Use Me God

There have been things...things I’d rather not share...things no one should ever think or dare...There have been men.... strange men.... old men... weird men...scary men... men that replace the whole where my daddy should have been. There have been women... one after another...notches on belt after … [Read more...]

I’ll Never Cheat On You Again..

Remember the first time you fell in love? That moment when your heart was suspended in disbelief... You hung on to every word of every sentence that fell from your love’s mouth; anxiously waiting for the next time you would see them?? I remember it well… I remember staring in the eyes of my … [Read more...]

Seed Coat

When I wrote about my teenage pregnancy I knew it would create a buzz. I even sent out a mass text message to some of my closest friends asking them to pray for me because I was planning to open my heart. One of my good friends asked, “Aren’t you afraid of what people will say?” I thought about it … [Read more...]

Love You Godly…

I want to love you fully. I want to love you without the filter of the past, the anxiety of the future, or the uncertainty of the present. I don’t want to think about the if, ands, or buts of our love I just want to hold on to this feeling forever. Our love is beautiful…Your love gives me heat in … [Read more...]

Grace-Filled Discipline…

Let me tell you something that you did NOT do in our household while growing up. Ask, “why?”…….Mainly for one reason, we already knew the answer, “Because, I told you so!” Whether what they were telling us to do made sense or not did not matter because it was what we were told to do. I am practicing … [Read more...]

Trying to Be Salt…

I remember when Luther got out of rehab. We had a big family cookout! Aunt Wendy even made her famous sweet potato bread, it’s just as yummy as it sounds, way better than cornbread! We was all excited because we knew how bad things had been, knew that we could have been gathering at some jailhouse … [Read more...]

Plan View

Can you imagine being in the middle of having your dream home built and the contractor calls and tells you they are not going to finish building? I know you were really excited about moving into your house. I know you have all of these plans on where you would do what and how you would celebrate all … [Read more...]

Learn How to Swim..

It’s time for you to learn how to swim. Put on your bathing suit, jump into the water, start kicking your legs, and moving your arms. I don’t care if you have on a life jacket, that’s just a precaution; it’s time for you to learn how to swim. You have to learn to swim, in this pond I have you in, … [Read more...]

Help Me…

The passing of Pastor Zachery Tims has caused much debate in the African American church community. The reaction to his alleged drug use and troubled past has caused some to condemn, others to feel compassion. A man, who was able to save thousands, but lost himself in the process. It is not my … [Read more...]

I’m Not Christ

There we were standing in a small Mexican airport while we waited for our bags to come out. I overheard a conversation between an English woman trying to speak to an airport official about her lost bag. Having taken several years of Spanish, I went over and offered assistance to the woman looking … [Read more...]