Use Me God

There have been things...things I’d rather not share...things no one should ever think or dare...There have been men.... strange men.... old men... weird men...scary men... men that replace the whole where my daddy should have been. There have been women... one after another...notches on belt after … [Read more...]

Finding You

For the longest time it seemed like things were on a roll. Blessing after blessing, door after door opening, and now there’s nothing. Everyone around me could see the work that was happening in my life, there was excitement and anticipation surrounding me, now there is nothing. It seemed like my … [Read more...]

I’ll Never Cheat On You Again..

Remember the first time you fell in love? That moment when your heart was suspended in disbelief... You hung on to every word of every sentence that fell from your love’s mouth; anxiously waiting for the next time you would see them?? I remember it well… I remember staring in the eyes of my … [Read more...]

God’s Forgiveness

I had an opportunity to act as a guest blogger for Chronicles of a Future Wife, they asked me to speak on God's Forgiveness...Please cut and paste the link below and let me know your thoughts. … [Read more...]

Seed Coat

When I wrote about my teenage pregnancy I knew it would create a buzz. I even sent out a mass text message to some of my closest friends asking them to pray for me because I was planning to open my heart. One of my good friends asked, “Aren’t you afraid of what people will say?” I thought about it … [Read more...]

Break the Cycle

My cousin Andre was born with diabetes... All he has known since he was born is insulin shots, pricks on his finger, and people watching what he eats...Even now, at almost 30, we still watch him when he reaches for a piece of cake... My Aunt Martha was born with an astigmatism, she was never able to … [Read more...]

In Love With Myself

When I walked away I knew it was for the best. I knew that you and I had nothing left. I separated myself from you so that we wouldn’t be able to stifle one another’s growth. I was prepared to no longer hear your ringtone on my cell phone, I knew that the random text messages checking on me would … [Read more...]

Love You Godly…

I want to love you fully. I want to love you without the filter of the past, the anxiety of the future, or the uncertainty of the present. I don’t want to think about the if, ands, or buts of our love I just want to hold on to this feeling forever. Our love is beautiful…Your love gives me heat in … [Read more...]

Dear America…

Dear America, Troy Davis is dead but he has awakened this generation. We have recognized that outside of our favorite rappers, TV shows, shoes, and clothes there are injustices surrounding us. Injustices that will without a doubt affect us unless we take matters into our own hands. Tonight we … [Read more...]

Grace-Filled Discipline…

Let me tell you something that you did NOT do in our household while growing up. Ask, “why?”…….Mainly for one reason, we already knew the answer, “Because, I told you so!” Whether what they were telling us to do made sense or not did not matter because it was what we were told to do. I am practicing … [Read more...]