Abort Christ

From the moment conception begins, a woman’s body begins to shape and shift, preparing for the growth that will occur. For months and months there is undeniable growth that occurs within, but only a few outward changes that shows signs of pregnancy. As a matter of fact, first time mothers often find … [Read more...]

Trying to Be Salt…

I remember when Luther got out of rehab. We had a big family cookout! Aunt Wendy even made her famous sweet potato bread, it’s just as yummy as it sounds, way better than cornbread! We was all excited because we knew how bad things had been, knew that we could have been gathering at some jailhouse … [Read more...]

Guided Me Home

Large clothes covering a growing tummy, swollen feet, incessant slumber, too many emotions to fit in a young heart. Where do I go from here? Playing with fire, my hand got burned. Only God knew where I was…only He could save me. Too afraid of what those closest to me would feel. I’d rather play … [Read more...]

Plan View

Can you imagine being in the middle of having your dream home built and the contractor calls and tells you they are not going to finish building? I know you were really excited about moving into your house. I know you have all of these plans on where you would do what and how you would celebrate all … [Read more...]

Learn How to Swim..

It’s time for you to learn how to swim. Put on your bathing suit, jump into the water, start kicking your legs, and moving your arms. I don’t care if you have on a life jacket, that’s just a precaution; it’s time for you to learn how to swim. You have to learn to swim, in this pond I have you in, … [Read more...]

The Anger of Yesterday

I’m tired of being Ms. Optimistic, tired of always seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, the rainbow after the storm, blah blah blah….I’m mad! And I’m going to sit right here for a while because I don’t ever get to just stay mad! I always pick up the pieces and move forward like a soldier. … [Read more...]


I am my own person, I don’t need anyone to pay my bills, buy me a meal, get my car fixed, or negotiate next month’s payment.  Sure it’s nice to be able to cook the bacon, but you have to know how to bring it home too. This is the mantra women live by. Gone are the days of I HAVE to stay home, … [Read more...]

The Time is Now..

All of this happened too fast. One day I was on top of the world, the next I couldn’t tell up from down. I feel so lost, a stranger in my own world. Looking from the outside in as the world passes me by. How did this happen? How did I end up so lost? So disconnected from who I used to be. Who I was … [Read more...]

Guarding, Maintaining, Fulfilling…

I knew when I posted my previous post not everyone would agree with it. I knew that there would be many people who would misread or misjudge the heart of my blog. I thought I was ready for it. I had seen so many stones thrown at people in my life, I felt tough enough to take it….....ummm…yea….I … [Read more...]

Help Me…

The passing of Pastor Zachery Tims has caused much debate in the African American church community. The reaction to his alleged drug use and troubled past has caused some to condemn, others to feel compassion. A man, who was able to save thousands, but lost himself in the process. It is not my … [Read more...]