! Thanx again

  15. This is helping me a lot,


  16. Brianna Hatcher says:

    My eyes are producing some sort of watery saline…ahhh what is this maddness. *smile* Thank You God, and thank you Sarah.

  17. Sonya Goins says:

    This truly touch my heart. Thanks.

  18. Thanks Sister.Keep Up your good work.

  19. Patrice Hall says:

    Thanks Sarah! Entering a new level myself…. This truly ministered to me! I told you, ” you got the oil on you 🙂 waiting patiently for your book!! Hopefully ATL will be a part of your book tour 🙂 Your #3 Fan!

  20. Shemetrisv says:

    Thank you so much this makes me feel better even in my question of where is God. He has trained me to go higher and he’s watching me like the father in the story. This really speaks volumes

  21. Sarah – it is truly amazing that you would pen such a beautiful masterpiece truly describing our relationship with a HOLY GOD who loves us too much to NOT grow us. Thank you young lady and may GOD continue to richly bless you. Your writings are greatly loved and appreciated.

  22. Lady Sarah,
    I can only say that a few weeks ago, I was led to go straight from my bed and write what was left in my thoughts on my “dry eraser” board I have hung in my bedroom…so I instantly note when GOD speaks to me and it was “SETTLE THE SITUATION>>>and it looks like your situation has been settled>>>stay BLESSED my sista!

  23. Sis, you did it again!!!! Thank you for confirming some things for me. God was my training wheels a few years ago. He’s probably now the path I’m riding on in the park.

    My favorite section: “He may have healed your broken heart, now it’s time that He restores your faith in love. Give God permission to be God in your life, to move from one area to the next. He knows what you need even when you don’t know you need it.”

    I must keep trusting Him and keep believing that He’s always there, healing and restoring in all the places where I need it.

    AMEN! :))

  24. Mrs.Henson this blog was another great work. God is truely using you to help his people to stay strong. I mean it’s like you are looking at me through my window. Your words are a chapter right out of my life. Thank you for being obedient.

  25. You just wrote exactly what has been on my heart for the past few weeks. “I was looking for God in the places I used to find Him.” Thank you!

  26. You truly have the gift of paralling lifes journeys with the word of God….your calling is beyond the perimeter of blogging. More people need to hear your voice.. Thx for ur faithfulness to continue to inspire.

  27. Awesome,awesome,awesome,I was blessed to see you this past Sunday with your dad on the Potters Touch.God bless you!

  28. Just when I need the word! Sarah, you are a blessing to this generation. Thanks so much and may God keep increasing you.

  29. thank you Sarah for sharing.. Thank you for expressing what a lot of us have felt.. This really touched me so much.. I really do thank you.. I have been a member of the potters house since 1997. I have never met you, but i have seen you grown from a young girl that was on the cover of the Chrsitmas cards to this grown woman.. You are truly gifted and I give god all the glory for what you are sharing w/the world. Keep up the good work, these words you are sharing w/us are so touching.. thank you. so much lady.

  30. “Finding You”…WOW Sarah once again the lives of people are being blessed by your words…I say again you are wise beyond your biological years….thanks for all that you do to bless the lives of so many….

  31. *E x h a l e!!* Finally! I get it

  32. Brittany Eady says:

    Wow, this is a real place. I often find myself there. The way you described was real & authentic. My God is amazing. I love you Woman of God!

  33. Thank you dear woman of God. U have touched my life from miles away. Sometimes I expect God 2 speak 2 me in a certain way. Thank you for reminding me how big our God is and can not be limited in his ways of communicating to Us. I can now transition with ease knowing his already ahead of me. Sarahdhenson you are a God-sent.

  34. I would be writing forever if I tried to express how “Finding You” is an answered prayer, and confirmation on so many levels. So … I will simply say “thank you” for opening and sharing your heart.

  35. My day started off with me crying at my desk. I have been feeling lost and confused because of my martial situation. Being afraid in His silence. I thank you for being transparent. I needed to read your words of encouragement. Wish I could give you a big hug. Be blessed

  36. Latrice Blackburn says:

    God is so Amazing! you have made this so plain. when we are at different phases and roles in our lives. Thank you Lord for being who and what I need at those times when I need you to be. Thank you again Woman of God!

  37. Thank you!!!!!!!! That really did HELP ME…..

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